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Candyland Classic -
Candyland Classic
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-02-102018-02-11 Northshore Gymnastics Center352
Meet Scores Level: XS
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Brush, PiperNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Sr9.600 2T9.550 1T9.250 10T9.700 1T38.100 1
2Labugen, AvaNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr B9.300 12T9.550 1T9.500 3T9.700 1T38.050 2
3Hazzard, ChanningBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.650 29.450 4T9.500 4T9.400 4T38.000 1
4Heathman, AubreyBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A9.600 39.600 19.400 10T9.350 6T37.950 2
5Friart, SavanaBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B8.950 22T9.500 2T9.550 39.700 137.700 3
6Anderson, HeidiBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.300 109.450 4T9.400 10T9.450 337.600 4
7Shrestha, PrishaBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B9.550 49.450 4T9.300 16T9.200 11T37.500 5
8Stensaa, ElizabethBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.000 20T9.300 15T9.600 1T9.550 237.450 6
9Catton, CiaraNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr B9.450 6T9.500 39.000 32T9.450 4T37.400 3
10McNamee, SalaGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Jr B9.300 12T9.000 18T9.550 29.450 4T37.300 4T
11White, HanaSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr A9.450 79.450 4T9.500 4T8.850 25T37.250 7
12Mann, SaveenNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A9.550 49.400 4T8.800 43T9.450 4T37.200 6
13Turcott, MaddieBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A9.150 14T9.250 17T9.500 4T9.250 8T37.150 8
14Marra, MaleahBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B9.200 12T9.400 9T9.250 24T9.250 8T37.100 9
14Donohue, MaliaThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Jr A9.350 29.350 2T9.100 21T9.300 5T37.100 1
16Zehm, RachelThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Sr A9.250 49.100 10T9.250 13T9.450 3T37.050 2
17Hill, CailinBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B9.700 19.400 9T9.000 32T8.900 23T37.000 10T
17deBoer, ClaireSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr B9.500 5T9.100 26T9.300 16T9.100 14T37.000 10T
19Hazzard, DaltonBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A9.500 5T9.400 9T8.550 439.400 4T36.850 12T
19Ziz, SelenaBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A9.200 12T9.150 24T9.500 4T9.000 19T36.850 12T
19Dapelo, LaylaNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Sr9.200 18T9.300 8T9.250 10T9.100 13T36.850 7
22Currier, MackenzieBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A8.900 24T9.500 2T9.400 10T9.000 19T36.800 14T
22Brown, SkylarRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Sr A9.150 7T9.000 21T9.450 4T9.200 8T36.800 3
22Johnson, EnzaSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr B8.800 29T9.350 13T9.300 16T9.350 6T36.800 14T
25Albert, MadeleineNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A9.150 22T9.250 10T9.300 99.050 16T36.750 8
26Yanagimoto, AikaNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A9.400 8T9.250 10T9.450 5T8.600 31T36.700 9
26Forrestor, ArdaeaSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr B9.400 8T9.000 31T9.400 10T8.900 23T36.700 16
28Biggs, MontanaNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr B9.100 258.900 30T9.150 18T9.500 336.650 10
28Tran, SydneyBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B9.250 119.300 15T9.300 16T8.800 28T36.650 17
30Friedrich, OliviaBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B9.100 16T9.250 17T9.600 1T8.650 36T36.600 18T
30Ashford, AliNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Sr9.500 59.050 15T9.050 30T9.000 20T36.600 11T
30Ciak, AudreyGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Sr9.250 15T9.000 18T9.100 25T9.250 936.600 11T
30Dillon, TarynBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B9.150 14T9.200 21T9.200 279.050 17T36.600 18T
34Greenberg, ZoeSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr A9.100 16T9.200 21T9.500 4T8.750 31T36.550 20
34Neidhardt, TionaGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Jr B8.950 30T9.400 4T9.150 18T9.050 16T36.550 13T
34Corcoro, OliviaSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr B9.100 9T9.250 59.100 21T9.100 14T36.550 4
37Enstrom, SydneyThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Sr A9.300 38.700 44T9.050 24T9.450 3T36.500 5
38Bradley, AverySGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr A9.100 9T9.150 99.350 9T8.850 27T36.450 6
39Rather, AngeniRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr B8.750 25T9.100 10T9.400 6T9.150 11T36.400 7T
39Ford, AliahSGA Columbia 1 XS Sr B8.900 24T9.150 24T9.350 159.000 19T36.400 21
39Bain, ElexiaRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr A8.800 21T9.300 49.050 24T9.250 736.400 7T
42Martin, MackenzieNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Sr8.800 36T9.150 149.250 10T9.150 11T36.350 17
43Bruce, MadelineSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr A8.700 29T9.000 21T9.450 4T9.100 14T36.250 9
43Lajiness, IsabelleGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Sr9.150 22T9.000 18T9.350 7T8.750 26T36.250 18
43Finlinson, CampbellBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A8.750 31T9.250 17T9.250 24T9.000 19T36.250 22
46Rebol, EvaBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B8.650 34T8.900 40T9.450 99.200 11T36.200 23T
46Rodriguez, MayaBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A9.100 16T8.950 38T9.300 16T8.850 25T36.200 23T
46Squier, IsabelSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr B8.900 15T8.800 42T9.300 11T9.200 8T36.200 10
49Kelly, EmmaNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A8.600 45T9.050 15T9.150 18T9.350 7T36.150 20
50Illing, AmySGA-Ballard 1 XS Sr B9.400 8T9.000 31T9.050 318.650 36T36.100 25
51Cantera, GlorinBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B8.950 22T9.000 31T9.250 24T8.850 25T36.050 26
51Lajiness, AngelineGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Sr9.000 26T8.800 39T9.150 18T9.100 13T36.050 21
53Chapko, CaitlinNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A8.950 30T9.000 18T8.750 48T9.200 1035.900 22T
53Cuc, DianaCascade Elite Gymnastics 3 XS Jr A8.700 428.950 28T9.150 18T9.100 13T35.900 22T
53Greene, DarbySGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr B8.800 21T8.850 39T9.100 21T9.150 11T35.900 11T
53Moskovitz, CameronSGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr B8.600 36T9.100 10T9.150 19T9.050 18T35.900 11T
57Tran, TamAnhBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B8.850 27T9.450 4T8.350 469.200 11T35.850 27T
57Schweitzer, NataliaBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A8.550 388.900 40T9.150 289.250 8T35.850 27T
59Shannon, ChloeThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Jr B9.200 5T8.500 47*8.600 43*9.500 235.800 13T
59Schneider, AudreySGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr A8.750 25T8.500 47*9.400 6T9.150 11T35.800 13T
59Goroshko, VeronikaHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Sr B8.500 40T9.100 10T9.350 9T8.850 27T35.800 13T
59Cruz, JuliannaHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Sr B8.600 36T9.000 21T8.900 33T9.300 5T35.800 13T
59Shah, AnyaSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr B8.800 29T9.000 31T9.300 16T8.700 34T35.800 29
59Hardin, AlenahThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Jr A8.900 15T9.200 6*8.600 43*9.100 14*35.800 13T
59Holman, JustusHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Sr B8.850 18T9.200 6*8.650 41*9.100 14*35.800 13T
59Day, VictoriaThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Jr B9.100 9T9.050 17T8.650 41*9.000 20T35.800 13T
67Buckley, HannahThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Sr A8.750 25T8.450 529.000 28T9.550 135.750 20T
67Kahle, BaylySGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr B8.950 13T8.500 47T9.300 11T9.000 20T35.750 20T
67Le Bourgeois, VickySGA-Ballard 1 XS Sr A9.050 199.050 29T8.900 37T8.750 31T35.750 30
70Lewis, BreThe Gymnastics Connection 2 XS Jr A9.400 19.000 21T8.100 559.200 8T35.700 22
71Moore, LexiRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr B8.900 15T9.100 10T8.800 36T8.850 27T35.650 23T
71Dukes, SkylarSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr B8.700 29T8.900 34T9.000 28T9.050 18T35.650 23T
73Edmondson, SaraRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Sr B8.400 43T9.000 21*9.600 18.600 35T35.600 25T
73Byunn, KarisBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B8.400 39T9.250 17T9.400 10T8.550 41T35.600 31
73Selle, DakotaGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Sr9.000 26*9.050 15T9.350 7T8.200 48T35.600 28T
73Bruington, ElianaSGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr B8.800 21T9.000 21*8.900 33T8.900 23T35.600 25T
77Fridgen, LaurenSGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr A8.300 48T8.950 339.500 2T8.800 30T35.550 27T
77Chapin, KylieRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr A8.700 29T9.100 10T9.250 13T8.500 4135.550 27T
77Chi, IsobelSGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr A8.850 18T8.900 34T9.200 17T8.600 35T35.550 27T
80deBoer, AnnieSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr B8.850 27T9.350 13T9.300 16T8.000 4835.500 32T
80Petersen, ClaraGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Sr8.550 47T8.500 53T9.100 25T9.350 7T35.500 31
80Frank, LaurenSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr A8.650 34T9.100 26T9.100 29T8.650 36T35.500 32T
80Marshall, CaitlinSGA Columbia 1 XS Jr B8.400 39T9.050 29T9.000 32T9.050 17T35.500 32T
84Jones, TaylorBothell Gymnastics 1 XS Sr A8.700 339.200 21T8.900 37T8.650 36T35.450 35
85Giomi, MarcellaSGA Columbia 1 XS Sr A7.900 46T9.100 26T9.300 16T9.100 14T35.400 36T
85James, EliseNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A8.750 40T9.250 10T9.000 32T8.400 37T35.400 32T
85Howell, BrynleyNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A8.650 43T8.800 39*9.200 14T8.750 26T35.400 32T
85Lee, CourtneySGA-Ballard 1 XS Sr A8.750 31T8.900 40T8.950 35T8.800 28T35.400 36T
89Zentner, LeinaHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Sr A8.300 48T9.200 6T9.200 17T8.600 35T35.300 30
89Land, NinaSGA-Ballard 1 XS Sr A8.650 34T9.000 31T9.100 29T8.550 41T35.300 38
91Bargelt, ZoeHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Sr A8.700 29T8.800 42T9.400 6T8.350 4335.250 31T
91Ruddy, PiperSGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr A8.500 40T9.400 19.050 24T8.300 4435.250 31T
91Patino, KayleeHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Sr A8.100 538.900 34T9.250 13T9.000 20T35.250 31T
94Boelter, AuroraGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Jr B8.500 49T8.650 46T9.000 32T9.050 16T35.200 35
95Vosoughi, SaminCascade Elite Gymnastics 3 XS Sr8.500 49T8.450 569.600 18.600 31T35.150 36T
95Garbis, IreneNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Sr8.800 36T9.000 18*9.150 18T8.200 48T35.150 36T
95Rather, KaitlinRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Sr B9.050 129.050 17T8.250 51T8.800 30T35.150 34
98Acarregui, MollySGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr B8.400 43T8.700 44T9.250 13T8.700 3335.050 35
99Kristensen, HelenaRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Sr B8.350 478.500 47T9.150 19T8.900 23*34.900 36T
99Siedenburg, KaraHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Jr B8.250 519.050 17T8.700 38T8.900 23*34.900 36T
101Bartolomew, AzaleaHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Jr A8.700 29T9.000 21*9.000 28*8.150 4834.850 38T
101Kuchurova, AnnaHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Sr B8.300 48T9.000 21*9.000 28*8.550 39T34.850 38T
103Skinner, MaddieSGA-Ballard 1 XS Sr A8.600 378.700 479.000 32T8.500 43T34.800 39T
103Campbell, DahnyaSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr A8.900 24T8.600 488.500 448.800 28T34.800 39T
105Hannant, AbigailNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr A8.400 53T9.000 18T9.000 32T8.350 39T34.750 42T
105Poort, FrancesSGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr B8.400 43T9.000 21T8.600 43T8.750 3234.750 40T
105Walker, EliseSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr A8.700 29T8.900 34T8.900 33T8.250 45T34.750 40T
105Snow, HalleCascade Elite Gymnastics 3 XS Jr A8.550 47T8.850 36T8.600 53T8.750 26T34.750 42T
109Molitor, JosalynRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr B8.650 359.050 17T8.450 498.550 39T34.700 42
110Figueroa, KathrynSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr A8.400 43T9.000 21T8.600 43T8.650 3434.650 43
110Bockheim, AnikaCascade Elite Gymnastics 3 XS Jr B8.450 528.900 30T8.800 43T8.500 33T34.650 44
112Parsons, KieraSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr B8.000 449.400 9T8.100 479.100 14T34.600 41
113Simmons, TreyahSGA Columbia 1 XS Sr B8.200 42T8.950 38T8.800 428.600 4034.550 42
113Page, AudreyAdvantage Gymnastics Academy 2 XS Sr A8.850 18T8.900 34T8.700 38T8.100 49T34.550 44
115Mulu, AngelSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr B9.200 5T8.100 54T8.250 51T8.900 23T34.450 45T
115Conover, HannaMile High Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B7.850 489.000 31T8.850 40T8.750 31T34.450 43
115Fajarillo, KeanaHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Jr A8.950 13T9.000 21T8.500 488.000 5234.450 45T
118Ungerleider, MagnoliaCascade Elite Gymnastics 3 XS Jr B8.400 53T9.000 18T9.100 25T7.800 5434.300 47T
118Graham, MadisynNorthshore Gymnastics Center 3 XS Jr B8.500 49T8.900 30T8.400 55T8.500 33T34.300 47T
120Ballas, FionaAdvantage Gymnastics Academy 2 XS Jr A9.150 7T8.700 44T8.950 327.400 5334.200 47T
120Chudzik, KatieSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr A8.050 549.000 21T9.050 24T8.100 49T34.200 47T
122Mickelson, MelinaSGA Columbia 1 XS Jr A7.950 458.900 40T8.950 35T8.350 4534.150 44
122Viola, AvaRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr B8.750 25T8.100 54T8.700 38T8.600 35T34.150 49
124Hutchins, VictoriaMile High Gymnastics 1 XS Sr B8.200 42T8.400 498.900 37T8.500 43T34.000 45T
124LeGrand, AnnieSGA-Ballard 1 XS Sr B8.350 418.900 40T8.450 458.300 46T34.000 45T
126Staddon-Pereira, EmilyRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr B8.500 40T8.850 39T8.200 538.400 4233.950 50
127Thompson, AnnabelleSGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr A9.000 20T8.750 467.400 488.700 34T33.850 47T
127Pettibon, AudreySGA-Ballard 1 XS Jr A7.900 46T8.800 458.850 40T8.300 46T33.850 47T
129Suttles, RiverGymagine Gymnastics 3 XS Jr B7.900 578.700 44T8.900 39T8.250 46T33.750 53
129Lara, RebecaRising Stars Gymnastics and Sports Center, LLC 2 XS Jr B8.600 36T8.300 538.600 43T8.250 45T33.750 51
131Senger, DelaneyHart's Gymnastics Center 2 XS Jr A8.200 528.850 39T8.300 508.250 45T33.600 52
132Hernandez, SophiaAdvantage Gymnastics Academy 2 XS Jr A8.800 21T7.500 568.800 36T8.050 5133.150 53
133Donenfeld, AlmaAdvantage Gymnastics Academy 2 XS Jr A8.550 398.500 47T8.150 547.000 5432.200 54
134McCook, MarieSGA-Lake City 2 XS Jr B0.000 55T9.350 2T9.500 2T0.000 55T18.850 55
135Lombard, SummerSGA-Lake City 2 XS Sr A0.000 55T9.100 10T0.000 560.000 55T9.100 56
136Mickelson, MiraSGA Columbia 1 XS Jr B0.000 499.000 31T0.000 490.000 499.000 49