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2017 AAU Midwest Regionals -
2017 AAU Midwest Regionals
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-05-052017-05-07 CSA-Kids637
Meet Scores Session: W8 Level: XG Division: Sr B
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Dehaan, PaigeRed Arrow Youth Gymnastics W8 XG Sr B8.650 369.425 59.125 2627.200 15T
2Miller, HannahWest Side W8 XG Sr B9.100 11T8.800 489.150 2527.050 19T
3Daab, AdelineIK Gymnastics W8 XG Sr B8.675 358.850 45T9.050 30T26.575 28T
4Arensdorf, RylieCSA-Kids W8 XG Sr B9.075 14T7.875 409.450 9T26.400 32
5Schott, AylaParkland Gymnastics W8 XG Sr B8.750 498.750 19T8.750 42T26.250 34T
6Halmon, KaylaRiverside W8 XG Sr B9.075 14T8.650 51T8.500 28T26.225 36
7Zabrodsky, NatalieRiverside W8 XG Sr B9.300 38.350 57T8.375 33T26.025 43T
8Beal, MadelynElite Gymnastics- WI W8 XG Sr B8.700 33T7.700 648.700 45T25.100 51
9Knapp, MarniAim High Gymnastics and Dance W8 XG Sr B9.250 4*9.700 3*18.950 58*
10Gronowski, KaylaGeneva W8 XG Sr B9.025 179.200 23T18.225 65
11Dugger, AvriaBay Area Gymnastics Club W8 XG Sr B8.800 189.400 11T18.200 66
12Wickham, OliviaGeneva W8 XG Sr B8.700 33T9.350 13T18.050 70
13Zambori, SofiaBay Area Gymnastics Club W8 XG Sr B8.375 33T9.375 1317.750 72
14Forde, NicoleGeneva W8 XG Sr B9.000 18T8.200 6017.200 78