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Emerald Team Challenge 2019 -
Emerald Team Challenge 2019
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-012019-03-03 National Academy of Artistic GymnasticsClick here1579
Meet ScoresTeam: Oregon Gymnastics Academy
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Miyoshi, YoukiOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Sr9.400 19.550 19.100 16T9.400 18T37.450 2
Panikar, MeghaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Sr9.275 59.350 14T9.100 24T9.400 32T37.125 6
Werts, SadieOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Jr B9.025 25T9.500 4T9.500 3T9.050 59T37.075 7
Mastrantonio, LolaOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Jr B9.100 32T9.275 40T9.125 32T9.500 6T37.000 18
Talus, EllieOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Sr9.025 41T9.275 40T9.275 14T9.400 15T36.975 19
Gunning-Harton, BelsOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Jr A9.300 5T8.500 809.650 29.500 6T36.950 20
Zbrankova, JulieOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Jr B8.800 37T9.450 7T9.100 24T9.350 3536.700 14T
Yoo, JulietOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Jr A9.225 7T9.350 14T9.675 18.425 7836.675 16
Johnson, MarissaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Ch8.850 34T9.050 40T9.400 59.300 36T36.600 18
Manwiller, AbbyOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Jr A8.875 32T9.500 4T8.950 37T9.250 40T36.575 19T
Bell, VegaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Jr8.650 39T9.350 5T9.250 10T9.275 30T36.525 7
Manwiller, SophieOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Ch9.350 2T9.125 528.675 67T9.350 2136.500 35T
Yoshihara, MayaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Jr B9.150 129.250 24T9.025 30T9.050 59T36.475 23
Schuttenhelm, AvaOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Jr A9.200 22T8.700 769.125 32*9.400 15T36.425 38T
Somerville, KaylaOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Sr9.250 13T8.850 68T9.200 22T9.050 50T36.350 40
Miller, BellaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Jr A9.125 13T9.150 32T8.850 42T9.200 49T36.325 29
Kohn, ClaraOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Jr B9.200 22T9.325 34T8.400 739.325 22T36.250 41T
Morris, ElayneOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Ch9.225 18T8.550 78T8.875 53T9.375 18T36.025 46T
Tran, MelindaOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Sr9.000 44T8.850 68T8.925 50T9.200 34T35.975 48
Shiely, LorrellOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Jr A8.925 28T9.450 7T8.275 69T9.275 38T35.925 38T
Kirby, SarahOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr9.150 5T9.000 12T8.875 28T8.900 54T35.925 15
McCabe, AislingOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Sr8.600 53T8.400 69T9.225 13T9.400 32T35.625 45T
Lee, ErikaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr8.900 20T8.550 288.875 28T9.225 3635.550 18
Bedsaul, ClaireOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Jr B9.025 41T8.575 778.550 69T9.250 30T35.400 62T
Dinh, KayleeOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Ch8.800 28T8.300 33T9.100 16T8.875 5835.075 29T
Huffstetler, MarisaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Ch8.600 53T8.475 648.800 45T9.150 52T35.025 62
Hertel, OliviaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Jr9.100 9T7.200 62T9.300 89.350 22T34.950 31T
Watanabe, MiaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr9.200 48.450 29T8.075 579.175 39T34.900 34
Dobbyn, WhitneyOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Sr8.700 35T8.150 39T8.700 36T9.300 2934.850 35T
Pineda, CarissaOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Ch9.300 5T8.750 72T8.350 748.400 7934.800 74
Kuybeda, VitaOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Jr A8.700 658.100 838.750 62T8.950 56T34.500 76
Netherland, JenessaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr8.500 54*8.800 16T7.750 62T9.150 42T34.200 44T
Colin, StellaOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Ch7.400 839.200 47T9.000 45T8.575 7634.175 78
Kupciunaite, KoviOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Ch7.850 828.550 78T9.000 45T8.600 74T34.000 79
Rayzman, DanaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Ch8.500 54T7.750 528.700 36T8.900 54T33.850 53
Martindale, SarahOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr9.000 12T0.000 66T9.150 13T9.175 39T27.325 64
Fulkerson, PaigeOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr0.000 66T8.750 18T9.025 20T9.150 42T26.925 66
Davis, AshlynnOregon Gymnastics Academy 06A XS Ch9.300 5T8.850 68T0.000 840.000 83T18.150 84