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TNT Gymnastics -
TNT Gymnastics
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2017-03-052017-03-05 The Nutmeg Twisters153
Meet Scores Session: 1 Level: XS Division: Younger
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Robinson, KiaraCartwheels, Etc. 1 XS Younger9.200 6T9.400 2T9.050 20T9.250 10T36.900 1
2Mayglothling, CaseyPolly's School of Gymnastics 1 XS Younger9.300 3T9.400 2T8.550 40T9.400 3T36.650 5
3Miller, ReillyCartwheels, Etc. 1 XS Younger8.000 57T9.500 19.500 2T9.300 7T36.300 9T
4Johnson, KaylaPolly's School of Gymnastics 1 XS Younger9.000 17T9.100 10T8.600 38T9.500 236.200 11T
5Dzialo, KaitlynCartwheels, Etc. 1 XS Younger8.200 54T9.000 15T9.150 13T9.100 20T35.450 26
6D%27Aloia, SarahPolly's School of Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.500 49T9.250 5T8.450 499.150 17T35.350 30T
6Leandres, RhiannonCartwheels, Etc. 1 XS Younger9.000 17T9.100 10T8.300 51T8.950 2935.350 30T
8Freeman, AvaCartwheels, Etc. 1 XS Younger8.600 43T9.100 10T8.500 45T9.000 24T35.200 35
9Llewelyn, ElizaPolly's School of Gymnastics 1 XS Younger7.900 598.800 25T9.100 15T9.000 24T34.800 42
10Gonzalez, SofiaCartwheels, Etc. 1 XS Younger8.000 57T8.900 228.850 308.900 30T34.650 43T