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2017 Mississippi River Gymnastics Vacation Classic - AAU -
2017 Mississippi River Gymnastics Vacation Classic - AAU
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-03-042017-03-05 CSA Kids Sports Arts CampusClick here157
Meet Scores Level: XG
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Mieden, CarleyRC Dance and Gymnastics, LLC A7 XG Child8.800 11T8.100 12T9.100 2T26.000 1
2Small, BrynnTeam Flip A7 XG Child9.300 19.600 118.900 2
3Biermann, AudreyWest Side A7 XG Senior8.500 17T9.350 3T17.850 9
4Arsendorf, RylieCSA-Kids A7 XG Senior8.400 9T9.350 3T17.750 10T
4Freese, IsabelleWest Side A7 XG Senior8.650 14T9.100 717.750 10T
4Miller, HannahWest Side A7 XG Senior8.800 11T8.950 11T17.750 10T
7Bublitz, ChloeCSA-Kids A7 XG Senior8.700 6T8.900 1317.600 15
8Freese, AudrianneWest Side A7 XG Child8.600 168.850 14T17.450 16
9Connolly, PeytonWest Side A7 XG Senior9.000 4T8.400 2017.400 17
10Van Schyndle, MorganWest Side A7 XG Junior8.700 138.650 1717.350 19T
11Redzepagic, AlisaCSA-Kids A7 XG Senior7.350 149.000 1016.350 28T
12Murphy, KennedyHazel Green A7 XG Junior7.800 148.400 9T16.200 31*
12Wienen, AlyssaHazel Green A7 XG Junior8.400 4T7.800 1216.200 31*
14Diederich, BethanyHazel Green A7 XG Senior8.200 97.600 1315.800 35
15Egger, JaydenCSA-Kids A7 XG Senior6.800 188.850 14T15.650 36
16Keleher, ChloeHazel Green A7 XG Junior8.300 7T7.000 1615.300 38
17Wood, EllaHazel Green A7 XG Senior8.300 7T6.900 1715.200 39
18Honshel, MakaylaHazel Green A7 XG Junior6.900 227.100 1514.000 41
19Carter, BayleeHard Core A7 XG Senior8.950 68.950 43
20Depauw, PiperHard Core A7 XG Child8.900 7T8.900 44
21Depauw, AddisonHard Core A7 XG Junior8.500 17T8.500 45
22Goerne, MalloryIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A7 XG Senior8.400 4T8.400 46*
22Zelner, ArianaHard Core A7 XG Child8.400 19T8.400 46*
24Echols, LizzyIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A7 XG Senior8.350 68.350 48
25Condon, MauraIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A7 XG Child8.150 10*8.150 49*
25Merritt, AbigaleHazel Green A7 XG Child8.150 10*8.150 49*
27Schultz, LibbyIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A7 XG Junior8.100 12T8.100 51
28Curwen, AvaHazel Green A7 XG Junior7.600 16T7.600 52
29Williams, MadisonIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A7 XG Child7.400 207.400 53
30Kurschner, TatumHard Core A7 XG Child7.300 287.300 54