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Metroplex Challenge -
Metroplex Challenge
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-01-282016-01-31 Metroplex GymnasticsClick here1341
Meet Scores Session: 11B Level: XP Division: Senior
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Bernaldez, MeaganSunburst Gymnastics 11B XP Senior9.350 11T9.650 1T9.550 11T9.500 338.050 1
2Lowry, DelaneyAmerican Gymnastics Academy 11B XP Senior9.500 4T9.200 79.650 3T9.650 138.000 2
3Pugh, MeganAmerican Gymnastics Academy 11B XP Senior9.750 19.650 1*9.200 21T9.000 24*37.600 4T
3Lizarraga, LaishaSunburst Gymnastics 11B XP Senior9.350 11T9.650 1*9.600 7T9.000 24*37.600 4T
5Caplan, EmilyJCC Gems 11B XP Senior9.250 17T9.250 5T9.550 11T9.200 17T37.250 6T
6Lydon, ElizabethLa Fleur's 11B XP Senior9.150 24T9.050 99.550 11T9.450 4T37.200 8
7Shaw, KayleeAmerican Gymnastics Academy 11B XP Senior9.550 38.500 18T9.650 3T9.450 4T37.150 9T
7Sullivan, MaddieLa Fleur's 11B XP Senior9.650 29.150 89.100 25T9.250 13T37.150 9T
9Batson, BlairJCC Gems 11B XP Senior9.050 318.450 22T9.650 3T9.150 2036.300 14T
9Weathersby, KatherineAtlantic Gymnastics Training Center 11B XP Senior9.250 17T8.750 139.100 25T9.200 17T36.300 14T
11Vecsey, IsabellaAspire Kids Sports Center 11B XP Senior9.200 19T8.200 299.700 1T9.100 21T36.200 18
12Roseman, EmmaJCC Gems 11B XP Senior9.100 26T8.400 259.300 199.250 13T36.050 19T
13Lacy, BrianaSunburst Gymnastics 11B XP Senior9.200 19T8.250 289.500 149.050 2336.000 21T
13Sheldon, PaytonMcCrackens Gymnastics and Swim 11B XP Senior9.100 26T8.450 22T9.200 21T9.250 13T36.000 21T
15Grant, CollinIarov 11B XP Senior9.200 19T8.600 15T9.100 25T8.900 2935.800 23T
16Liener, SarahJCC Gems 11B XP Senior8.650 368.500 18T9.400 15T9.200 17T35.750 25T
17Schachter, EdenJCC Gems 11B XP Senior8.900 358.450 22T9.350 17T8.500 34T35.200 32
18George, RileyMcCrackens Gymnastics and Swim 11B XP Senior8.950 33T8.500 18T9.000 30T8.500 34T34.950 33