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2019 Michigan Xcel Silver & Gold State Meet -
2019 Michigan Xcel Silver & Gold State Meet
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-292019-03-31 UnknownClick here1021
Meet Scores Session: 4A Level: XS Division: Sr H
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Ward, HazelAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy 4A XS Sr H8.775 189.575 19.625 19.375 737.350 1
2Watson, AbbyChampion Gymnastics USA 4A XS Sr H8.900 11T9.550 2T9.175 12T9.650 137.275 2T
2MacIsaac, SarahAmerican Allstars Gymnastics Academy 4A XS Sr H9.000 6T9.450 5T9.350 3T9.475 3T37.275 3T
4Bisio, KatieStars and Stripes Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H9.075 4T9.350 9T9.275 7T9.475 4T37.175 4
5Gruell, JerseyBranch Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H9.100 39.450 6T9.200 10T9.300 937.050 5
6Garcia, NatalieDownriver Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H9.075 5T9.275 14T9.350 4T9.175 12T36.875 6
7Myers, CourtneyNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 4A XS Sr H8.975 89.275 15T9.050 15T9.525 236.825 7T
7Rose, AlexisNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 4A XS Sr H9.000 7T9.125 18T9.275 8T9.425 536.825 8T
9Berghorst, JennaFlipside Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H8.950 9T9.475 49.475 28.900 2036.800 9
10Pfeil, MeghanExtreme Gymnastics U.S.A. Inc. 4A XS Sr H9.200 19.300 12T9.225 99.050 18T36.775 10
11Willis, ElyssaKids Gym Inc 4A XS Sr H8.750 199.300 13T9.300 5T9.200 1136.550 11
12Cunningham, EmilieBranch Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H8.700 209.350 10T9.300 6T9.175 13T36.525 12
13Darrah, CaitlinKids Gym Inc 4A XS Sr H8.900 12T9.350 11T9.025 17T9.125 15T36.400 13
14Parker, SophiaGrand Rapids Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H8.950 10T9.175 178.925 20T9.325 836.375 14
15Cook, SamanthaNorthStar Gymnastics Inc 4A XS Sr H8.800 15T9.450 7T8.925 21T9.125 16T36.300 15
16Polen, BriMichigan Academy of Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H9.125 29.125 19T9.200 11T8.825 2236.275 16
17Ellis, AnnaGymnastic Training Center Rochester 4A XS Sr H8.650 219.400 89.050 16T9.125 17T36.225 18T
17Morrison, HannahRed Cedar Gymnastics, LLC 4A XS Sr H8.600 229.250 168.975 199.400 636.225 17T
19Meadows, ParisBoyne Area Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H8.800 16T9.125 20T9.025 18T9.175 14T36.125 19
20Vo, AlexaTroy Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H8.550 239.125 21T9.150 149.275 1036.100 20
21Betts, KaylaMichigan Elite Gymnastics Academy 4A XS Sr H8.850 13T9.550 3T8.400 239.050 19T35.850 21
22Smit, EveTri Cities YMCA 4A XS Sr H8.800 17T7.900 238.500 228.850 2134.050 22
23Miller (VT,, LaneyMid Michigan Gymnastics 4A XS Sr H8.850 14T8.925 229.175 13T0.000 2326.950 23