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Emerald Team Challenge 2019 -
Emerald Team Challenge 2019
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-012019-03-03 National Academy of Artistic GymnasticsClick here1579
Meet Scores Session: 07A Level: XG Division: Sr
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Parr, ElliannaAmerica's Best Kids Sports Center 07A XG Sr9.200 9T9.575 29.600 29.500 20T37.875 1
Panikar, MeghaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Sr9.275 59.350 14T9.100 24T9.400 32T37.125 6
Jarvis, GracieAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Sr9.425 18.925 489.075 279.400 32T36.825 8T
Hedrick, MeganAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Sr8.750 42T9.100 36T9.500 3T9.450 26T36.800 10
Kunz, TayaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Sr9.350 49.100 36T9.275 7T9.050 59T36.775 11
Carreno, YasminAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Sr8.700 519.150 32T9.000 32T9.450 26T36.300 30T
Raso, AshlynBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Sr8.500 61T9.250 24T8.625 579.475 23T35.850 41
Segers, AndreaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Sr9.025 25T9.050 40T8.575 58T9.150 52T35.800 43
McCabe, AislingOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Sr8.600 53T8.400 69T9.225 13T9.400 32T35.625 45T
Gill, NaihaBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Sr8.350 69T9.100 36T8.700 52T9.225 46T35.375 50T
Hill, CailinBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Sr8.550 58T9.150 32T9.000 32T8.625 7535.325 53T
Marra, MaleahBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Sr8.800 37T8.300 738.875 40T9.175 5135.150 55T
Reck, CynthiaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 07A XG Sr8.850 34T8.250 758.700 52T9.100 56T34.900 64
Wegerer, AdrienneNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 07A XG Sr8.750 42T8.275 748.500 62T9.225 46T34.750 65T
Kasper, EllaBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Sr8.200 75T7.900 819.250 10T9.275 38T34.625 68
Fisher, ZoieAmerica's Best Kids Sports Center 07A XG Sr8.450 65T8.050 789.275 7T8.750 70T34.525 70
Jones, NatalieSouthern Oregon Gymnastics Academy LLC 07A XG Sr8.750 42T8.000 79T8.775 498.800 6934.325 71T
Crossan, JuliaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Sr8.750 42T8.400 69T8.325 678.750 70T34.225 76