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2012 North Carolina Level 7-10 State Championships -
2012 North Carolina Level 7-10 State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2012-03-232012-03-25 Salem Gymnastics Center Ltd.Click here542
Meet Scores Session: 6 Level: 9 Division: JRA
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Wood, GracynEverest Gymnastics 6 9 JRA9.325 13T9.475 3T9.725 1T9.200 13T37.725 1T
2Jones, GracePrecision Gymnastics 6 9 JRA9.225 15T9.375 5T9.025 21T9.650 1T37.275 3T
3Peele, HallieSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 6 9 JRA9.700 1T8.500 21T9.375 9T9.500 3T37.075 5T
4Catoe, ChloeEverest Gymnastics 6 9 JRA9.200 17T9.375 5T9.050 19T9.400 9T37.025 7T
5Summey, EmeryHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 6 9 JRA9.350 11T9.175 11T9.400 5T8.950 23T36.875 9T
6Keever Snipes, MaryHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 6 9 JRA9.600 3T9.250 9T9.025 21T8.975 19T36.850 11T
7Baird, JeimiYadkin Valley Gymnastics Academy 6 9 JRA9.600 3T7.875 27T9.725 1T9.450 7T36.650 13T
8Robinson, MeredithEverest Gymnastics 6 9 JRA9.150 19T9.575 1T8.400 31T9.475 5T36.600 15T
9Spence, MorganRaleigh School of Gymnastics 6 9 JRA9.375 7T8.850 15T9.325 13T8.500 31T36.050 17T
9Harman, MackenzieTeam Attraction 6 9 JRA9.075 21T8.725 17T9.275 15T8.975 19T36.050 17T
11Guittard, ClaireShooting Stars Gymnastics 6 9 JRA8.925 29T9.025 13T9.350 11T8.700 27T36.000 21T
12Baker, TaylorRose's Gymnastics Training Center 6 9 JRA9.050 25T8.550 19T9.075 17T8.725 25T35.400 23T
13Cronin, WhitneyHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 6 9 JRA9.075 21T8.275 23T9.025 21T9.000 17T35.375 25T
14Rouse, SabriyyaTeam Attraction 6 9 JRA9.375 7T7.075 31T8.575 29T9.175 15T34.200 27T
15Garcia, GerelizOmega Gymnastics 6 9 JRA9.000 27T7.800 29T7.900 33T9.350 11T34.050 29T
16Esposto, MariaSuperior Gymnastics 6 9 JRA8.350 31T7.950 25T9.025 21T8.675 29T34.000 31T
17Smith, MurphyKPAC 6 9 JRA8.150 33T6.900 33T9.400 5T0.000 33T24.450 33T