Region 8 Xcel Regionals 2022 -
Region 8 Xcel Regionals 2022
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2022-05-062022-05-08 UnknownClick here1720
Meet Scores Session: A12 Level: XS Division: SR
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Morris, KiarrahFlip Force Gymnastics LLC A12 XS SR9.825 19.875 2T9.850 29.650 2T39.200 1
2Barrios, HaileyCoral Reef Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.725 3T9.850 4T9.825 3T9.650 3T39.050 2
3Staskin, RebeccaTumblebees Gymnastics and Dance A12 XS SR9.575 8T9.900 19.750 79.725 138.950 3
4Sheldon, AnnikaChristis Fitness A12 XS SR9.575 9T9.875 3T9.725 8T9.650 4T38.825 4
5Bevis, CarolineMagnitude 10.0 Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.725 4T9.700 13T9.800 59.575 838.800 5
6Marcum, ValeJamJev Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.550 11T9.700 14T9.825 4T9.525 1138.600 6
7Mitchell, RileyClarksville Elite Gymnastics Center A12 XS SR9.350 199.675 15T9.900 19.600 6T38.525 7T
7Jenkins, KaleighNoma's School of Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.600 79.600 179.775 69.550 9T38.525 8T
7Jimenez, MaiaCoral Reef Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.625 69.750 8T9.525 169.625 538.525 9T
10Border, AutummElmwood Gymnastics Academy A12 XS SR9.775 29.725 11T9.500 17T9.500 12T38.500 10
11Griffin, CerniyaAiken Gymnastics Inc. A12 XS SR9.550 12T9.775 6T9.725 9T9.425 17T38.475 11
12Harris, AvaMeadowview Gymnastics Academy A12 XS SR9.500 149.850 5T9.550 14T9.550 10T38.450 12
13Fowler, ChloeClarksville Elite Gymnastics Center A12 XS SR9.525 139.675 16T9.600 12T9.475 14T38.275 13
14Fontenot, Allie JoRice City Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.575 10T9.550 199.600 13T9.475 15T38.200 14
15Segovia, DarynelCity of Goose Creek Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.450 159.575 189.625 119.500 13T38.150 15
16Rodriguez, JosyeNoma's School of Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.400 16T9.750 9T9.300 21T9.600 7T38.050 16
17Stutson, GraceNorth Shore Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.700 59.725 12T9.400 19T9.150 2237.975 17
18Pompelia, Mary CatherineExcel Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.400 17T9.775 7T9.300 22T9.425 18T37.900 18
19Yarbrough, KinleyNoma's School of Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.400 18T9.300 21T9.650 109.425 19T37.775 19
20Newton, GaviNoma's School of Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.000 219.750 10T9.550 15T9.425 20T37.725 20
21Lott, KadenceExcel Gymnastics A12 XS SR9.225 209.500 209.400 20T9.300 2137.425 21
22McMurry, LexieLaniers Gymnastics Inc. A12 XS SR8.900 229.300 22T9.500 18T9.450 1637.150 22