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20 Mile Jubilee -
20 Mile Jubilee
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2020-02-292020-03-01 20 Mile Athletic Center273
Meet Scores Level: XS
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Morrison, EmmaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr A9.5009.300 1T9.6509.500 1T9.5009.450 3T9.3009.300 7T37.60037.550 1
2Deyerle, Adri20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Sr9.3009.300 4T9.5509.500 2T9.7509.600 29.3009.100 17T37.50037.500 1
3McTeer, AshlynnPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Jr9.2509.250 89.5009.350 14T9.7009.700 19.2509.100 18T37.40037.400 2T
4Boetel, Natalie20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Sr9.4009.300 5T9.6009.350 15T9.6009.400 5*9.7009.300 7T38.00037.350 5T
5Frangiamore, SamanthaGymtegrity 1 XS Sr A9.1509.000 21T9.4009.150 20T9.5509.550 29.4509.450 1T37.25037.150 2
6Nills, Hailey20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Sr9.1259.000 25T9.5509.450 5T9.5009.300 6T9.3009.300 8T37.05037.050 6
7Thomas, HaileyKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.3009.300 2T9.1009.100 22T9.3009.300 8T9.1009.100 19T36.80036.800 3
8Fleisher, ReeseColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Jr B9.4259.200 7T9.6009.250 8T9.2008.900 35T9.3509.350 4T37.30036.700 4T
8Geise, Ciera20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Jr9.0509.050 23T9.4259.350 16T9.2508.950 26T9.3509.350 636.87536.700 8
8Picard, MacyGymtegrity 1 XS CH9.1009.100 14T9.5009.350 69.0009.000 30T9.3509.250 11T36.70036.700 5T
11Barrera, Piper20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Jr9.4009.150 13T9.6509.450 6T9.7509.250 8T9.4008.800 37T37.25036.650 9
11Isberg, AlexMomentum 1 XS Sr A9.0259.000 22T9.2509.250 9T9.3009.300 9T9.2509.100 20T36.65036.650 6
13Sudar, EllaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS CH9.0008.850 389.4009.400 3T9.0009.000 31T9.3509.350 5T36.60036.600 7T
13Risenmay, BrynleyMomentum 1 XS Jr B9.2509.250 5T9.1009.100 23T9.2509.250 13T9.2009.000 31T36.60036.600 8T
13Blosser, TatumGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 1 XS Jr B9.2009.200 8T9.3259.200 13T9.1009.100 20T9.1009.100 21T36.60036.600 9T
16Schumaker, MariaKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A9.3509.050 18T9.6509.500 2T9.6508.650 50T9.5009.350 6T37.65036.550 10T
16Moen, Lina20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Sr9.1008.700 49T9.3009.300 22T9.4259.150 12T9.4009.400 3T36.55036.550 10
16Trujillo, LuLuColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr B9.1009.100 15T9.2509.250 10T9.3509.350 79.0508.850 40T36.55036.550 11T
19Anderson, KiColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr B9.2508.900 31T9.5259.400 4T9.2759.150 199.1009.050 26T37.15036.500 12
19Bringhurst, Jada20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Jr9.3008.800 41T9.4009.400 10T9.5009.000 23T9.3009.300 9T36.70036.500 11
21Steadman, Delaney20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Jr9.4509.350 2T9.5009.500 3T9.2508.200 529.4009.400 4T37.05036.450 12T
22Black, FinleyGymtegrity 1 XS CH9.3509.100 16*9.0508.700 44T9.4509.450 4T9.2009.150 16T37.00036.400 13T
22Lawritson, MakennaMomentum 1 XS Sr A9.3009.300 3T9.0758.800 41T9.1009.100 21T9.2009.200 14T36.40036.400 15T
22West, KinsleyColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr B9.2509.250 6T9.4009.100 24T8.7508.750 489.3509.300 8T36.52536.400 14T
22Ramirez, EstrellaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr B9.6009.100 17*9.2759.150 21T9.2509.250 14T9.1008.900 37T37.02536.400 16T
26Monge, Bianca20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Sr8.9008.850 38T9.4509.450 7T9.2509.250 9T9.1508.800 38T36.35036.350 15
26Ameen-Moore, LailaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr A9.5009.200 9T9.4009.100 25T9.2008.650 51T9.5509.400 337.37536.350 17T
26Picard, LoloGymtegrity 1 XS Jr A9.1009.000 23T8.9008.850 409.4009.400 5T9.3009.100 22T36.35036.350 18T
29Pietriyk, AvieGymtegrity 1 XS CH8.9508.600 53T9.4009.400 5T9.1009.100 22T9.3509.200 15T36.70036.300 19T
29Porter, ChloeColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS CH9.1008.900 32T9.2508.900 35T9.4009.400 6T9.1009.100 23T36.50036.300 20T
29Molina, VictoriaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Jr A9.5758.700 47T9.3759.000 31T9.3759.300 10T9.3009.300 9T37.47536.300 21T
32Taylor, BrooklynPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Jr9.1009.100 18T9.3009.300 23T9.0509.050 18T9.0758.800 39T36.25036.250 19T
32Torres, LeslieKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A9.3009.300 4T8.9008.900 36T9.0009.000 32T9.0509.050 27T36.25036.250 22T
32Gallardo, JessGymtegrity 1 XS Sr B8.9008.900 33T9.3009.200 14T9.0509.050 27T9.1009.100 24T36.25036.250 23T
32King, LaurenPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Jr9.0009.000 27T9.4259.000 43T9.4259.150 13T9.1009.100 20T36.80036.250 20T
36Hunter, CharlotteColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Jr B9.5509.050 19T9.5258.900 37T9.3758.800 43T9.4509.450 2T37.90036.200 24T
36Wood, Taylor20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Jr9.2758.500 539.4509.450 8T9.3259.050 20*9.2009.200 11*36.67536.200 21T
36Macias, MelissaPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Sr9.0008.900 34T9.4009.400 11T8.9008.900 29T9.1009.000 26T36.20036.200 22T
36Madera Huizar, LauraColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr B9.2509.000 24T9.3009.050 28T9.2009.100 23T9.1509.050 28T36.90036.200 25T
40Ferguson, SkylerMomentum 1 XS Sr B9.4508.800 39T9.2009.200 15T9.6509.650 19.2508.500 55T36.15036.150 26
41Jones, TrinityColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Jr A9.4259.150 139.3758.600 49T9.1009.100 24T9.2509.250 12T37.05036.100 27T
41Guillory, Elia-DaneKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.2009.200 10T9.0509.050 29T8.9508.950 348.9008.900 38T36.10036.100 28T
43Horner, Hannah20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Sr9.1258.800 45T9.4009.400 12T9.2009.200 11T8.7008.600 50T36.00036.000 30T
43Mount, SavannahPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Jr9.3509.350 3T9.1009.100 39T8.7008.700 38T8.9008.850 36T36.00036.000 31T
45Post, Emmery20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Sr9.3008.900 35T9.7509.400 13T9.2508.750 369.1008.900 34T37.00035.950 33
46Hollingsworth, IsabellaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr B9.0008.650 529.2759.100 27*8.8508.850 41T9.3009.300 10T35.90035.900 29T
46Lopez- Baker, AasiaGymtegrity 1 XS Jr A8.9008.800 40T9.1009.100 26*9.0009.000 33T9.1009.000 32T35.90035.900 30T
48Mancera, AzulColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr B9.2008.800 41T9.3259.300 78.9758.800 44T9.0008.950 35T36.50035.850 31T
48La Rue, SamiColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Jr B9.5509.000 25T9.5509.200 16T8.8508.400 56T9.4009.250 13T37.35035.850 32T
48Lasater, AvaMomentum 1 XS Sr A9.2508.900 34T9.1259.050 30T8.8508.850 42T9.4009.050 29T36.22535.850 33T
51MacDougall, NatalyPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Sr8.7508.750 489.3509.350 19T8.9008.900 31T8.8008.800 41T35.80035.800 34
52Preston, AveryMomentum 1 XS CH8.8008.800 42T9.3009.250 11T9.0509.050 28T8.6508.650 48T35.75035.750 34
53Schrader, AddiMomentum 1 XS Jr A9.1009.000 26T9.0758.800 42T9.2009.200 17T9.4008.700 45T36.20035.700 35T
53Mackey, ImaniColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Jr A9.1258.800 43T9.0009.000 32T8.9508.900 36T9.1509.000 33T36.17535.700 36T
55Macias, MollyPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Sr8.4008.300 54T9.2509.250 28T9.1009.100 16T9.0009.000 28T35.65035.650 35
56Guillory, JolinaKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS CH8.6008.600 54T8.8008.800 43T9.2009.200 18T9.0009.000 34T35.60035.600 37
57Grammer, Emma20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Jr9.0508.600 51T9.0509.050 41T9.1758.900 32T9.0259.000 29T35.92535.550 36
58Senger, TeyaGymtegrity 1 XS CH9.1508.900 35T9.4508.400 57T9.3009.300 11T9.1508.900 39T36.65035.500 38T
58Lee, Teagan20 Mile Athletic Center 4 XS Jr9.1009.100 19T9.4509.200 30T9.0508.400 48T8.9508.800 42T36.15035.500 37T
58Mann, GentryKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B9.0009.000 27T8.5508.550 53T8.8008.800 45T9.1509.150 17T35.50035.500 39T
61Palma Santos, MelissaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr A9.3508.400 57T9.3008.700 45T9.3509.250 15T9.3009.100 25T36.65035.450 40
62Weeden, AvaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr A9.1008.500 569.3008.600 50T9.2509.250 16T9.0509.050 30T35.90035.400 41
63Whitten, CydneyMomentum 1 XS Jr B9.1008.750 44T9.2259.000 33T9.0509.050 29T9.3008.550 5436.42535.350 42T
63Robinson, BriyannaKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A8.9008.900 36T8.9008.900 38T8.9008.900 37T8.6508.650 49T35.35035.350 43T
65Schmidt, LilyMomentum 1 XS Sr B8.9508.950 28T9.3009.250 12T9.3009.300 12T9.2507.800 61T36.30035.300 44
65Drake, HaydenPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Jr8.7008.700 50T9.3009.050 42T9.4258.950 28T9.1508.600 51T36.57535.300 45T
67Bone, LaniColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS CH9.0258.750 45T9.2009.200 17T8.4008.400 57T8.9508.850 41T35.50035.200 45T
67McCoy, MacieMomentum 1 XS Jr A8.7008.700 48T9.0009.000 34T8.9008.900 38T8.7508.600 50T35.20035.200 46T
69Endicott, KayannaMomentum 1 XS Sr A9.2009.200 11T9.5009.200 18T8.4508.450 559.0008.100 6035.95034.950 47T
69Lepzinski, AliMomentum 1 XS Sr B9.1258.900 37T8.5758.500 55T9.1008.600 539.5008.950 36T36.02534.950 48T
71Smithhart, JocilynKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.2009.200 12T8.6008.600 51T8.4008.400 58T8.7008.700 46T34.90034.900 49T
71Prout, ZoeyMomentum 1 XS Jr A8.8008.700 49T8.7008.700 46T8.9758.900 39T8.8508.600 51T34.90034.900 50T
73Chapman, TessaMomentum 1 XS Jr B8.9508.950 29T9.2009.200 19T8.2008.200 608.5008.500 56T34.85034.850 51
74Gorman, LaneyMomentum 1 XS CH8.7008.400 58T9.5008.700 47T8.9008.900 40T8.9258.800 42T36.00034.800 52
75Alexander, VanessaColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS Sr A9.2008.700 50T9.1757.700 609.3009.100 25T9.1509.150 18T36.20034.650 53
76Helzer, EllaryPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Jr9.1509.100 21T9.2008.850 52T9.0507.800 549.1008.700 48T36.15034.450 50
76Aikin, JaydenGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 1 XS Sr B8.7008.700 51T8.7008.500 56T9.0008.550 548.8508.700 47T35.00034.450 54
78Jones, JurniColorado Gymnastic Institute 1 XS CH9.0509.050 20T8.6508.650 488.7508.250 598.7008.400 5834.95034.350 55
79Johnson, EmmaMomentum 1 XS CH8.3508.200 60T8.6758.550 54T8.9258.700 498.8508.800 43T34.60034.250 56
80Aikin, KaelynGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 1 XS Jr B8.4008.200 61T9.2008.900 39T8.8008.800 46T8.5008.200 5934.10034.100 57
81Sala, CaraMomentum 1 XS Jr B8.5008.300 598.8008.600 52T8.6508.650 52T9.0008.500 57T34.60034.050 58
82Woodard, BaileyKinetic Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B8.9508.950 30T7.3007.300 629.1009.100 26T8.6008.600 52T33.95033.950 59
83Drake, BrynnPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Sr8.0508.000 60*8.9008.900 50T8.9008.900 33T8.1758.000 6033.80033.800 55T
84Nye, AmberGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 1 XS CH8.9008.600 55T9.0008.400 58T8.7258.150 618.8758.600 53T35.02533.750 60
85Wingate, BrielleMomentum 1 XS Sr A8.7508.750 46T8.6008.000 598.8008.800 47T8.9507.800 62T34.15033.350 61
86Immekus, MileyPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 4 XS Sr8.2008.200 57T8.8008.800 55T7.5507.550 588.5008.500 56T33.05033.050 61
87Burke, MirandaGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 1 XS CH8.8008.100 629.2007.600 618.8008.000 628.8258.800 44T35.00032.500 62