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Flipping With The Stars -
Flipping With The Stars
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2020-01-102020-01-11 Skyline Gymnastics Center LTDClick here170
Meet Scores Session: 1-3 Level: XB
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Bowers, PhoebeShrewsbury 1-3 XB Older8.850 50T9.200 12T9.375 16T8.650 110T36.075 27T
2Brunner, EmmaManchester 1-3 XB Older8.700 65T9.000 27T8.925 75T9.200 39T35.825 34
3Stoak, MackenzieManchester 1-3 XB Older8.350 123T9.050 25T9.075 628.750 92T35.225 59T
4Benson, MadiManchester 1-3 XB Younger8.500 101T9.100 21T8.925 76T8.600 118T35.125 64
5Long, KassidyManchester 1-3 XB Older8.550 97T8.900 39T8.700 92T8.600 119T34.750 82T
6Shannon, SophiaShrewsbury 1-3 XB Older8.950 37T8.800 52T8.675 94T8.250 150T34.675 84T
7Stoecker, LizzyManchester 1-3 XB Younger8.450 111T9.200 13T8.450 117T8.500 133T34.600 88T
8Shelton, KendallShrewsbury 1-3 XB Younger8.250 137T8.450 84T8.100 1468.600 121T33.400 125T
9Conner, AubreyManchester 1-3 XB Younger8.250 139T8.800 56T7.475 1608.600 124T33.125 135
10Mikos, ElizabethManchester 1-3 XB Younger8.200 143T8.850 45T6.900 169T8.350 147T32.300 151