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2022 MA Level 1-2-3-XB State Cup -
2022 MA Level 1-2-3-XB State Cup
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2022-05-142022-05-15 UnknownClick here1105
Meet Scores Session: C3 Level: XB Division: SR
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Srivastava, StellaTumblekids USA C3 XB SR9.200 89.450 2T9.450 19.550 137.650 1
2Hicks, EleanorLegends Gymnastics C3 XB SR9.250 5T9.600 19.100 5T9.300 337.250 2T
2Levin, WinslowHead Over Heels Gymnastics C3 XB SR9.350 49.450 2T9.000 11T9.450 237.250 2T
4Marshall, BrookeBaker's School Of Gymnastics C3 XB SR9.250 5T9.400 5T9.300 39.150 8T37.100 4
5Murray, ErinHead Over Heels Gymnastics C3 XB SR9.450 29.300 10T9.100 5T9.200 737.050 5
6Panagakis, AlexaBroderick Gymnastics Academy C3 XB SR9.500 19.350 8T8.800 199.100 10T36.750 6
7Yuan, SophiaTumblekids USA C3 XB SR9.400 39.200 13T9.100 5T8.950 15T36.650 7
8Vigeant, JulianaYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club C3 XB SR9.150 9T9.350 8T9.400 28.700 2036.600 8
9Berkeley, HaileyBroderick Gymnastics Academy C3 XB SR9.050 129.300 10T9.050 8*9.150 8T36.550 9T
9Perniola, EloiseHead Over Heels Gymnastics C3 XB SR9.250 5T9.200 13T9.050 8*9.050 12T36.550 9T
11Polito, JuliaYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club C3 XB SR9.100 119.400 5T8.900 16T8.950 15T36.350 11
12Kamm, AlyssaBroderick Gymnastics Academy C3 XB SR8.900 15T9.400 5T8.900 16T9.100 10T36.300 12
13Smith, NatalieYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club C3 XB SR8.850 179.300 10T9.050 8T9.050 12T36.250 13
14Hernon, MollyBroderick Gymnastics Academy C3 XB SR8.800 189.200 13T8.950 13T9.250 4T36.200 14
15Walsh, KylieYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club C3 XB SR8.700 199.450 2T8.950 13T8.750 18T35.850 15
16Surette, LexiYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club C3 XB SR8.900 15T9.200 13T8.900 16T8.800 1735.800 16
17Peralta, AbiLegends Gymnastics C3 XB SR9.000 13T9.150 178.100 219.250 4T35.500 17
18Pothier, SavannahYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club C3 XB SR8.650 209.100 18T8.950 13T8.750 18T35.450 18
19Helmes, TempranceBroderick Gymnastics Academy C3 XB SR9.150 9T9.100 18T8.350 208.450 2135.050 19
20Rizzo, LuisaHead Over Heels Gymnastics C3 XB SR9.000 13T7.000 219.200 49.250 4T34.450 20
21Arbo, ImogenLegends Gymnastics C3 XB SR7.300 217.700 209.000 11T9.000 1433.000 21