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Emerald Team Challenge 2018 -
Emerald Team Challenge 2018
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-02-282018-03-04 National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics1187
Meet Scores Session: 8A Level: XB
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1King, ValerieThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Jr9.300 5T9.475 14T9.600 39.400 7T37.775 3
2Mahill, KatieNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Jr9.000 22T9.700 1T9.350 10T9.450 5T37.500 4T
2Hebel, CamrynLeading Edge Gymnastic Academy 8A XB Jr9.450 29.525 139.050 41T9.475 3T37.500 4T
4Dalke, HunterNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Ch9.300 5T9.400 19T9.350 10T9.350 10T37.400 6
5Davis, AshlynnOregon Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Ch9.150 14T9.275 40T9.475 4T9.325 1337.225 7
6Mastrantonio, LolaOregon Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Jr8.950 27T9.400 19T9.375 99.225 1836.950 15
7Fortune, FaithThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Jr9.000 22T9.050 53T9.475 4T9.400 7T36.925 16
8Zhukova, PolinaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Ch8.900 30T9.250 42T9.300 14T9.275 1636.725 18
9Tuason, ArianeThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Jr9.050 19T9.225 44T8.950 48T9.450 5T36.675 19
10Campbell, LuellaThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Ch9.275 8T9.075 529.100 379.200 19T36.650 20
11Marquardt, DanyaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Jr8.750 39T9.325 31T9.300 14T9.200 19T36.575 22
12Schuttenhelm, AvaOregon Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Ch9.100 17T9.550 10T8.525 759.350 10T36.525 24
13Swenson, AnnalieOregon Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Jr8.300 73T9.400 19T9.250 239.500 236.450 27T
14Cheng, JoyceOregon Metropolitan Elite Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Jr9.000 22T9.150 519.150 27T9.025 35T36.325 29T
15Frost, MakaylaThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Ch8.650 48T9.300 35T9.275 20T8.900 46T36.125 34
16Bethell, RaeganThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Ch9.200 11T9.400 19T8.900 54T8.600 65T36.100 35T
17Navarrete, KourtneyThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Ch8.600 55T9.200 46T9.025 43T9.200 19T36.025 37
18Martin, AmideeLeading Edge Gymnastic Academy 8A XB Jr8.800 389.475 14T8.700 699.000 37T35.975 38
19Sanders, LillianNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Jr8.900 30T8.825 749.275 20T8.950 42*35.950 39T
20Nelson, MckinleyThe Athletic Edge 8A XB Ch8.650 48T9.300 35T9.125 33T8.850 48T35.925 41
21Ramirez, MarinaSalem Gymnastics Center 8A XB Ch8.400 67T9.400 19T9.425 78.650 63T35.875 43
22Morris, ElayneBeileve 8A XB Ch8.900 30T9.325 31T8.750 66T8.850 48T35.825 44
23Carpenter, KayleighNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Ch8.350 728.950 63T9.150 27T9.300 14T35.750 46T
23Cryan, NicoleNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Ch8.700 42T9.000 57T8.900 54T9.150 24T35.750 46T
25Pintler, LucyNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Ch8.650 48T9.025 568.950 48T9.000 37T35.625 50
26Herrera, BerlinBeileve 8A XB Jr8.500 63T9.200 46T8.950 48T8.950 42T35.600 51
27Gardiner, AnnaBeileve 8A XB Ch8.650 48*9.325 31T8.850 61T8.750 57T35.575 52T
27Taylor, KierstinNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Ch8.650 48*8.775 759.150 27T9.000 37T35.575 52T
29Vitasovic, LilaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Ch8.600 55T9.050 53T8.725 689.150 24T35.525 54
30Cryan, IsabelleNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Jr8.500 63T9.300 35T8.800 658.700 61T35.300 56T
31Imbert-Diaz, AvaBeileve 8A XB Ch8.550 59*8.650 789.025 43T9.025 35T35.250 58T
32Moore, DoraBeileve 8A XB Jr9.050 19T8.750 768.550 73T8.800 54T35.150 62
33Vesa, KatilynBeileve 8A XB Jr8.600 55T8.950 63T8.650 708.800 54T35.000 67T
34Greenspan, AbbyBeileve 8A XB Jr8.000 809.225 44T8.875 608.850 48T34.950 69T
35Gans, SkylarOregon Metropolitan Elite Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Jr8.050 799.250 42T8.900 54T8.500 70T34.700 71T
36Robinson, BrooklynOregon Metropolitan Elite Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Ch8.200 789.000 57T9.300 14T8.150 8034.650 73
37Nylander, CassidyOregon Metropolitan Elite Gymnastics Academy 8A XB Jr8.300 73T8.600 799.125 33T8.500 70T34.525 76
38(Gigi) Gernhart, GenevaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 8A XB Jr8.550 59T8.850 71T8.300 80T8.650 63T34.350 77
39Dechet-Wetzel, SiobhanBeileve 8A XB Ch8.300 73T9.050 53T8.400 78T8.350 75T34.100 78T
39Juson, ViktoriaBeileve 8A XB Ch8.400 67T8.550 80T8.900 54T8.250 7834.100 78T
41Imbert-Diaz, VivienneBeileve 8A XB Ch6.100 838.850 71T8.600 71T8.450 73T32.000 80
42Maris, KaiaBeileve 8A XB Ch7.250 828.700 778.250 827.500 8231.700 81T