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2019 Blast From The Past -
2019 Blast From The Past
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2019-03-232019-03-24 ASI Gymnastics - Allen362
Meet Scores Level: 1
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Konarik, AvaASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.8509.850 3T9.8009.800 19.8509.700 4T9.8009.650 4T39.00039.000 1
2DePuew, PhoebeASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.8509.850 4T9.7509.600 2T9.8009.700 5T9.7009.300 35T38.45038.450 2
3Anderton, AshlynnASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.7009.700 17T9.4509.200 8T9.7509.750 2T9.7009.600 6T38.25038.250 3
4Temsamani, NourASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.9509.950 1T9.1008.800 47T9.7009.700 6T9.6009.600 7T38.05038.050 4
5Oh, SerineASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.7009.550 43T9.5509.300 6T9.6509.650 7T9.7509.450 17T38.50037.950 5
6Powell, AveryASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.6009.600 33T9.6009.600 3T9.6509.300 43T9.6009.300 36T38.25037.800 6
7Sullivan, DenniASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.7509.750 11T9.6009.200 9T9.3509.350 38T9.5009.400 19T37.70037.700 7
8Newberry, AriaunnaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.8009.200 131T9.7509.400 49.7509.600 12T9.5009.400 20T37.90037.600 8
9Lock, LondonASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.7009.600 34T9.4009.050 229.5509.500 17T9.5009.400 21T37.55037.550 9
10Brewer, ReillyASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.9509.950 2T9.6008.400 114T9.7009.450 26T9.7509.700 1T38.65037.500 10
11Anderson, AveriASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.7509.750 12T9.4009.000 23T9.5009.350 39T9.3009.300 37T37.75037.400 11T
11Le, Thuy-ViASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.7009.700 18T9.5009.100 17T9.6009.600 13T9.3009.000 91T38.00037.400 12T
13Hammonds, SheaASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.8509.850 5T9.5008.800 48T9.4509.450 27T9.7509.200 53T38.25037.300 13T
13Pounder, LeelahASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.6509.500 51T9.3009.200 10T9.3009.300 44T9.3509.300 38T37.30037.300 14T
15Kuon, WhitneyASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.6009.400 73T9.5008.900 32T9.4509.450 28T9.5009.500 13T37.85037.250 15
16Salmeron, MelanieASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.8509.850 6T9.1008.800 49T9.6009.200 68*9.5009.350 28T37.25037.200 16T
16Anthony, LucyASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.6009.600 35T9.0009.000 24*9.5009.200 67*9.4009.400 22*37.20037.200 17T
16Kooner, KylaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.6009.250 116T9.6009.000 25*9.5509.550 15T9.7009.400 23*38.20037.200 18T
19Lebel, MeganASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.7509.700 19T9.2508.700 62*9.6509.650 8*9.5509.100 69T37.95037.150 19T
19Abraham, AnjaliASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6509.650 25T9.2508.700 63*9.8009.450 29T9.6009.350 29T37.90037.150 21T
19Jones, KiaraASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.6509.500 52T8.4008.400 115T9.6509.650 9*9.6509.600 8T37.15037.150 20T
22Fidaire, Lee-AnnASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.2509.150 142T9.0008.900 33T9.8009.800 19.4009.250 45T37.10037.100 22T
22Carroz, AnabellaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6009.600 36T9.0508.800 50T9.5009.200 69T9.5509.500 14T37.10037.100 23T
24Samford, LaurenASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.6509.650 27*8.8008.800 51*9.2508.900 117T9.7009.700 2T37.05037.050 24T
24Cornatzer, LexiASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.5509.550 44T9.6008.800 52*9.6509.650 10T9.3509.050 83T37.80037.050 25T
24Terry, AveryASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.6509.650 26*9.3509.000 26T9.2009.000 107T9.4009.400 24T37.10037.050 26T
27Molchadski, ElainaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.3509.350 84T9.4008.700 64T9.6009.250 60T9.7009.700 3T37.60037.000 27T
27Mensahn, JamelleASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.7009.650 28T9.8008.650 78T9.7009.450 30T9.6009.250 47*38.50037.000 28T
27Geasa, AbigailASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.8009.400 74T9.2008.800 54*9.6009.600 14T9.5509.200 54T37.45037.000 29T
27Razavizadeh, AlexisASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 59T9.0008.800 53*9.5009.500 18T9.5009.250 46*37.00037.000 30T
31King, SophieASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.7009.700 20T9.1508.900 34T9.5009.300 45T9.6509.050 84T37.70036.950 31T
31Le, Kim-AnhASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.3009.100 152T9.2009.200 11T9.3509.000 108T9.7009.650 5T37.00036.950 32T
33Howard, ElinaASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.8009.800 7T9.6009.200 12*9.2009.100 89T9.5508.800 140T37.75036.900 33T
33Martin, KatherineASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.6509.650 29T8.9008.700 65T9.2009.200 70T9.3509.350 30T36.90036.900 34T
33Lewis, GabriellaASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.1009.100 153T9.6009.350 59.1509.150 82T9.3009.300 39T36.90036.900 36T
33Miller, AdelyneASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.5009.350 85T9.5009.200 13*9.5009.300 46T9.5009.050 85T38.00036.900 35T
37Ariail, BethanyASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.7509.600 37T9.0008.600 80T9.5009.400 34T9.5509.250 48T37.80036.850 37T
37Tibbetts, JulieASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.5009.450 61*9.3008.900 35T9.5009.500 19T9.0009.000 92T36.85036.850 38T
37Ivey, KarlynASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 60*9.7009.200 14T9.7509.000 109T9.6509.200 55T37.95036.850 39T
40Munoz, MirandaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.8009.450 62*9.2508.700 66T9.6009.500 20T9.3509.150 63T37.05036.800 40T
40Smith, NadiaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.6509.250 117T9.1008.900 36T9.6009.150 83T9.5009.500 15T37.40036.800 41T
40Page, TaylaASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 63*9.2509.000 27T9.3009.300 47T9.3009.050 86T36.95036.800 42T
43Hicks, KennedyASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.7509.750 13T9.3008.600 81T9.7009.200 71T9.6009.200 56T37.25036.750 43T
43Watson, KayleeASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.7009.700 21T9.4008.550 98T9.5509.400 35T9.4009.100 70T37.70036.750 44T
43Longeway, LilaASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.7009.550 45*9.4008.900 37T9.3509.000 110T9.3009.300 40T36.75036.750 45T
43Smith, JillASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.6509.550 46*9.4009.100 18T9.2509.050 103T9.2509.050 87T36.75036.750 46T
47Springfield, EmilyASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.6509.150 143T9.4008.700 67T9.6009.450 31T9.6009.400 25T38.25036.700 47T
47Price, AnasyaASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.7009.400 75T9.4009.000 28T9.4509.400 36T9.5008.900 120T37.50036.700 48T
49Salazar, LuisaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6009.350 86T9.3008.700 68T9.5509.500 21T9.8009.100 71T38.05036.650 49
50Boyle, RileyASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.8009.800 9*9.3508.600 82T9.4508.850 129T9.5009.350 31T37.85036.600 50T
50Rhoades, HannahASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.8009.800 8*9.3008.700 69T9.5509.100 90T9.2009.000 93T37.75036.600 51T
50Duffey, LilyASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.6509.600 38T9.4508.900 38T9.3008.600 154T9.5009.500 16T37.70036.600 52T
50Bigenho-Blackburn, LillianASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.5509.300 102*9.3008.500 101T9.5509.550 16T9.7009.250 49T37.55036.600 53T
50Hoyt, XailahASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.5509.300 103*9.6008.800 55T9.4509.450 32T9.6009.050 88T37.90036.600 54T
55Blacas, JulissaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.7509.700 22T9.5508.900 39T9.4508.850 130T9.3509.100 72T37.75036.550 55T
55Linsteadt, EmmaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6009.600 39T9.4508.600 83T9.2009.200 72T9.5009.150 65*37.15036.550 56T
55Jones, MikaelaASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.3509.350 87T9.5508.800 56T9.4009.250 61T9.5009.150 64*37.60036.550 57T
58Phan, EvelynASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.4009.100 154T9.5009.300 7T9.3009.200 73T9.3008.900 121T37.50036.500 58
59Chicas, LindsayASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.5509.550 47T9.3508.900 40T9.3009.150 84T9.4008.850 134T37.25036.450 60T
59Hare, HarperASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.3009.300 104T8.9008.400 116T9.3009.200 74T9.5509.550 9T36.75036.450 59T
59Doyle, AnaiyahASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.6009.400 76T9.2508.600 84T9.5009.400 37T9.3509.050 89T37.05036.450 61T
62Azua, LexieASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.7009.700 23T9.2008.300 122T9.5009.300 48T9.5509.100 73T37.75036.400 62T
62Topps, LaurenASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.4509.400 77T9.2508.600 85*9.4009.200 75*9.7009.200 57T37.75036.400 63T
62Nichols, CharlotteASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.3509.350 88T9.1508.600 86*9.2509.200 76*9.7009.250 50T37.00036.400 64T
62Ortega, AddieJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.3009.300 105T9.2008.900 41T9.2009.200 77*9.2009.000 94T36.40036.400 65T
66Ash, KamilleASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.6509.650 30T9.2008.700 70*9.3009.100 91T9.1008.900 122T37.15036.350 66T
66Purcello, AdrianaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.5009.350 89T8.8008.700 71*9.5009.500 22T9.6008.800 141T37.00036.350 67T
68McCrea, ReaghanASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.7009.300 106T9.3008.500 102T9.6509.300 49T9.8509.200 58T38.45036.300 68
69Hawthorne, AlexiaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.5009.150 144T8.4008.000 150T9.7509.750 3T9.5009.350 32T36.85036.250 69T
69Gutierrez, ZimaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.5509.550 48T9.1007.500 175T9.6509.650 11T9.9009.550 10T37.70036.250 70T
71Ezerosky, MadysenASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.5509.550 49T9.2008.900 42T9.4008.900 118T9.4008.850 135T37.25036.200 71T
71Bates, ElizabethASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.5009.500 53T8.6008.600 87T9.0009.000 111T9.1009.100 74T36.20036.200 72T
71Murphy, TrinityASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.5009.400 78T9.4008.300 123T9.3009.300 50T9.3009.200 59T36.55036.200 73T
74Cole, ZoeASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.7509.500 54T8.9008.550 99T9.1508.850 131T9.5009.250 51T36.80036.150 74T
74Wagner, KaydenceASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 64T9.1508.500 103T9.4008.800 134T9.4009.400 26T36.15036.150 75T
74Gentry, AlayaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.6009.250 119*9.0008.600 88T9.3009.300 51T9.4509.000 96*36.60036.150 76T
74Coley, EverlyASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.6009.250 118*9.6008.800 57T9.3009.100 92T9.4009.000 95*37.90036.150 77T
78Davis, PresleeASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.9009.600 41*8.7508.600 89T9.1008.500 165T9.4009.400 27T36.80036.100 78T
78Jackson, CharlyASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.8009.600 40*9.7508.300 124T9.6508.900 119T9.8509.300 41T38.30036.100 79T
80Chambers, FelicityASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.6509.650 31T9.3008.700 73*9.4508.600 155T9.1009.100 75T37.20036.050 80T
80Singh, ScarlettASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 65T9.2508.700 72*9.3009.300 52T9.0508.600 164T36.15036.050 81T
80Albright, ReneeASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.5009.300 107T9.4508.800 58T9.7009.100 93T9.2508.850 136T37.50036.050 82T
83Taylor, EricaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.3009.300 108T8.8508.500 104T9.5009.500 23T8.9008.700 156T36.15036.000 83T
83Starr, AveryASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.3509.150 145T9.1008.300 125T9.5009.200 78T9.5509.350 33T37.30036.000 84T
85Griffin, YeliahASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.7009.200 132T9.3009.200 15T9.1009.100 94T9.0008.400 188T36.15035.900 85T
85Sofia Salamanca, ClaudiaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.5509.150 146T9.1008.600 90T9.6008.950 1169.2009.200 60T37.20035.900 86T
87Witt, ClaraASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6509.650 32T9.0008.500 105T9.1008.700 143T9.2009.000 97T36.40035.850 87T
87Ayers, SaniyahASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.6009.500 55T9.3508.600 92*9.7009.300 53T9.4008.450 183T37.50035.850 88T
87Hawkins, GraysonASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.5009.100 155T9.5508.600 91*9.5009.500 24T9.5508.650 160T37.25035.850 89T
90Robinson, LaurenASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.7509.750 14T9.0007.700 165T9.4009.350 40T9.1009.000 98T36.65035.800 90T
90Garcia, MariahASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.7009.700 24T9.1508.600 93T9.3508.300 180T9.5009.200 62*37.30035.800 91T
90Keefer, AliASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.1509.000 171T9.5008.800 59T9.3008.800 135T9.2009.200 61*36.85035.800 92T
93Shrivastava, NaishaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.4009.250 121*9.2008.200 133T9.7009.450 33T9.5008.850 137T36.65035.750 93T
93Swann, MikaelaASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.7509.350 90T9.3008.300 126T9.5009.300 54T9.3008.800 142T37.75035.750 94T
93Kamila Ali Abdalla, ZenabASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.4509.250 122*9.1508.850 469.0008.400 173T9.2509.250 52T36.80035.750 95T
93Paulausky, AutumnASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.3009.250 120*9.0008.800 60T8.9508.800 136T9.0508.900 123T35.75035.750 96T
97Villanueva, SarahASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.7509.750 15T8.7508.200 134*9.1008.600 156T9.1509.150 67*36.00035.700 97T
97Benitez, EllieASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.4009.400 79T9.5008.200 135*9.1509.150 86*9.0508.950 115*36.30035.700 98T
97Moore, Che%27MyiahASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.5009.300 109T8.5008.100 142T9.1509.150 85*9.1509.150 66*35.70035.700 99T
97Jocelyn Rodriguez, AmyASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.2009.200 133T8.8008.800 61T8.8008.800 137T8.9008.900 124T35.70035.700 100T
97Tyous, MaleahASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.1008.750 207T9.4009.100 19T9.1008.900 120T9.2008.950 114*36.65035.700 101T
102Crane, MadalynnASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.1009.100 156T8.8508.000 151T9.2509.250 62T9.5009.300 42T36.25035.650 102T
102Chapa, PaisleyASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.2509.250 123T9.4009.200 16T8.8008.200 187T9.0009.000 99T36.00035.650 103T
104Barker, AverieASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.5009.500 56T9.0008.100 143T9.2009.200 79T9.0008.800 143*36.40035.600 104T
104Stayton, LeahASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.3509.100 157T9.4008.600 94T9.1509.100 95T9.0508.800 144*35.60035.600 105T
106Koon, CaydenASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.5509.400 80T8.6008.600 95T9.0008.600 157T9.0008.950 116T35.55035.550 106T
106Gures, ZoeASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.5009.350 93*9.3009.100 20T9.4009.350 41T9.2007.750 21637.35035.550 107T
106Staehling, EdithASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.3509.350 91*9.6008.500 106T9.1009.100 96T8.8008.600 165T36.65035.550 109T
106Young, ErynASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.4009.350 92*9.0008.700 74T9.0508.200 188T9.3009.300 43T36.20035.550 108T
110Swann, TaylorASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.5509.450 66T9.4008.000 152T9.6509.250 63T8.9008.800 145T37.00035.500 110
111Weisblatt, RebeccaJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.3509.350 94T8.0007.500 176T9.3009.300 55T9.3009.300 44T35.45035.450 111
112Suprun, CordaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.9009.400 81T8.6508.000 153T9.3008.900 121T9.5009.100 76T37.20035.400 112T
112Beckford, KaitleyASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.5009.300 110T8.8008.200 136T9.3009.300 56T9.0008.600 166T36.30035.400 113T
114Dominguez, AvaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.5509.550 50T8.0007.900 158T9.3009.100 97T9.3508.800 146T35.85035.350 114T
114Winkler, KourtlynASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.5509.000 172T9.1508.200 137T9.2008.600 158T9.5509.550 11T36.50035.350 115T
114Marchand, EvaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.5008.950 179T9.3008.700 75T9.4008.700 144T9.4009.000 100T37.60035.350 116T
117Owen, AliviaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.8009.800 10T9.2007.500 177T9.4009.050 104T9.4008.950 117T36.90035.300 117
118Genz, AddysonASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.4509.350 95T8.5008.300 127T9.0008.500 166T9.1009.100 78*35.25035.250 118T
118Westerdale, LondonASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.2509.250 124T9.0008.050 1498.8508.850 132T9.1009.100 77*35.60035.250 119T
120Harris, LayneASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.2009.200 134T9.4008.300 128T9.3508.800 138T9.5008.900 125*37.10035.200 120T
120Jones, KyraASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.5008.700 210T9.1008.400 117T9.3509.200 80T9.5008.900 126*37.20035.200 121T
122Danielson, HannahASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6009.400 82T9.5507.200 187T9.5009.500 25T9.3509.000 103*36.95035.100 122T
122Williams, OliviaASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.6009.300 111T9.2008.500 107T9.4508.300 181T9.3009.000 101*37.55035.100 123T
122Beavers, KennedyASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6009.050 165T9.2508.200 138T9.4009.000 112*9.6508.850 138T37.50035.100 124T
122DeJohnette, LailaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.4508.800 199T8.5508.300 129T9.0509.000 113*9.0009.000 102*35.85035.100 125T
126Martinez, ChandlerASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.4509.350 96T8.1007.300 182T9.3009.250 64T9.6509.150 68T36.15035.050 126T
126Farmer, MakenzieASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.3008.950 180T9.3008.700 76T8.8008.400 174T9.0009.000 104T36.20035.050 127T
126Henderson, ElanASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.2508.900 186T9.4509.000 29T9.1508.900 122T9.3508.250 200T37.05035.050 128T
129Schwarz, SavannahASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.7509.750 16T9.0006.600 204T9.5009.100 98T9.7009.550 12T37.55035.000 129T
129Ramirez Trevino, MarianaASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.5009.500 57T9.1008.300 130T9.7008.750 141T9.5008.450 184T37.80035.000 130T
129Finley, MeiahASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.2508.800 200T9.1008.900 43T8.9007.850 2039.4509.450 18T35.00035.000 131T
129Allen, MaliahASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.4009.150 147T9.0508.450 112T9.0008.700 145T9.1008.700 157T36.50035.000 132T
133Thomas, PeytonASI Gymnastics - Rockwall ALL 1 Ach9.5009.350 97T8.6508.450 113T9.4007.800 204T9.3509.350 34T35.90034.950 133T
133Jaliyah Traveler, LaurenASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.5009.100 158T9.0508.900 44T9.6008.150 194T9.4008.800 147T37.05034.950 134T
135Armendariz, LylanASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.2009.200 135T8.5007.800 160T9.3009.250 65T8.7008.650 161T35.50034.900 135T
135Garcia, AllisonASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.8509.000 173T9.5008.100 144T9.5009.100 99T9.7008.700 158T37.80034.900 136T
137Jackson, StellaASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 67T9.5509.000 30T9.1508.600 159T9.2007.800 214T36.95034.850 137T
137Hamilton, RaeganASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.6009.200 136T8.4008.200 139T9.3008.700 146T9.4508.750 152T36.30034.850 138T
137Dilling, MacyASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.5509.150 148T9.5008.500 108T9.4508.250 185T9.4008.950 118T37.90034.850 139T
137Zahodnik, TeaganASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.2009.100 159T9.1008.650 79T8.7008.000 197T9.3509.100 79T35.95034.850 140T
141Lal, AnikaASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.4009.400 83T8.7007.600 170T9.4508.700 147T9.2009.100 80T36.65034.800 141T
141Hansen, SigridASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.3009.300 112T9.3508.900 45T8.8007.700 212T9.1008.900 127T36.40034.800 142T
143DeWolf, KarleyASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.0509.050 166T8.9008.400 118*8.9008.300 182T9.4008.950 119T36.20034.700 143T
143Evans, DaisyASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.5009.000 174T9.1508.500 109T9.2008.200 189T9.3009.000 105*37.15034.700 144T
143Rojas, AlessandraASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.1008.600 215T9.1508.400 119*8.8008.700 148T9.2009.000 106*35.15034.700 145T
146McAnally, HannahASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 68T9.0008.500 110T9.2507.700 213T9.4509.000 107T36.20034.650 146T
146Debnam, ImaniASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.6009.350 98T9.0007.700 166T9.1009.100 100T9.2008.500 179T36.70034.650 147T
146Hall, AriannaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.4509.250 125T9.3508.100 145T9.5008.400 175T9.6508.900 128T37.55034.650 148T
146Augustus, ShaneASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.3008.800 201T9.3008.550 100T9.0008.500 167T9.2008.800 148T36.10034.650 149T
150Vazquez, MelanyASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.5009.250 126T9.3007.700 167T9.5009.200 81T9.5008.450 186*37.20034.600 150T
150Ramirez, AllisonASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.6009.200 137T8.4507.600 171T9.3008.800 139T9.5509.000 108T36.35034.600 151T
150Lujan, HaileyASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach10.0009.050 167T9.5008.600 96T9.6008.500 168T9.7508.450 185*37.85034.600 152T
153Arbaiza, SophiaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.2008.900 187T8.9508.100 146T8.9008.850 133T8.9008.700 159T35.60034.550 153
154Ross, LeonaJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.1009.100 160T8.1008.100 147T8.7008.400 176T9.1508.900 129T34.50034.500 154T
154Garcia, EmilyASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.2008.800 202T8.7008.300 131T9.0009.000 114T9.1508.400 189T35.70034.500 155T
156Lac, BrookeASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.5009.350 99T8.6507.600 172T9.1508.700 150*9.3508.800 149T36.20034.450 156T
156McCarthy, JillianASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.4009.050 168T8.5007.100 191T9.7509.300 57T9.4509.000 109T36.55034.450 157T
156Miller, LoreleiASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.3009.150 149T9.4509.000 31T9.4008.700 149*8.4007.600 21835.65034.450 158T
156Walker, JasmineASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.3508.850 192T8.4508.100 148T8.9008.600 160T9.4008.900 130T36.00034.450 159T
160Stripling, MeakaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.3008.800 203T8.4007.800 161T9.3009.300 58T9.1508.500 180T35.65034.400 160
161Hernandez, MelodyASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.2509.150 150T8.8507.700 168T9.2008.900 123T9.4008.550 176T36.10034.300 161T
161Wallis, McKennaASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.5009.100 161T9.0007.100 192T9.0509.050 105T9.3009.050 90T35.60034.300 162T
163Wardlaw, SophiaASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.2509.250 127T8.5507.500 178T9.0508.900 124T8.9008.600 167T34.85034.250 163
164Deshazo, BerkleeASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.7009.450 69T8.8007.200 188T9.2008.450 170T9.5009.100 81T36.85034.200 164T
164Manning, ZuriASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.3008.700 211T9.3008.400 120T8.9008.500 169T9.2008.600 168T35.90034.200 165T
166Perez, MilaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.0008.750 208T8.4007.300 183T9.1009.100 101T9.2009.000 110T35.30034.150 166
167Burkett, SarahASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.2509.250 128T8.5008.500 111T9.1008.200 190T8.8008.150 206T34.10034.100 167T
167Vergara, SophiaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.3009.200 138T7.3007.300 184T9.4009.100 102T9.0008.500 181T34.30034.100 168T
167Luellen, JuliaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.1008.950 181T9.0008.300 132T8.8008.550 163T9.0508.300 198T35.30034.100 169T
170Green, RileyASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.3509.200 139*8.8508.200 140T9.1008.450 171T9.4008.150 207T36.70034.000 171T
170Lopez, XimenaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.8509.200 140*8.9007.400 180T9.1508.300 183T9.5509.100 82T36.30034.000 170T
172Hicks, JordynASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.6009.600 42T9.3509.100 21T9.3008.000 198T9.5007.250 22237.55033.950 172
173Gaddy, BrookylnASI Gymnastics - Allen ALL 1 Ach9.3009.250 129T9.0007.900 159T9.3509.350 42T8.9007.400 219T36.30033.900 173T
173Daniel, ElizabethASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.3508.800 204T8.5007.800 162T9.1008.700 151T9.4508.600 169T35.80033.900 174T
175Gilbert, ChanningASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.3009.050 169T9.2008.700 77T8.8507.700 214T9.3508.400 190T35.85033.850 175T
175Weiner, SophieJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach8.9508.950 182T8.6008.600 97T7.9507.950 2009.0008.350 195T33.85033.850 176T
177Rodriguez, GuadalupeASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.7009.450 70T9.3507.200 189*9.2508.300 184T9.3008.800 150T37.35033.750 177T
177Morgan, LilyASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.5509.300 113T9.0007.400 181T9.2508.650 152T9.4508.400 191*36.75033.750 178T
177Fletcher, LawsonASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.3009.100 162T8.5007.200 190*9.5009.050 106T9.1508.400 192*36.00033.750 179T
180Wagner, GraceASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.5008.950 183T9.2507.600 173T8.9008.900 125T8.3508.250 201T35.25033.700 180
181Stewart, LondonASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.4508.900 188T9.0006.900 198T9.5009.250 66T9.5008.600 170T37.40033.650 181
182Calderon, AlexaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.3509.350 100T8.2006.700 201T9.1509.150 87T9.0508.400 193T35.10033.600 182T
182Grace Hodges, HenleyASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.1009.100 163T8.4008.000 154T8.5008.400 177T8.9008.100 208T34.00033.600 183T
182Brown, AuroraASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.2008.850 193T8.8008.400 121T8.6007.500 221T9.2008.850 139T35.10033.600 184T
185Jones, TrinityASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.5509.300 114T7.9007.000 1978.9508.250 186T9.1009.000 112*34.25033.550 185T
185Maxwell, AddysonASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.5009.250 130T8.8006.800 2008.6008.600 161T9.2008.900 131T36.00033.550 186T
185Williams, MatianaASI Gymnastics - Lake Highlands ALL 1 Ach9.2508.750 209T9.0007.600 174T9.0008.200 191*9.4009.000 111*36.30033.550 187T
185Maston, RyannASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.4508.550 2198.5008.200 141T9.1508.200 192*9.2008.600 171T35.30033.550 188T
189Alvarado, CieraASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.5508.500 220T8.0006.700 202T9.5509.300 59T9.5009.000 113T36.45033.500 189T
189Melian, LuciASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.2009.000 175T7.6007.100 193T9.1509.150 88T9.0508.250 202T33.65033.500 190T
189Campbell, FelicityASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.3008.850 194T7.7006.900 199T9.3009.000 115T9.2508.750 153T35.10033.500 191T
192Leib, AlyJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.0009.000 176T8.0008.000 155T7.7007.700 215T8.6008.600 172T33.30033.300 192
193Lavallee, AmeliaASI Gymnastics - Plano West ALL 1 Ach9.4508.800 205T9.3008.000 156T9.4007.700 216T9.3508.600 173T36.20033.100 193
194Sanchez, CrystalASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.6009.350 101T8.5007.300 185T8.2507.900 201T9.3008.500 182T35.65033.050 194
195Felts, SamanthaASI Gymnastics Keller ALL 1 Ach9.8509.450 71T9.3006.700 203T9.4008.550 164T9.0008.250 203T37.45032.950 195T
195Yalovsky, EmmaJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.1508.900 189T7.7507.750 1648.5008.400 178T8.5007.900 211T32.95032.950 196T
197Barnes, AshlynASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach8.6008.600 216T8.6007.100 194T9.2008.400 179T8.8508.800 151T34.10032.900 197
198Odom, AnnaJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.5009.500 58T7.5007.500 179T8.0507.750 2117.7007.700 21732.45032.450 198T
198Smith, JaydeASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.4008.700 212T8.7508.000 157T9.1007.800 205T9.7007.950 21036.75032.450 199T
200Tucker, JoieJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.1509.150 151T8.3006.300 2108.6508.650 153T8.6008.200 204T33.40032.300 200T
200Bloom, AveryJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach8.6008.600 217T7.8007.800 163T7.7507.600 217T8.5008.300 199T32.30032.300 201T
202Botha, VictoriaASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.1009.000 177T8.0505.800 2198.8008.800 140T9.2008.650 162T34.70032.250 202
203Kratzmeyer, RileyASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.2508.950 184T8.6006.100 215T8.9008.900 126T9.1508.200 205T34.20032.150 203T
203Piwoni, RebeccaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.4008.850 195T7.0006.400 208T8.4008.150 195T8.7508.750 154T33.20032.150 204T
205Karchmer, SarahJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach8.9008.900 190T7.8007.100 195T7.8007.300 2238.7508.750 155T32.05032.050 205
206Munoz, AlexiaASI Gymnastics - Firewheel ALL 1 Ach9.1009.100 164T7.4006.200 211T8.8008.100 1968.9008.550 177T33.70031.950 206
207Hicks, SydneyASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.1008.900 191T8.7006.400 209T8.8008.750 142T8.3007.800 215T34.90031.850 207
208Dalrymple, KynzleeASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.2009.200 141T8.4007.700 169T8.4008.000 199T8.4006.900 22334.20031.800 208
209Roa, VictoriaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.4508.950 185T8.0006.200 212T9.3007.600 218T9.4008.900 132T35.30031.650 209
210Koplow, HannahJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.0009.000 178T7.8006.500 2077.8007.500 222T8.7508.550 178T31.95031.550 210
211Velez, SilvanaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach8.8508.850 196T6.6006.200 213T8.5507.800 206T8.8008.600 174T32.75031.450 211
212Bermudez, HannahASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.4008.500 221T8.2506.100 216T9.1008.900 127T9.2007.900 212T34.90031.400 212
213Hall-Odham, KhilynASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach8.8008.600 218T8.1007.300 186T8.7507.100 2248.4008.350 196T32.60031.350 213
214Stein, HaileyJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach8.8508.850 197T7.8006.600 205T8.4508.450 172T8.4507.400 220T32.25031.300 214
215Montgomery, KhyleeASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.4509.450 72T7.7005.300 2228.8008.600 162T8.7007.900 213T34.65031.250 215
216Aguayo, AnayaASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.0008.650 2146.8005.500 2218.8508.200 193T9.1008.650 163T32.95031.000 216
217Centurion, AlexisJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach9.1008.800 206T7.1007.100 196T8.1007.600 219T7.8507.350 22130.85030.850 217T
217Buck, MadisonASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach8.7008.700 213T7.7005.900 2188.3007.800 207T8.4508.450 187T32.10030.850 218T
219Llorens, AubreeASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.0008.100 223T8.7006.200 214T9.3007.600 220T9.6508.600 175T36.45030.500 219
220Fonseca-Torres, NoelaniASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.0008.300 2228.7505.600 2208.9507.900 202T9.4508.400 194T35.10030.200 220
221Long, BrockASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.3508.100 224T9.1506.100 217T9.1007.800 208T9.1508.100 209T35.30030.100 221
222Velevis, HaileyJCC Gems ALL 1 Ach8.8508.850 198T7.4006.600 206T7.9507.800 209T7.5506.700 22429.95029.950 222
223Cruz, DelilahASI Gymnastics - Arlington ALL 1 Ach9.4009.050 170T8.4001.000 2239.1508.900 128T9.0008.900 133T35.30027.850 223
224Arzola, MarleneASI Gymnastics ALL 1 Ach9.4509.300 115T7.4000.000 2248.3007.800 210T9.2008.350 197T34.30025.450 224