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Commonwealth Cup
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2022-03-042022-03-06 Giguere Gymnastics Inc.825
Meet Scores Level: XB
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Whittemore, KaliSterling Academy of Gymnastics 06 XB JR9.400 5T9.800 19.650 3T8.800 2937.650 1
2Cobbs, EvangelineGymnastic Academy of Boston 06 XB INT9.300 9T9.200 16T9.650 4T9.200 3T37.350 2
3Cote, IsabelleRock and Roll Gymnastics 07 XB JR8.950 42T9.300 11T9.650 3T9.350 137.250 1
4Slusher, GiaGymnastic Academy of Boston 06 XB JR9.400 6T9.400 69.400 8T9.000 18T37.200 3
5Brown, CaliaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XB CH9.350 3T9.550 19.150 32T9.100 7T37.150 2
5Roberts, LillianBrestyan's American Gymnastics 06 XB JR9.500 1T9.350 7*9.250 15T9.050 14T37.150 4T
5Sousa, BiancaElite Gymnastics Academy 06 XB SR9.200 16T9.350 8*9.500 69.100 8T37.150 5T
8Kuzdzal, AbiElite Gymnastics Academy 06 XB SR9.300 10T8.900 31T9.750 19.150 5T37.100 6T
8Nashawaty, KaylynElite Gymnastics Academy 06 XB JR9.100 26T9.000 25T9.700 29.300 1T37.100 7T
10Gallagher, TerryXtreme Athletics 07 XB INT9.250 8T9.050 29T9.550 7*9.200 4T37.050 4T
10Morgan, BiancaCape Cod Gymnastics Center Inc. 07 XB SR9.450 19.250 16T9.550 6*8.800 32T37.050 3T
10Lake, FreyaGymnastic Academy of Boston 06 XB SR9.500 2T9.150 209.350 129.050 15T37.050 8
10Zidow, SarahGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB JR9.200 12T9.350 8T9.500 9T9.000 16T37.050 5T
14Palko, LilianSterling Academy of Gymnastics 06 XB SR9.150 19T9.300 10*9.450 79.100 9T37.000 10T
15Taunton-Rigby, PaigeGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB SR9.050 33T8.900 41T9.700 1T9.300 236.950 6T
15Duchesney, EvaXtreme Athletics 07 XB JR9.150 20T9.250 18*9.650 4T8.900 25T36.950 7T
15Thomas, GabbySterling Academy of Gymnastics 06 XB INT9.000 34T9.500 3T9.400 9T9.050 16T36.950 11
15Vancelette, MyraGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB SR9.350 4T9.500 29.000 41T9.100 8T36.950 8T
15Daglish, FelicityGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB SR9.400 29.250 17*9.250 26T9.050 13T36.950 10T
15Taylor, ClaireEnergy 07 XB INT9.250 9T9.400 4T9.300 22T9.000 17T36.950 9T
21Boutwell, AmeliaBrestyan's American Gymnastics 07 XB INT9.200 13T9.300 12T9.400 14*9.000 18T36.900 12T
21Muldowney, SophiaBrestyan's American Gymnastics 07 XB INT9.300 5T9.350 9T9.400 15*8.850 30T36.900 11T
23Fantoni, AveryXtreme Athletics 07 XB JR9.100 28T8.900 42T9.700 2T9.150 636.850 13T
23Poblocki, AlexaGiguere Gymnastics Inc. 06 XB JR9.250 11T8.850 34T9.650 5T9.100 10T36.850 12
23McKoy, AzuriXtreme Athletics 07 XB JR9.200 14T9.200 21T9.550 8T8.900 26T36.850 14T
23Douglas, CaseyCape Cod Gymnastics Center Inc. 07 XB SR9.300 6T9.300 13T9.150 33T9.100 9T36.850 15T
27Kliss, SashaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XB SR9.150 21T9.200 22T9.500 10T8.950 2436.800 16T
27Resteghini, OliviaBrestyan's American Gymnastics 07 XB JR9.000 38T9.450 39.250 27T9.100 10T36.800 17T
27Theocharidis, ChristinaBrestyan's American Gymnastics 07 XB INT9.250 10T9.400 5T9.350 18T8.800 33T36.800 18T
30Klingemann, ZoeGymnastic Academy of Boston 06 XB JR9.250 12T9.500 4T8.850 35T9.150 6T36.750 13T
30Petrova, BobiBrestyan's American Gymnastics 07 XB JR9.000 39T9.400 6T9.450 12T8.900 27T36.750 19
30Kielbasa, LoreleiBrestyan's American Gymnastics 06 XB JR9.200 17T9.250 11T9.200 18T9.100 11T36.750 14T
33Stewart, TessGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB SR9.200 15T9.000 33T9.650 5T8.800 34T36.650 20
34Sanders, LivElite Gymnastics Academy 06 XB INT8.900 43T9.600 29.400 10T8.700 31T36.600 15
34Seager, CallieRock and Roll Gymnastics 07 XB SR9.150 22T9.100 25T9.350 19T9.000 19T36.600 21
36Taunton-Rigby, BrittonGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB INT9.150 23T9.100 26T9.300 23T9.000 20T36.550 22T
36Cooper, ArielleTwisters Gymnastics 06 XB SR9.150 20T9.250 12T9.050 26T9.100 12T36.550 16
36Josie, GraceElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XB INT9.200 16T9.250 19T8.900 479.200 5T36.550 23T
39Leclerc, RileyXtreme Athletics 07 XB CH9.200 17T9.300 14T9.500 11T8.500 47T36.500 24T
39Blackham, KateGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB SR9.100 29T9.000 34T9.300 24T9.100 11T36.500 25T
41Doble, SophiaXtreme Athletics 07 XB CH9.250 11T9.000 35T9.400 16T8.800 35T36.450 26
41Bessette, TeaganTwisters Gymnastics 06 XB SR9.250 13T9.100 21T9.050 27T9.050 17T36.450 17
43Roffman, SophieEnergy 06 XB JR9.150 21T9.050 23T9.200 19T9.000 20T36.400 18
44Macomber, RileyCape Cod Gymnastics Center Inc. 07 XB INT9.150 25*9.100 27T9.350 20T8.750 39T36.350 27T
44Burke, MariaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XB INT9.150 24*9.000 36T8.950 469.250 336.350 28T
44Griff, EmilySterling Academy of Gymnastics 06 XB SR9.100 27T9.200 17T9.050 28T9.000 21T36.350 20T
44Rivera, SammiWestern Mass 07 XB INT9.200 18T9.150 23T9.150 34T8.850 31T36.350 29T
48Willcutts, GabrielleWestern Mass 07 XB CH8.900 46T9.400 7T9.100 35T8.900 28T36.300 30
48Arena, FaithElite Gymnastics Academy 06 XB SR9.000 35T9.250 14*9.100 23T8.950 25T36.300 21T
48Zhang, EmmaElite Gymnastics Academy 06 XB JR9.050 30T9.250 13*9.000 32T9.000 22T36.300 22T
51Silva, GabriellaEnergy 07 XB SR9.300 7T9.050 30T9.250 28T8.600 42T36.200 31
51Wisniewski, SkylarTwisters Gymnastics 06 XB JR9.000 36T9.100 22T9.100 24T9.000 23T36.200 25
53LaBeaume, MadelineGiguere Gymnastics Inc. 06 XB SR9.150 23T8.700 40T9.300 13T8.950 26T36.100 26
54Pareene, SophiaElite Gymnastics Academy 06 XB SR9.150 24T9.450 58.450 46T9.000 24T36.050 27
54Baker, GiannaWestern Mass 07 XB CH8.850 51T9.050 31T9.350 21T8.800 36T36.050 32T
54Caira, AnnaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XB JR9.150 26T8.800 48T9.050 39T9.050 14T36.050 33T
57Jasperson, ZoeyWestern Mass 07 XB CH9.100 30T8.900 43T9.250 29T8.750 40T36.000 34
58Herrick, RowanWestern Mass 07 XB CH8.950 43T9.000 37T9.200 30T8.700 4135.850 35
59Bak, AlisaWestern Mass 07 XB INT8.900 47T8.900 44T9.400 17T8.600 43T35.800 36T
59Kliss, AnyaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XB SR9.050 34T9.350 10T9.000 42*8.400 50T35.800 37T
59Boutwell, PresleyBrestyan's American Gymnastics 07 XB CH9.100 31T8.850 46T8.750 48T9.100 12T35.800 38T
59Shriber, PiperEnergy 07 XB SR8.650 54T9.100 28T9.000 43*9.050 15T35.800 39T
63Thorpe, KenzieTwisters Gymnastics 06 XB JR8.950 40T8.750 399.150 218.900 27T35.750 28T
63Kelly, AriaEnergy 06 XB INT9.100 28T9.000 26T9.050 29T8.600 3535.750 29T
65Audette, HannahKaleidoscope of Dance and Gymnastics 06 XB SR9.000 37T9.200 19T9.050 30T8.450 37T35.700 30
66Asselin, CassideeRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH9.450 49.000 27T9.200 20T8.000 46T35.650 31T
66Chamberlain, ChloeRock and Roll Gymnastics 07 XB SR8.800 539.000 38T9.450 13T8.400 51T35.650 40
66McNeill, IsabelleKaleidoscope of Dance and Gymnastics 06 XB SR9.200 18T9.050 24T8.700 43T8.700 32T35.650 32T
69Gustafson, CharleyCape Cod Gymnastics Center Inc. 07 XB INT9.100 32T9.000 39T9.100 36T8.400 52T35.600 41T
69Bouyea, DaphneWestern Mass 07 XB CH9.000 40T8.800 49T9.000 44T8.800 37T35.600 42T
71Radtke, MiriamWestern Mass 07 XB CH8.650 55T9.250 20T9.000 45T8.600 44*35.500 43T
71Howard, BleilerGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB SR8.900 49*8.500 539.100 38*9.000 21T35.500 44T
71Som, BaileyRock and Roll Gymnastics 07 XB CH8.900 48*8.900 45T9.100 37*8.600 45*35.500 45T
71Travia, EllaEnergy 07 XB INT8.950 44T9.000 40T9.050 40T8.500 48T35.500 46T
75Doyle, EmilyGiguere Gymnastics Inc. 06 XB INT9.000 38T8.600 44T9.400 11T8.450 38T35.450 33T
75Zinn, SophieGymnastic Academy of Boston 07 XB JR9.050 35T8.200 549.300 25T8.900 29T35.450 47
75Moran, KailynGiguere Gymnastics Inc. 06 XB JR9.150 25T9.000 28T8.750 42T8.550 3635.450 34T
78Maguire, OliviaTwisters Gymnastics 06 XB JR9.000 39T8.650 42T9.100 25T8.650 3435.400 35
79Scoble, SadieTwisters Gymnastics 06 XB CH9.250 14T9.000 29T8.850 36T8.250 4335.350 36
80Laine, IsabellaCape Cod Gymnastics Center Inc. 07 XB INT8.950 45T8.800 50T9.200 31T8.350 5435.300 48T
80Majgaonkar, PiyushaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XB SR9.050 36T9.150 24T8.300 54T8.800 38T35.300 49T
80Dacey, SamiRock and Roll Gymnastics 07 XB JR8.900 50T8.650 528.750 49T9.000 22T35.300 50T
83Theocharidis, SophiaBrestyan's American Gymnastics 07 XB CH9.050 37T9.050 32T8.750 50T8.400 53T35.250 51
84Glass, ZuriTrickStar 07 XB CH9.150 27T9.300 15T8.500 538.200 5535.150 52
85Cole, MyahKaleidoscope of Dance and Gymnastics 06 XB INT9.050 32T9.250 15T8.800 39T8.000 47T35.100 37T
85O'Connor, KaylinKaleidoscope of Dance and Gymnastics 06 XB INT9.100 29T8.800 38T9.000 33T8.200 4435.100 38T
87Narayan, AshaGymnastic Academy of Boston 06 XB JR9.350 89.000 30T7.750 558.900 28T35.000 39T
87Stern, ElianaEnergy 06 XB JR8.600 508.650 43T9.000 34T8.750 3035.000 40T
89Duong, EmmaEnergy 06 XB INT8.950 41T8.850 35T8.850 37T8.300 41T34.950 41
90Petrano, BrooklynGymnastic Academy of Boston 06 XB CH9.250 15T8.850 36T8.100 53T8.700 33T34.900 42
91Ventura, ReaganRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH8.800 478.450 47T9.050 31T8.400 39T34.700 43
92Ickler, AnabelleTwisters Gymnastics 06 XB CH8.900 44T7.300 559.300 14T9.100 13T34.600 44T
92Alves, JanyeaKaleidoscope of Dance and Gymnastics 06 XB INT8.750 488.900 32T8.650 458.300 42T34.600 45T
94Flores, SophiaEnergy 06 XB SR9.050 33T8.900 33T8.700 44T7.700 52T34.350 46
95Visneau, OliviaWestern Mass 07 XB INT9.000 41T8.850 47T8.300 55T8.100 5634.250 54
96Silva, AmyaRock and Roll Gymnastics 07 XB CH8.850 52T8.700 518.000 568.550 4634.100 55
97Peci, AnaGiguere Gymnastics Inc. 06 XB SR8.650 498.400 498.850 38T8.100 4534.000 47
98Demers, SkylarRock and Roll Gymnastics 07 XB JR8.650 56T8.100 558.650 528.500 49T33.900 56
99Beauchesne-Blake, ShailynRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH8.950 42T8.700 41T8.800 40T7.400 5533.850 48
100York, MaykaylaRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH8.900 45T8.600 45T8.200 51T7.900 48T33.600 49
101LeBlanc, MaybrieGiguere Gymnastics Inc. 06 XB CH8.900 46T8.450 48T8.400 497.700 53T33.450 50
102St Louis, KenleighRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH7.700 548.250 508.250 508.400 40T32.600 51
103Jones, AlexaRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH8.250 518.000 518.200 52T7.800 5032.250 52
104Chambers, EvelynRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH7.800 537.700 538.450 47T7.900 49T31.850 53
105(Esmee) Downs, EsmyRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH7.350 557.800 528.450 48T7.750 5131.350 54
106Pelham, ElianaRock and Roll Gymnastics 06 XB CH7.900 527.500 548.100 54T7.600 5431.100 55