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Gymnastis In Paradise -
Gymnastis In Paradise
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-01-082016-01-10 Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc.159
Team Scores Level: 9
Individual Scores  All Scores Level:
# Team LevelVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Hawaiian Island Twisters Inc. 927.875 1T24.750 4T27.975 1T27.825 1T108.425 1T
2Rainbow Gymnastics Academy 927.400 7T24.550 7T27.325 4T27.050 4T106.325 4T
3GymSports New Zealand 927.600 4T25.750 1T26.250 7T26.375 7T105.975 7T
4All American Gymnastics and Sports Center 926.925 10T23.550 10T24.400 10T25.575 10T100.450 10T
5Pantheon School of Gymnastics 916.625 13T14.350 13T17.100 13T17.275 16T65.350 13T
6Seattle Gymnastics Academy 98.775 22T8.600 22T8.350 16T18.450 13T44.175 16T
7The Athletic Edge 99.125 16T9.150 16T7.400 22T8.875 19T34.550 19T
8New Heights Gymnastics 98.825 19T8.650 19T7.600 19T8.850 22T33.925 22T
1These are not the official team scores.
The team scores are calculated by summarizing the 3 best individual scores on each event by level.