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Friends Of Achievers Invitational 2018 -
Friends Of Achievers Invitational 2018
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-01-122018-01-14 Achievers Gymnastics Center LLC669
Meet Scores Session: 9
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Heath, AlixTexas Champion Gymnastics 9 XB All9.9509.600 8T9.7509.750 19.6509.400 4T9.8009.800 1T38.90038.550 1
2Hansen, RyleighEagle Gymnastics Academy 9 2A All9.7009.700 3T9.5509.550 5T9.6009.600 19.4009.400 18T38.25038.250 2
3Nickell, VeronicaTexas Champion Gymnastics 9 XB All9.8509.700 3T10.0009.600 3T9.6009.300 10T9.8009.600 5T38.47538.200 3
4Berliner, TatumWOGA Gymnastics 9 XB All9.8509.500 13T9.8509.500 7T9.8009.500 2T9.7009.650 3T38.90038.150 4
5VanNatter, PhoebeZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.9009.700 3T9.7509.600 3T9.4009.300 10T9.6509.450 15T38.65038.050 5
6Capehart, BayleeRock Solid Athletics 9 2A All9.8009.800 19.6509.650 29.1009.100 27T9.4509.450 15T38.00038.000 6T
6Bishop, ScarletTexas East Gymnastics 9 XB All9.9009.700 3T9.5009.500 7T9.7009.200 20T9.6009.600 5T38.25038.000 6T
8Knight, MayaZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.6509.300 26T9.8509.500 7T9.7009.300 10T9.6509.600 5T38.45037.700 8
9Hernandez, AddisonGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.7009.500 13T9.6009.300 19T9.3509.300 10T9.5009.500 13T38.05037.600 9
10Price, LeighAnnTexas Champion Gymnastics 9 XB All9.9009.700 3T9.5509.050 31T9.6009.400 4T9.5009.350 22T38.25037.500 10
11Martin, ShannonZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8509.600 8T9.8009.000 34T9.6509.500 2T9.7009.300 26*38.70037.400 11T
11McCarty, IsabellaAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 9 2A All9.4009.400 18T9.5009.500 7*9.0009.000 36T9.5009.500 13T37.40037.400 11T
11McCutchen, AdaGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.6009.300 26T9.6759.500 7*9.9009.300 10T9.5509.300 26*38.37537.400 11T
14Soileau, BrennaZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8509.750 29.6509.350 17T9.4009.400 4T9.7008.850 5338.30037.350 14T
14Dooley, SarahAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 9 2A All9.1509.100 40T9.5009.500 7T9.3009.200 20T9.5509.550 10T37.35037.350 14T
16Martinez, KatelynTexas East Gymnastics 9 XB All9.7009.600 8T9.5509.150 25T9.5509.200 20T9.3509.350 22T37.85037.300 16
17Johnson, SheridanGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.7509.400 18T9.6009.150 25T9.2259.100 27T9.6009.600 5T37.95037.250 17T
17Agapito, ChristienneTexas East Gymnastics 9 XB All9.6009.300 26T9.6509.200 249.6009.300 10T9.4509.450 15T38.30037.250 17T
19Lindler, McKenzieGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.7009.400 18T9.6009.300 19T9.5508.900 47T9.5509.550 10T38.35037.150 19
20Francis, MillyZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8509.500 13T9.6009.150 25T9.4509.300 10T9.5009.150 4238.35037.100 20T
20Phillips, HaydenWOGA Gymnastics 9 XB All9.5009.100 40T9.7009.400 13T9.3009.200 20T9.4009.400 18*37.80037.100 20T
20Roberts, AlainaAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 9 2A All9.4509.400 18T9.1008.900 41T9.4009.400 4T9.4009.400 18*37.10037.100 20T
23Bausman, AlexisGolden Grip Gymnastics 9 XB All9.7009.200 33T9.4009.350 17T9.7009.300 10T9.7009.000 47T38.35036.850 23
24Villalobos, ReginaWOGA Gymnastics 9 XB All9.6509.100 40T9.8509.100 29T9.9009.400 4T9.6009.200 39T38.65036.800 24
25Forsythe, ElizabethAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 9 2A All9.2009.200 33T9.2509.250 22T9.1009.100 27T9.2009.200 39T36.75036.750 25
26Burleson, TruthGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.5009.400 18T9.5508.500 549.5009.200 20T9.6509.600 5T38.00036.700 26T
26Hernandez, VictoriaZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.7509.500 13T9.4508.800 45T9.2009.100 27T9.5509.300 26T37.60036.700 26T
28Littlepage, BrookeWOGA Gymnastics 9 XB All9.9009.600 8T9.9008.450 55T9.8008.900 47T9.7509.650 3T39.00036.600 28T
28Gonzalez, MadalynAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 9 2A All9.3009.300 26T8.7508.750 499.3009.300 10T9.2509.250 31T36.60036.600 28T
30Hassanpour, ZhinaZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8009.500 13T9.6509.400 13T9.4508.900 47T9.3008.750 5737.70036.550 30
31Wellborn, MayaGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.4009.100 40T9.6259.000 34T9.1509.100 27T9.2759.250 31T37.45036.450 31
32Gonzalez, BarbaraZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8009.300 26T9.4509.100 29T9.0009.000 36T9.5009.000 47T37.25036.400 32T
32Petty, AinsleyTexas East Gymnastics 9 XB All9.4509.100 40T9.6509.300 19T9.5508.700 57T9.3009.300 26T37.80036.400 32T
34Ngo, EileenGolden Grip Gymnastics 9 XB All9.7509.100 40T9.6008.900 41T9.5509.000 36*9.6009.300 26T37.60036.300 34T
34Vasquez, MariellaGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.4009.200 33T9.3008.850 43T9.3259.000 36*9.2759.250 31T37.30036.300 34T
36Stoian, DariaGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.3009.100 40T9.8009.550 5T9.3008.800 53*9.5008.700 58T37.90036.150 36T
36McClain, AbigailAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 9 2A All8.9008.600 58T9.4009.400 13T8.8008.800 53*9.3509.350 22T36.15036.150 36T
36Gilbert, JaydenZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.7009.200 33T9.5008.850 43T9.1008.900 47T9.3009.200 39T37.50036.150 36T
39Bolt, AinsleighTexas East Gymnastics 9 XB All8.7008.500 64T9.3508.800 45T9.5009.000 36T9.8009.800 1T36.85036.100 39T
39Pillittere, JoslynnEagle Gymnastics Academy 9 2A All9.4009.400 18T8.0508.000 62T9.3509.300 10T9.4009.400 18T36.10036.100 39T
41Tancinco, SamanthaZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8009.400 18T9.6508.300 589.4509.000 36T9.4009.350 22T38.15036.050 41
42Ducas, BrooklynRock Solid Athletics 9 2A All9.1008.500 64T9.1509.150 25T9.0509.000 36T9.2509.250 31T35.90035.900 42
43Stark, AudreyGolden Grip Gymnastics 9 XB All9.7009.300 26T9.5508.450 55T9.6009.000 36T9.5509.100 4337.85035.850 43
44Carneiro, MaeleighGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.5008.600 58T9.3008.950 409.1009.000 36T9.2509.250 31*36.50035.800 44T
44Rodriguez, AubreyGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.3008.700 56T9.2509.250 22T9.2008.600 61T9.2509.250 31*36.75035.800 44T
46Hubiak, EmmaTexas Dynamix Gymnastics 9 2A All9.1508.900 50T9.4258.650 509.4009.400 4T9.5008.800 54T37.47535.750 46
47Morris, MilaEagle Gymnastics Academy 9 2A All9.0009.000 48T8.1008.050 60T9.1009.100 27T9.5509.550 10T35.70035.700 47
48Smith, KayleeGolden Grip Gymnastics 9 XB All8.7008.700 56T9.0009.000 34T8.9008.900 47T9.0509.050 44T35.65035.650 48
49Pulliam, AriannaIarov 9 XB All9.7009.600 8T9.6508.600 51T9.4509.000 36T8.9008.400 6437.35035.600 49
50Mesghina, LeaZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8509.400 18T8.4508.450 55T9.3508.800 53T9.5008.900 50T36.85035.550 50T
50Fox, AnnabelleTexas Dynamix Gymnastics 9 2A All8.6008.600 58T8.6008.600 51T9.1009.100 27T9.2509.250 31T35.55035.550 50T
50Melton, SadieTexas East Gymnastics 9 XB All9.0009.000 48T9.0509.050 31T8.7008.700 57T8.8008.800 54T35.55035.550 50T
53Maes, AshleighZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.7509.300 26T9.0508.200 599.1009.100 27T9.0008.900 50T36.90035.500 53
54Burr, JolieAchievers Gymnastics Center LLC 9 2A All8.8508.500 64T9.0509.050 31T9.2009.200 20T8.7008.700 58T35.45035.450 54T
54O%27Brien, KrissahEagles Wings Athletics 9 XB All9.1009.100 40T9.0009.000 34T8.3008.300 65T9.0509.050 44T35.45035.450 54T
56Wade, BerklieRock Solid Athletics 9 2A All9.3008.600 58T9.0009.000 34T8.7008.700 57T9.2509.050 44T35.35035.350 56
57Williams, BriannaTexas East Gymnastics 9 XB All9.3508.000 70T9.4009.400 13T9.7509.100 27T9.5008.800 54T37.85035.300 57T
57Brooks, WillaEagles Wings Athletics 9 XB All9.2009.200 33T8.8008.800 45T8.8008.800 53T8.5008.500 6335.30035.300 57T
59Heaton, KyleahGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.4508.800 53T9.4008.800 45T9.4008.700 57T9.3008.900 50T37.35035.200 59
60Pozsgai, NaomiZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All9.2009.200 33T7.7007.700 649.0009.000 36T9.2509.250 31T35.15035.150 60
61Lewis, LucyZenith Elite Gymnastics Academy 9 XB All9.8009.200 33T8.9008.000 62T8.9008.900 47T9.2509.000 47T36.55035.100 61
62Stone, KinseyGymnastics Sport Center 9 XB All9.4008.900 50T9.5509.000 34T9.4008.300 65T9.3008.700 58T37.65034.900 62
63Hardaway, CatherynZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.9008.900 50T8.0508.050 60T9.2009.200 20T8.7008.700 58T34.85034.850 63
64Tracey, BrookeEagles Wings Athletics 9 XB All8.8008.800 53T8.5508.550 538.6008.600 61T8.6008.600 6234.55034.550 64
65Darwin, EmilyTexas Dynamix Gymnastics 9 2A All8.0008.000 70T6.5006.500 668.6008.600 61T8.3008.300 6531.40031.400 65
66Lewis, SamanthaZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.6008.600 58T5.8005.800 688.6008.600 61T7.3007.300 6730.30030.300 66
67Allen, JennaZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.5008.500 64T5.3505.350 697.3007.300 727.9007.900 6629.05029.050 67
68Warren, EmmaZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.6008.600 58T6.6006.600 658.2008.200 675.4005.400 7228.80028.800 68
69Clepper, LaurelZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.2008.200 696.1006.100 677.7007.700 706.5006.500 6928.50028.500 69
70Kelly, CamdynZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.8008.800 53T5.2005.200 708.0008.000 68T6.0006.000 7128.00028.000 70
71Smith, RyleighZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.0008.000 70T4.4004.400 728.0008.000 68T6.9006.900 6827.30027.300 71
72Batts, MadilynnZero Gravity Gymnastics 9 2A All8.4008.400 685.1005.100 717.4007.400 716.3006.300 7027.20027.200 72