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2019 MA Level 1-2-3-XB State Cup -
2019 MA Level 1-2-3-XB State Cup
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-05-112019-05-12 UnknownClick here1373
Meet Scores Session: A8 Level: XB Division: CH
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Mcdermott, BrookeSterling Academy of Gymnastics A8 XB CH9.400 19.550 19.525 19.500 137.975 1
2Jacoby, TeaganTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH9.300 2T9.400 29.100 6T9.200 5T37.000 2
3Gagnon, EvaSterling Academy of Gymnastics A8 XB CH9.150 6T9.150 10T9.375 39.200 5T36.875 3
4Piche, LilyanaSterling Academy of Gymnastics A8 XB CH9.100 99.200 5T9.400 29.150 8T36.850 4
5Etheart, LiaGymfinity Sports Academy A8 XB CH9.300 2T8.900 16T8.900 12T9.400 2T36.500 5
6Becker, RylieTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH9.125 89.200 5T9.050 8T9.000 1236.375 6
7Davis, AddisonLegends Gymnastics A8 XB CH9.250 49.250 49.050 8T8.800 17T36.350 7T
7Kelley, KaylynLegends Gymnastics A8 XB CH9.150 6T9.200 5T9.100 6T8.900 13T36.350 7T
9Casey, EmilyTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH8.700 16T9.150 10T9.150 59.150 8T36.150 9
10Miner, AprilTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH9.000 109.300 38.900 12*8.900 13T36.100 10T
10Rojas, AmayaLegends Gymnastics A8 XB CH8.850 129.100 12T8.900 12*9.250 436.100 10T
12Holmes Lavallee, AddisonLegends Gymnastics A8 XB CH8.650 189.000 14T9.300 49.050 10T36.000 12
13Downey, KileyLegends Gymnastics A8 XB CH8.700 16T9.200 5T8.800 15T9.200 5T35.900 13
14Mahoney, MaleahGymfinity Sports Academy A8 XB CH8.750 158.600 199.025 109.400 2T35.775 14
15Kenney, LeilaGymfinity Sports Academy A8 XB CH8.800 13T9.100 12T9.000 118.850 1635.750 15
16Polanco, IsabellaTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH9.200 59.000 14T8.300 19T9.050 10T35.550 16
17Pissarra, SorayaTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH8.900 118.700 188.800 15T8.900 13T35.300 17
18O%27Hea, TaraGymfinity Sports Academy A8 XB CH8.500 19T9.200 5T8.700 17T8.800 17T35.200 18
19Ortega, WillaTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH8.800 13T8.900 16T8.700 17T8.400 2034.800 19
20Mercedat, DeyanaTumblekids USA Billerica A8 XB CH8.500 19T8.300 208.300 19T8.450 1933.550 20