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2012 North Carolina Level 7-10 State Championships -
2012 North Carolina Level 7-10 State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2012-03-232012-03-25 Salem Gymnastics Center Ltd.Click here542
Meet Scores Level: 10
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Bailey, KatieHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 JRA9.800 1T9.750 1T9.700 3T9.750 1T39.000 1T
2Hills, CaileeSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 JRA9.725 3T9.675 3T9.775 1T9.750 1T38.925 3T
3Snead, SydneySonshine Gymnastics 7 10 09.875 1T9.500 15T9.725 5T9.775 1T38.875 1T
4Glenn, GraceSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 09.800 3T9.675 5T9.825 1T9.450 25T38.750 3T
5Becker, KatieEverest Gymnastics 7 10 09.700 9T9.525 9T9.800 3T9.525 17T38.550 5T
6Glenn, AnnaSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 09.625 13T9.850 1T9.575 11T9.400 27T38.450 7T
7Locklear, AshtonEverest Gymnastics 7 10 09.775 5T9.700 3T9.400 17T9.500 19T38.375 9T
8Diana, ChesnokSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 09.600 15T9.450 19T9.675 7T9.575 11T38.300 11T
9Kern, ClaireSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 09.700 9T9.525 9T9.450 13T9.600 9T38.275 13T
10Schild, EmilyEverest Gymnastics 7 10 09.775 5T9.425 21T9.000 27T9.700 3T37.900 15T
10Cannamela, JuliannaSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 09.575 19T9.600 7T9.175 25T9.550 13T37.900 15T
12Faller, SarahSonshine Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.550 13T9.350 9T9.525 7T9.400 13T37.825 5T
13Jones, ClairePrecision Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.500 15T9.350 9T9.400 13T9.550 7T37.800 7T
14Moss, KendalEverest Gymnastics 7 10 09.425 23T9.000 23T9.625 9T9.650 7T37.700 19T
15Owens, KensleighSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 JRA9.575 9T9.325 13T9.000 21T9.625 5T37.525 9T
15Wild, NicoleSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 JRA9.225 29T9.525 5T9.575 5T9.200 23T37.525 9T
17Collins, KristaSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 09.600 15T9.525 9T9.275 21T9.100 33T37.500 21T
18Isaacs, KatlinSalem Gymnastics Center Ltd. 7 10 SRA9.450 7T9.300 3T9.500 7T9.150 13T37.400 1T
19Tucker, AlyssaTeam Attraction 7 10 SRA9.100 21T9.200 5T9.675 1T9.325 11T37.300 3T
20Gracia, JessicaSonshine Gymnastics 7 10 SRA9.400 9T9.325 1T9.550 5T8.975 21T37.250 5T
21Soto, LisavetteSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 SRA9.650 1T9.000 9T8.950 19T9.475 1T37.075 7T
21McClelland, MeganSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 09.125 29T9.475 17T9.000 27T9.475 21T37.075 23T
23Engler, EmmaSonshine Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.575 9T9.200 15T9.350 17T8.900 31T37.025 13T
24Bisbe, CourtneyHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 JRA9.300 25T8.725 23T9.425 11T9.500 9T36.950 15T
25Anderson, RyannSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 SRA9.500 3T9.075 7T8.975 17T9.350 5T36.900 9T
26Austin, MackenzieHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 09.050 33T8.775 27T9.450 13T9.475 21T36.750 25T
27Bowers, AnnaSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 JRA9.375 21T9.475 7T8.250 33T9.500 9T36.600 17T
27Brown, MargaretSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 SRA9.100 21T8.850 11T9.300 11T9.350 5T36.600 11T
29Daniel, ErikaTeam Attraction 7 10 SRA9.475 5T8.200 21T9.500 7T9.400 3T36.575 13T
30Laymon, TaylorHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 JRA9.400 19T9.050 17T8.825 25T9.275 21T36.550 19T
31Millsap, AddyHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 09.250 25T8.300 31T9.250 23T9.675 5T36.475 27T
31Eley, ChelseaHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 JRA9.200 31T8.725 23T9.400 13T9.150 27T36.475 21T
33Dowell, KayleeShooting Stars Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.450 17T8.300 31T9.350 17T9.325 17T36.425 23T
34Foy, TiffanyEverest Gymnastics 7 10 SRA9.275 15T8.800 13T9.175 13T9.150 13T36.400 15T
35Kummerle, LauraRaleigh School of Gymnastics 7 10 SRA9.325 13T7.900 27T9.575 3T9.350 5T36.150 17T
36Hendershot, DrewHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 09.450 21T8.550 29T8.575 33T9.550 13T36.125 29T
37Metcalf, MaryNew Bern Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.350 23T8.350 29T8.800 27T9.350 15T35.850 25T
38Stone, SoniaRose's Gymnastics Training Center 7 10 JRA9.050 33T8.450 27T8.900 23T9.300 19T35.700 27T
39Kunz, LindseyRaleigh School of Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.300 25T8.950 19T8.450 31T8.900 31T35.600 29T
40Kent, LaurenSonshine Gymnastics 7 10 09.225 27T8.800 25T8.175 35T9.250 31T35.450 31T
41Sobhan, HannahRaleigh School of Gymnastics 7 10 SRA9.375 11T8.000 25T9.000 15T8.975 21T35.350 19T
42McAvoy, MargaretSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 7 10 JRA8.775 37T8.825 21T8.800 27T8.875 35T35.275 31T
43Weiss, BrittanyHigh Point Gymnastics Academy 7 10 SRA8.925 27T8.450 17T8.275 27T9.000 19T34.650 21T
44Moore, ShelbyNew Vision Gymnastics 7 10 09.100 31T7.400 35T8.700 31T9.325 29T34.525 33T
45Gamble, MattieRaleigh School of Gymnastics 7 10 SRA9.250 17T8.250 19T8.075 29T8.900 27T34.475 23T
46Gray, MariannaRose's Gymnastics Training Center 7 10 SRA9.075 25T8.200 21T8.300 23T8.800 29T34.375 25T
47Steelman, HaleyFlip Force Gymnastics LLC 7 10 JRA9.000 35T8.150 33T7.675 35T9.200 23T34.025 33T
48Sargent, KaylieRose's Gymnastics Training Center 7 10 SRA9.200 19T7.400 29T7.925 33T8.950 25T33.475 27T
49Johnston, EmilyCabarrus County Gymnastics 7 10 SRA8.900 29T6.950 33T8.300 23T9.100 17T33.250 29T
50Cerio, SamanthaEverest Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.700 5T0.000 35T9.450 9T9.050 29T28.200 35T
51Steinert, SarahCabarrus County Gymnastics 7 10 SRA0.000 31T7.400 29T7.975 31T8.200 33T23.575 31T
52Burleson, HaileyKPAC 7 10 00.000 35T8.025 33T9.400 17T0.000 35T17.425 35T
53Michels, HannahOlympia Gymnastics 7 10 SRA0.000 31T0.000 35T8.375 21T8.550 31T16.925 33T
54Slocum, RachelSonshine Gymnastics 7 10 JRA9.625 7T0.000 35T0.000 37T0.000 37T9.625 37T
55Shrager, ChristineSonshine Gymnastics 7 10 SRA0.000 31T8.475 15T0.000 35T0.000 35T8.475 35T