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City Of Lights -
City Of Lights
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-02-232017-02-26 Orlando Metro Gymnastics333
Meet Scores Level: XS
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Berovides, NataliaUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Jr8.750 35T9.350 12T9.300 11T9.050 17T36.450 13
2Santana, StellaPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Sr8.650 43T9.550 4T9.250 15T8.550 4536.000 22T
3Camejo, ErikaUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Sr9.200 10T9.500 6T8.300 628.775 3635.775 27T
3Puig, MiaUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Jr9.425 29.000 35T8.600 538.750 37T35.775 27T
5Hernandez, AdrianaUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Jr9.100 15T9.200 248.975 32T8.350 56T35.625 32
6Schaberg, SavannahPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Sr8.550 50T9.450 89.250 15T8.350 56T35.600 33
7Herren, LydiaPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Sr8.575 499.300 16T9.300 11T8.400 53T35.575 34
8King, MackenziePremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Jr8.650 43T9.300 16T9.125 26T8.400 53T35.475 35
9Oceguera, KellyUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Sr9.050 21T8.950 40T8.950 35T8.500 46T35.450 36
10Moore, NataliePremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Sr8.825 328.450 649.375 88.475 4935.125 42
11Richard, NiaPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Jr8.600 47T9.150 27T8.800 41T8.450 50T35.000 43
12Bercan, CamrynPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Sr8.150 699.150 27T9.000 30T8.650 41T34.950 45
13Byler, MackenziePremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Jr8.300 62T9.675 19.000 30T7.900 67T34.875 46T
13Parrish, SavannahPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Sr8.200 689.300 16T9.075 288.300 58T34.875 46T
15Woodward, CamilaUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Jr8.450 55T8.850 46T9.150 258.150 6634.600 52
16Rackley, QyaraPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Sr8.350 60T8.975 37T9.050 298.200 6534.575 53
17Saballos, AngelinaUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Jr8.100 708.825 518.725 45T8.450 50T34.100 58
18Sara, VictoriaUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Sr9.100 15T8.550 57T8.100 658.300 58T34.050 59
19Oropeza, AbbyUniversal Gymnastics Inc. B04 XS Sr9.075 207.850 698.675 49T8.300 58T33.900 61T
20Woodward, CoraPremier Gymnastics Club B04 XS Jr8.300 62T8.850 46T8.650 517.900 67T33.700 64