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Yellow Rose Invitational 2020 -
Yellow Rose Invitational 2020
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2020-02-282020-03-01 Pearland EliteClick here538
Meet Scores Session: 4 Level: XG
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Falcon, EricaAerial Athletics 4 XG SR A9.400 10T9.600 4T9.550 19.750 238.300 1
2Hargesheimer, HeleneAerial Athletics 4 XG JR A9.300 14T9.850 19.400 89.550 12T38.100 2
3Williams, EllisonAerial Athletics 4 XG SR A9.500 5T9.300 15T9.450 4T9.800 138.050 3
4Olatunji, RachaelEnRich Gymnastics 4 XG JR B9.550 2T9.400 10T9.000 23T9.650 5T37.600 4
5Morton, MadalynAerial Athletics 4 XG SR A8.800 29T9.750 29.450 4T9.550 12T37.550 5T
5Pippin, IsabellaPearland Elite 4 XG JR B9.300 14T9.300 15T9.350 9T9.600 7T37.550 5T
7DeGroot, DelaneyAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG JR B9.550 2T9.100 27T9.250 12T9.600 7T37.500 7
8Tyler, EgyptEnRich Gymnastics 4 XG JR B9.500 5T9.500 7T8.900 26T9.550 12T37.450 8
9Ferrara, JessicaPearland Elite 4 XG JR B9.800 18.600 449.500 2T9.500 18T37.400 9T
9Frerking, JuliaPearland Elite 4 XG SR A9.350 12T9.600 4T8.850 309.600 7T37.400 9T
11Beveridge, BaileyPearland Elite 4 XG SR B9.250 18T9.500 7T9.050 19T9.550 12T37.350 11
12McGinnis, FinleyAerial Athletics 4 XG JR A9.050 25T9.100 27T9.500 2T9.600 7T37.250 12
13Conley, RhiannonAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG SR A9.100 23T9.300 15T9.300 119.450 23T37.150 13
14Clark, AddisenAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG SR B9.300 14T9.300 15T9.100 17T9.400 27T37.100 14
15Dunn, SidneyPearland Elite 4 XG SR B9.450 8T9.200 22T9.100 17T9.300 33T37.050 15
16Lloyd, SawyerAerial Athletics 4 XG JR B8.750 339.400 10T9.350 9T9.500 18T37.000 16
17Whatley, SavannaEnRich Gymnastics 4 XG JR A9.450 8T9.100 27T9.250 12T9.050 4336.850 17
18Browning, LilyAerial Athletics 4 XG JR B9.150 21T9.200 22T9.250 12T9.200 35T36.800 18
19Vaughn, AvaAerial Athletics 4 XG JR B9.500 5T8.800 41T8.750 31T9.700 3T36.750 19T
19Korona, SavannahAerial Athletics 4 XG JR A8.650 36T9.100 27T9.450 4T9.550 12T36.750 19T
19Milton, AveryAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG JR A9.350 12T9.300 15T9.000 23T9.100 39T36.750 19T
22Cox, SofiaAerial Athletics 4 XG SR A9.000 27T9.400 10T8.650 359.650 5T36.700 22T
22Dunphy, FionaPearland Elite 4 XG SR A9.400 10T8.900 37T8.900 26T9.500 18T36.700 22T
24Matlapudi, NehaEnRich Gymnastics 4 XG SR B9.000 27T9.400 10T8.750 31T9.500 18T36.650 24
25Hawkins, RamiPearland Elite 4 XG SR B9.200 209.000 35T9.450 4T8.800 4436.450 25T
25Moe, LaurenAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG SR A9.150 21T9.400 10T8.450 369.450 23T36.450 25T
27Bersin, SophiaEnRich Gymnastics 4 XG JR A8.800 29T9.100 27T9.050 19T9.450 23T36.400 27
28Delcamp, PresleyEnRich Gymnastics 4 XG SR B9.100 23T9.500 7T8.100 38T9.550 12T36.250 28
29Rangel, AvaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG SR A8.650 36T9.700 38.750 31T9.100 39T36.200 29
30Nelbach, AmeliaSunburst Gymnastics 4 XG JR B8.700 34T9.600 4T8.050 409.700 3T36.050 30
31Henderson, JessicaAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG JR A8.800 29T8.900 37T9.200 159.100 39T36.000 31
32Brantley-Lawrence, MadisonPearland Elite 4 XG JR A8.600 38T8.900 37T9.050 19T9.350 30T35.900 32
33Davis, AlexisAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG JR B9.050 25T9.300 15T8.100 38T9.300 33T35.750 33
34Herlitz, JennaSunburst Gymnastics 4 XG JR B8.600 38T8.700 438.900 26T9.400 27T35.600 34T
34Diaz Cruz, AnabelleSunburst Gymnastics 4 XG SR B8.000 45T9.200 22T9.050 19T9.350 30T35.600 34T
34Cuellar, JyzelaSunburst Gymnastics 4 XG JR B8.550 41T8.800 41T9.150 169.100 39T35.600 34T
37Acosta, AdrianaAerial Athletics 4 XG JR A8.600 38T8.500 458.950 259.350 30T35.400 37T
37Smit, HaileyKidsport 4 XG SR B8.800 29T9.200 22T8.200 379.200 35T35.400 37T
39Robinson, KarleyAbove The Bar Gymnastics Academy 4 XG JR A9.300 14T9.100 27T8.900 26T8.000 4635.300 39
40Melendez, McKennaKidsport 4 XG SR A9.550 2T9.100 27T7.300 42T8.700 4534.650 40
41Uko, ImaniGame Gymnastics 4 XG JR B8.700 34T9.100 27T7.300 42T9.500 18T34.600 41
42Gibbs, Maddie GibbsEnRich Gymnastics 4 XG JR A8.500 43T8.900 37T7.500 419.400 27T34.300 42
43Hernandez, IsabellaGame Gymnastics 4 XG SR B8.550 41T9.000 35T6.750 459.450 23T33.750 43
44Girndt, TylerGame Gymnastics 4 XG SR A8.500 43T9.200 22T6.600 469.200 35T33.500 44
45Montoya, KatherineSunburst Gymnastics 4 XG SR B8.000 45T9.300 15T7.000 449.150 3833.450 45
46Cruz, ElianaAerial Athletics 4 XG JR A9.250 18T0.000 468.700 349.600 7T27.550 46