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20th Annual Star Struck Invitational -
20th Annual Star Struck Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-01-132017-01-15 Star Bound Gymnastics Academy2501
Meet Scores Level: J2
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Sitty, KylieAerials Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr A8.400 22T8.600 29.050 19.100 235.150 1
2Dinunzi, GraceParamount Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr A8.700 1T8.700 18.600 49.000 1T35.000 1
3Lubin, RebeccaParamount Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr B8.800 1T7.900 16T8.850 18.600 21T34.150 1
4Olexson, SophiaParamount Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr A8.500 15T8.750 18.100 23T8.750 18T34.100 2
5Ledwitz, LeahAerials Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr A8.450 20T7.700 23T8.850 39.000 1T34.000 2
6Lopez, MichelleDC Gymnastics School 7B J2 Jr B8.650 18.100 11T8.100 23T8.800 14T33.650 1
7Zega, HayleyPrecision Gymnastics Inc. 7B J2 Sr A8.700 1T8.400 3T8.050 28T8.400 25T33.550 3
8Hayes, AshlynnDevlin Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr B8.400 22T7.400 34*8.600 29.050 133.450 2T
8Pomrinca, EmilyDC Gymnastics School 7B J2 Sr B8.550 12T7.400 34*8.500 39.000 233.450 2T
8Ramirez, CaterinaJERSEY ALL STAR 7B J2 Sr A8.450 20T7.000 12T9.000 19.000 1T33.450 4
11Brady, RebeccaParamount Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr B8.200 32T7.700 23T8.400 12T9.100 133.400 11
12VanSeveren, MeganAerials Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr B8.500 15T7.650 258.250 19T8.900 1233.300 12T
12Schmelzle, MariahPrecision Gymnastics Inc. 7B J2 Sr B8.750 37.400 34T8.350 15*8.800 14T33.300 12T
12Lehman, StephanieFlippin Out Tumbling and Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr B8.200 32T8.000 13T8.700 18.400 25*33.300 12T
12Lee, AmandaSurgents Elite 7B J2 Sr A8.150 108.400 3T8.350 15*8.400 25*33.300 12T
16Farley, ShaylinSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A8.800 37.600 26T7.600 129.250 133.250 16T
16Kumpf, ShelbySurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A8.400 22T7.800 20T8.050 28T9.000 3T33.250 16T
18Sheafer, ChristinaSurgents Elite 7B J2 Sr A8.500 15T7.900 16T7.800 35T9.000 1T33.200 18
19Patel, ShainaParamount Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr A8.400 22T8.000 13T8.450 10T8.300 11T33.150 19
20Smith, AshleyIndigo Gymnastics Center 7B J2 Jr A9.000 17.000 138.100 23T9.000 3T33.100 20
21Weakland, RosalieSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A8.200 10T8.400 38.200 218.250 1333.050 21
22Brotman, AlainaSurgents Elite 7B J2 Sr B8.100 39T7.850 198.250 19T8.800 14T33.000 22T
22Geis, BreannaPrecision Gymnastics Inc. 7B J2 Sr B8.800 1T7.800 20T8.400 12T8.000 41T33.000 22T
24Schramm, AlyssaSunburst Gymnastics Training Center 7B J2 Sr A8.250 317.100 118.950 28.600 21T32.900 24
25Polkowski, EmilyFlippin Out Tumbling and Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr A8.300 27T8.600 27.750 108.200 1132.850 25
26Fernandez, AllieSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A8.550 12T7.800 20T7.900 10T8.500 2332.750 26
27DiSaverio, OliviaAerials Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr A8.200 10T7.400 10T8.300 17T8.800 14T32.700 27
28Pieros, AngelaSurgents Elite 7B J2 Sr B8.200 32T8.100 18.100 108.100 4032.500 28
29Roberts, EmilyFlippin Out Tumbling and Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr A8.400 22T7.600 26T8.100 23T8.350 30T32.450 29
30Borriello, GiannaAerials Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr B8.600 10T7.400 34T8.300 17T8.000 1032.300 30
31Rothemich, SaraParamount Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr B8.550 12T8.250 16.500 118.850 1332.150 31T
31Fiocca, MadisonJERSEY ALL STAR 7B J2 Jr B7.900 117.600 26T8.000 30T8.650 2032.150 31T
33Jourdain, JasmineSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A8.100 128.150 107.450 138.400 25T32.100 10
34Boyle, SabrinaIndigo Gymnastics Center 7B J2 Jr A8.850 26.200 148.150 228.750 18T31.950 11
35Hinkel, MeganSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A7.900 148.000 13T8.000 30T7.800 1431.700 12
36Heilich, EmmaSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A8.000 137.400 10T7.900 10T8.350 1031.650 13
37Introna, BellaDevlin Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr B8.300 27T7.500 337.600 38T8.200 38T31.600 37
38Queli, GiannaSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr A8.500 15T7.300 127.400 148.300 11T31.500 14
39Gardner, JaylynPinelands 7B J2 Sr B7.700 127.600 26T8.400 12T7.700 1131.400 39
40Barash, JasmineFlippin Out Tumbling and Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr B8.000 10T7.100 11T8.450 10T7.800 43T31.350 10
41Brooks, AlexisIndigo Gymnastics Center 7B J2 Sr A8.000 11T8.250 56.700 128.350 30T31.300 10
42Reitzel, MorganSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr B8.000 107.300 107.250 43T8.400 25T30.950 42
43Bednarek, MikaylaPinelands 7B J2 Sr A8.300 27T7.000 12T7.250 118.350 30T30.900 11
44Nanavaty, AnanyaChampions United Gymnastics Academy 7B J2 Jr B8.200 32T7.600 26T6.600 108.450 2430.850 44
45Rappa, DanielleSurgents Elite 7B J2 Jr B8.500 15T6.000 11T7.800 35T8.350 30T30.650 10
46Anderson, KarleePinelands 7B J2 Jr B7.600 127.900 16T7.150 457.600 1130.250 11
47Rossi, EmmaSurgents Elite 7B J2 Sr B8.000 10T7.100 11T7.600 117.500 1230.200 11
48Molnar, SarahDC Gymnastics School 7B J2 Sr B8.300 27T7.600 26T6.100 127.800 43T29.800 12
49Lowenkron, HadrianaIndigo Gymnastics Center 7B J2 Sr A8.000 11T7.600 26T6.600 137.300 1229.500 12
50Sinks, MiaFlippin Out Tumbling and Gymnastics 7B J2 Sr A0.000 137.300 107.900 32T0.000 1315.200 13
51Larkin, CarolineAerials Gymnastics 7B J2 Jr B8.600 10T6.000 11T0.000 120.000 1214.600 12