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2009 Level 4 & 5 Sectional -
2009 Level 4 & 5 Sectional
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2009-03-222009-03-22 UnknownClick here499
Meet Scores
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   4,  5
#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Drennen, NaomiWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 5 All9.250 17T9.400 11T9.725 19.425 2T37.800 1
2Talley, JasmineParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.600 1T9.400 9T9.050 35T9.400 3T37.450 1
3Chenoweth, KatrinaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.275 149.500 3T9.025 41T9.300 8T37.100 2T
3Garrett, VictoriaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.300 12T9.450 89.300 5T9.050 45T37.100 2T
5Masloff, MadisonClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All9.125 29T9.050 379.500 3T9.400 4T37.075 2
6Worley, RaenaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.150 25T9.475 5T9.375 2T9.025 51T37.025 4
7Hoskins, DavenaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.725 76T9.325 15T9.500 3T9.450 137.000 3
7Duke, AshleyParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.325 10T9.050 52T9.375 2T9.250 16T37.000 5
9Lowe, AmandaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.100 31T9.500 6T9.100 339.250 14T36.950 4
9Spiewak, SonyaChantilly Academy 4 All9.350 8T9.200 34T9.175 18T9.225 23T36.950 6
11Howe, AbigailParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.375 79.275 23T9.050 35T9.225 23T36.925 7
11Edwards, KaraRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.350 8T9.250 22T9.200 189.125 31T36.925 5
13Smith, LeahGymstrada Gymnastic School 5 All9.100 31T9.475 8T9.300 10T9.000 52T36.875 6
14Hoepfner, GraceWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 5 All8.700 79T9.550 49.350 5T9.250 14T36.850 7
14Shuey, JennaChantilly Academy 4 All9.250 15T9.100 46T9.200 16T9.300 8T36.850 8
16Woods, SarahPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.325 10T9.525 28.800 69T9.175 30T36.825 9T
16Tanaka, AlishaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.500 38.950 75T8.975 51T9.400 3T36.825 9T
16Fulghum, JessicaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.800 107T9.350 14T9.425 19.250 16T36.825 9T
16DICKENSON, CAITLYNNWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 5 All9.325 13T9.325 15T9.175 19T9.000 52T36.825 8
20Croxton, AmandaNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.450 116T9.675 29.225 14T9.425 2T36.775 9
21Downum, CorinneRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All9.400 5T8.900 88T9.250 10T9.200 26T36.750 12
22Chambliss, DejaVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.400 5T8.850 97T9.150 25T9.300 8T36.700 13T
22Mills, BrookeParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.150 25T9.050 52T9.100 30T9.400 3T36.700 13T
24CASEY, TAYLORParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.425 3T9.275 20T9.050 40T8.925 64T36.675 10
25PATTERSON, MORGANParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.275 169.225 24T9.250 138.900 66T36.650 11
26Engels, KealieRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.200 21T9.600 39.125 31T8.700 108T36.625 12
27Phillips, TaylorYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 4 All9.050 45T9.375 12T9.075 32T9.100 40T36.600 15
28Hansen, LoreleiGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All9.000 55T9.400 9T9.125 28T9.025 51T36.550 16
29EDWARDS, ELEXISVirginia International Gymnastics School 5 All9.425 3T8.875 599.025 45T9.200 22T36.525 13T
29KUENNEN, SARAHVirginia International Gymnastics School 5 All8.850 62T9.325 15T9.350 5T9.000 52T36.525 13T
29SCHERRER, MADISONVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.050 45T8.875 94T9.325 49.275 14T36.525 17T
29Morris, BrittanyPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.000 55T9.225 28T9.000 44T9.300 8T36.525 17T
29Grossman, JuliaRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All9.150 25T9.175 40T8.950 55T9.250 16T36.525 17T
34Hinson, GraceVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All8.500 106T9.525 59.150 23T9.325 636.500 15T
34Thomas, TamaraParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.300 143T9.500 6T9.300 10T9.400 4T36.500 15T
34McLaughlin, RoseChantilly Academy 4 All9.475 48.700 133T9.225 13T9.100 40T36.500 20T
34Carter, KelseyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.450 29.025 38T8.750 86T9.275 12T36.500 15T
34Jones, SinclaireGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.050 45T9.100 46T9.000 44T9.350 6T36.500 20T
34Nichols, HallieChantilly Academy 5 All9.300 159.125 349.000 48T9.075 40T36.500 15T
34Henneberger, AshleyRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All9.225 17T9.200 34T9.275 7T8.800 99T36.500 20T
41Springhorn, NicholeWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 5 All8.600 94T9.400 11T9.550 28.925 64T36.475 19
42Sims, EzraParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.100 32T9.175 40T9.050 35T9.125 37T36.450 23
43Arre, BriannaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.950 76T9.325 19T9.000 44T9.150 32T36.425 24
44Hayes, ErinRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.600 192T9.350 14T9.300 5T9.050 45T36.300 25T
44Tibbits, TessAPEX 5 All9.025 40T8.825 62T9.150 23T9.300 7T36.300 20
44Ann Hollowell, CaseyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.225 17T8.800 105T9.250 10T9.025 51T36.300 25T
44Brockwell, JoelyWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All9.050 45T9.225 28T8.875 61T9.150 32T36.300 25T
48Guzzo, AnnaliseCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.300 12T9.475 5T8.725 84T8.775 105T36.275 28T
48Crosby, BrittneyChantilly Academy 4 All8.750 128T9.000 68T9.275 7T9.250 16T36.275 28T
48Somers, KerriParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.125 30T9.100 46T9.175 18T8.875 83T36.275 28T
48Hegeman, SavannahParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.075 41T9.050 52T9.075 32T9.075 4436.275 28T
52Bennett, KatherineCardinal Gymnastics 5 All9.050 36T8.900 54T9.075 34T9.200 22T36.225 21
53Washburn, StephanieCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 4 All9.200 19T8.850 97T8.875 61T9.250 16T36.175 32
53Applegate, GeorgiaNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.925 51T9.100 35T9.050 40T9.100 36T36.175 22
55Leeper, AbigailRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.450 220T9.325 19T9.175 18T9.200 26T36.150 33
56Francis, LaurenPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.425 124T9.400 11T9.050 40T9.250 14T36.125 23
57Colaco, SofiaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.600 1T8.900 88T8.550 119T9.050 45T36.100 34T
57Nunes, AmyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.350 8T8.850 97T9.150 25T8.750 113T36.100 34T
57Lake, PhoebeRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.850 62T8.950 49T9.000 48T9.300 7T36.100 24
57Ponce, AriannaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.000 55T9.275 23T8.600 107T9.225 23T36.100 34T
57Alagic, LejlaRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All9.175 22T8.950 75T9.050 35T8.925 71T36.100 34T
62Vela, CassieGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All8.750 128T9.575 18.600 107T9.125 37T36.050 38T
62Greenhow, KeionGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All9.500 18.950 49T8.700 93T8.900 66T36.050 25T
62Hegeman, DelaneyParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.750 128T9.475 5T8.800 69T9.025 51T36.050 38T
62Weaver, NatalieChantilly Academy 5 All8.875 57T8.625 83T9.350 5T9.200 22T36.050 25T
62Hall, CarolineRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All9.200 19T8.750 120T9.275 7T8.825 94T36.050 38T
62Rodriguez, KatherineParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.725 142T9.125 43T9.200 16T9.000 58T36.050 38T
68Manafi, NeikaGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.750 128T9.275 23T8.650 95T9.350 6T36.025 42T
68Glisan, CaeleyVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.750 128T9.275 23T9.000 44T9.000 58T36.025 42T
68Marrs, SydneyCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.875 57T9.175 28T8.950 57T9.025 47T36.025 27
68Parker, AnnabelleParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.100 32T9.050 52T8.850 64T9.025 51T36.025 42T
72Smith, RebekahParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.100 32T8.950 75T8.425 138T9.525 136.000 45T
72Lee, CarolineParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.625 91T9.475 8T8.725 89T9.175 28T36.000 28
72Riggs, DanniRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.000 55T9.125 43T9.250 10T8.625 142T36.000 45T
72Prestenbach, LaurenCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.000 55T9.225 28T8.950 55T8.825 94T36.000 45T
76Rhodes, AlexisRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All8.900 82T9.000 68T9.025 41T9.050 45T35.975 48
77Ward, LibbieGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.750 128T9.375 12T9.050 35T8.775 105T35.950 49T
77Springer, KennedyRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.675 169T9.200 34T9.175 18T8.900 73T35.950 49T
79Skillman, HaileeParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.900 82T9.500 3T8.600 107T8.925 71T35.925 51T
79Downing, CassieCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.750 128T9.350 14T9.150 25T8.675 130T35.925 51T
79Schelp, TiffanyGymstrada Gymnastic School 5 All8.925 51T8.600 85T9.350 5T9.050 43T35.925 29T
79Wisnieski, AlexandraGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.075 41T9.050 52T8.500 125T9.300 8T35.925 51T
79Lucas, KristenCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.900 53T9.250 22T9.025 45T8.750 97T35.925 29T
79Reichert, AlexandraCardinal Gymnastics 5 All9.250 17T9.175 28T8.600 112T8.900 66T35.925 29T
79Shaner, LaurenParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.050 45T9.150 428.825 66T8.900 73T35.925 51T
86Villavicencio, FernandaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.100 32T8.800 105T8.800 69T9.200 26T35.900 55
87Hall, JessicaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.450 116T9.225 24T9.150 23T9.050 43T35.875 32T
87RHOTON, HANNAHVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.025 53T9.200 34T8.750 78T8.900 73T35.875 56
87GRABHAM, ELIZABETHVirginia International Gymnastics School 5 All9.050 36T8.900 54T9.075 34T8.850 75T35.875 32T
90WHITE, MORGANVirginia International Gymnastics School 5 All9.150 25T8.250 127T9.175 19T9.250 14T35.825 34
90Ransone, AnnaCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 4 All9.075 41T9.000 68T8.925 57T8.825 94T35.825 57
92Basso, KatherineParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.000 55T9.300 21T8.800 69T8.700 123T35.800 58
92Mundy, KristaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.950 508.500 101T9.225 14T9.125 31T35.800 35T
92Pokorny, KatieRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.700 79T8.750 74T9.150 23T9.200 22T35.800 35T
95Holmes, LiahWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 5 All8.575 101T9.425 108.725 89T9.050 43T35.775 37
95Harvey, KaitlynGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.900 82T8.900 88T8.975 51T9.000 58T35.775 59
97Rice, DiamondGymstrada Gymnastic School 5 All9.000 45T9.275 20T8.225 1689.250 14T35.750 38
97FUDALA, MADELINEVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.050 45T8.775 115T9.075 32T8.850 88T35.750 60
99Schock, SusannahClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.850 62T8.775 68T9.350 5T8.750 97T35.725 39
99Zweerink, ElenaGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All9.100 32T9.250 279.050 35T8.325 198T35.725 61T
99Mitchell, SydneyRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.900 82T9.225 28T8.500 125T9.100 40T35.725 61T
102McClelland, JessicaYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 4 All8.600 192T9.000 68T8.975 51T9.125 37T35.700 63
103Lester, ShayeVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.775 119T9.350 14T8.775 73T8.775 105T35.675 64
103O'Dea, HannahAPEX 5 All8.650 84T8.775 68T9.225 14T9.025 47T35.675 40T
103Mann, LindseyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.000 45T8.800 64T8.925 63T8.950 61T35.675 40T
106Rogers, GabrielleVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.000 55T8.675 138T9.175 18T8.800 99T35.650 65T
106Wooten, BryttaniRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.550 203T8.925 81T9.025 41T9.150 32T35.650 65T
108Simpkins, BrookeVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.150 25T8.500 160T9.225 13T8.750 113T35.625 67
109Burton, HaleyGymstrada Gymnastic School 5 All9.050 36T9.350 148.350 151T8.850 75T35.600 42
109Williams, MiaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.100 32T9.025 62T8.600 107T8.875 83T35.600 68
111Jordan, J'MariPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.650 178T8.725 129T9.000 44T9.200 26T35.575 69
111Girvin, CeciliaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.775 70T8.775 68T8.950 57T9.075 40T35.575 43
113Leatherman, KaylaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.000 45T9.700 18.625 106T8.225 204T35.550 44T
113Mastin, MelanieNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.650 84T9.100 35T8.800 79T9.000 52T35.550 44T
113Jauch, GracieLynchburg Academy of Gymnastics and Power Tumbling 4 All9.000 55T9.075 50T8.700 88T8.775 105T35.550 70
116Giachinta, RachelAPEX 5 All8.900 53T8.525 97T8.800 79T9.300 7T35.525 46T
116Quackenbush, CarsynCardinal Gymnastics 5 All9.000 45T8.800 64T8.525 128T9.200 22T35.525 46T
116VanGorder, NicoleGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All9.175 22T8.800 105T8.875 61T8.675 130T35.525 71
119Haller, PeggyPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All9.350 8T8.500 101T9.000 48T8.650 127T35.500 48T
119Hadermann, GillianChantilly Academy 4 All9.000 55T9.125 43T8.675 92T8.700 123T35.500 72
119Fanara, RoseParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.600 94T9.000 42T9.075 34T8.825 83T35.500 48T
122Wilson, BrookeVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All9.100 31T8.100 145T8.975 569.300 7T35.475 50T
122Goodwyn, LilyCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 5 All8.650 84T9.000 42T9.175 19T8.650 127T35.475 50T
124Reid, AlannaMecklenburg County YMCA 4 All9.075 41T8.750 120T8.625 101T9.000 58T35.450 73
125Jones, KatarinaChantilly Academy 5 All8.750 72T9.300 18T8.625 106T8.750 97T35.425 52
125Lobingier, DarynVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.775 119T9.025 62T8.725 84T8.900 73T35.425 74
127Lawrence, BrennaChantilly Academy 4 All8.750 128T9.025 62T8.375 148T9.250 16T35.400 75
127Brooks, AvenelYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 5 All9.200 21T8.450 107T8.625 106T9.125 31T35.400 53
129Wilson, LindsayChantilly Academy 4 All8.800 107T8.800 105T8.625 101T9.150 32T35.375 76T
129Richard, MarionGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.900 82T8.750 120T9.000 44T8.725 119T35.375 76T
129Bushman, MargaretCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.950 76T8.925 81T8.700 88T8.800 99T35.375 76T
132Krejdovsky, LaneyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.450 116T8.675 79T9.225 14T9.000 52T35.350 54T
132Butler, AmberlyHurricane Gymnastics 4 All8.775 119T8.500 160T9.175 18T8.900 73T35.350 79
132Woods, JuliaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.750 72T8.950 49T9.050 40T8.600 136T35.350 54T
135Lee, SydneyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.025 40T8.975 488.175 1729.150 3035.325 56
135Carter, KeriWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.650 178T9.025 62T9.100 30T8.550 155T35.325 80T
135Rudolph, SidneyPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.500 208T8.925 81T8.850 64T9.050 45T35.325 80T
138Jarvis, JordynCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 4 All8.875 92T8.250 195T8.725 84T9.450 235.300 82T
138Tautges, JordanCardinal Gymnastics 5 All9.375 6T9.025 38T8.550 119T8.350 188T35.300 57T
138Duker, AbbyWarrenton Gymnastics Center 5 All8.825 678.300 124T8.925 63T9.250 14T35.300 57T
138Koo, CassidyCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.725 142T8.900 88T8.925 57T8.750 113T35.300 82T
142Moon, JaydenParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.800 107T9.400 9T8.425 138T8.650 135T35.275 84T
142Majumdar, PamelaWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 4 All8.800 107T8.850 97T8.450 133T9.175 30T35.275 84T
142Norris, AbigailGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.575 101T9.000 42T9.000 48T8.700 108T35.275 59
142vassar, emilyLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.675 169T8.950 75T8.650 95T9.000 58T35.275 84T
146McGee, MadisonVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.900 82T8.950 75T8.775 73T8.625 142T35.250 87
147Smith, JazminParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.850 95T9.350 14T8.000 198T9.025 51T35.225 88
147Boerth, EricaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All8.200 165T9.150 32T9.075 34T8.800 86T35.225 60T
147Dunn, McKennaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.150 25T8.700 76T8.800 79T8.575 145T35.225 60T
150Gonnella, AlyssaClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.725 76T8.575 90T9.300 10T8.600 136T35.200 62T
150Seepe, KatherineBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.925 80T9.225 28T8.400 141T8.650 135T35.200 89T
150Hall, CameronGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.800 68T8.850 60T9.050 40T8.500 163T35.200 62T
150Schramm, EmmaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.050 36T8.800 64T8.400 147T8.950 61T35.200 62T
150Wyatt, ThaliaYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 4 All9.000 55T8.775 115T8.400 141T9.025 51T35.200 89T
150Benzal, GraceGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.750 128T8.925 81T8.925 57T8.600 147T35.200 89T
150Maloney, CaitlinMecklenburg County YMCA 4 All8.700 152T8.775 115T8.825 66T8.900 73T35.200 89T
157Wright, GabrielleRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All8.800 107T9.050 52T8.975 51T8.350 193T35.175 93T
157gaddi, gabrielleLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.525 205T9.025 62T8.750 78T8.875 83T35.175 93T
159Graham, MackenzieVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All8.175 171T9.175 28T8.900 69T8.900 66T35.150 65T
159O'Donnell, PiperArlington Aerials 5 All8.300 143T9.000 42T9.000 48T8.850 75T35.150 65T
161Colletti, SarahRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.350 8T8.600 85T8.050 1829.125 31T35.125 67
161DeFusco, GabrielleGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.825 103T9.000 68T8.650 95T8.650 135T35.125 95
163Singleton, AdaraYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 5 All9.200 21T8.775 68T7.875 197T9.250 14T35.100 68
163Herbein, JaclynnGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.600 192T9.225 28T8.375 148T8.900 73T35.100 96T
163Simmons, KatieRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All9.175 22T9.200 34T7.850 212T8.875 83T35.100 96T
163Bless, OdessaGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.850 95T8.800 105T8.600 107T8.850 88T35.100 96T
167Vogus, AnnaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.700 152T9.200 34T8.575 115T8.600 147T35.075 99T
167Ervin, EmilyArlington YMCA Angels Gymnastics 4 All9.000 55T9.075 50T8.200 174T8.800 99T35.075 99T
169Loya, EmilyChantilly Academy 5 All8.475 111T8.375 117T8.950 57T9.250 14T35.050 69
170Campbell, MichaelaBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.550 203T9.300 21T8.525 122T8.650 135T35.025 101T
170Land, IsabellaGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All9.175 247.400 200T9.150 23T9.300 7T35.025 70T
170Farmer, MackenzieGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.675 839.175 28T8.625 106T8.550 150T35.025 70T
170Reiter, ErikaRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All9.000 55T8.675 138T9.175 18T8.175 222T35.025 101T
170Baddley, MorganGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.725 142T8.925 81T8.575 115T8.800 99T35.025 101T
175Petty, AmberParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.250 15T8.675 138T8.450 133T8.625 142T35.000 104T
175Tarkington, AmandaCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 4 All8.700 152T9.100 46T8.750 78T8.450 173T35.000 104T
175Grace Gould, MaryCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.825 103T9.050 52T8.125 184T9.000 58T35.000 104T
175Padgett, MadisonVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All8.850 62T8.425 112T8.700 93T9.025 47T35.000 72
175Craig, AbigailRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.725 142T8.475 165T9.000 44T8.800 99T35.000 104T
180Miller, BriannaPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All9.225 207.725 1819.025 45T9.000 52T34.975 73T
180Scott, SummerMecklenburg County YMCA 5 All8.900 53T8.375 117T9.125 31T8.575 145T34.975 73T
182O'Kelly, BriaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All9.350 8T8.475 105T7.825 2069.275 12T34.925 75T
182Lewis, SydneyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All9.125 30T8.400 176T8.400 141T9.000 58T34.925 108
182Aasen, LauraClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.150 176T9.000 42T9.075 34T8.700 108T34.925 75T
182Crocker, GiordanGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.450 116T8.700 76T8.950 57T8.825 83T34.925 75T
182Walker, BriannaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.850 62T8.450 107T8.875 71T8.750 97T34.925 75T
187Johoske, AshleyRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All9.000 55T8.325 186T8.750 78T8.825 94T34.900 109T
187Miklandric, ShannonRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.475 216T8.925 81T8.775 73T8.725 119T34.900 109T
187Porti, HannahWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.775 119T8.800 105T8.475 131T8.850 88T34.900 109T
190Mulvihill, VictoriaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.475 216T8.375 181T8.750 78T9.275 14T34.875 112T
190Morris, BrookePremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.500 106T8.650 81T8.625 106T9.100 36T34.875 79
190Summers, KathleenCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.050 45T8.725 129T8.650 95T8.450 173T34.875 112T
193Radigan, MeghanRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.775 70T8.650 81T9.150 23T8.250 198T34.825 80
193Jones, MirandaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.050 45T8.425 173T8.700 88T8.650 135T34.825 114
195Tippett, AnnaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All9.025 53T8.700 133T8.575 115T8.500 165T34.800 115T
195Campbell, OliviaParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.625 91T8.550 93T8.925 63T8.700 108T34.800 81
195Miller, JayTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.900 82T8.450 169T8.675 92T8.775 105T34.800 115T
198Schmitz, MadisonLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All9.000 55T8.850 97T8.100 188T8.825 94T34.775 117
199Besser, LaurenRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.600 94T8.200 133T8.850 74T9.100 36T34.750 82
199Capps, EmmalineGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.850 95T8.600 143T8.550 119T8.750 113T34.750 118
201Wampler, SarahGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.600 94T8.275 1269.150 23T8.700 108T34.725 83T
201Morgan, LeahStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All9.000 55T8.300 188T8.650 95T8.775 105T34.725 119T
201Hill, AlexisYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 5 All8.625 91T8.825 62T8.325 154T8.950 61T34.725 83T
201Holmes, QuiaraVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.800 107T8.525 154T8.700 88T8.700 123T34.725 119T
205Shaffer, AlyssaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.075 34T9.025 38T8.025 183T8.575 145T34.700 85
205Mills, PeytonVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.950 76T8.575 149T8.275 167T8.900 73T34.700 121
207Harrington, KellyHurricane Gymnastics 5 All8.500 106T7.850 169T9.150 23T9.175 28T34.675 86T
207ANGEL, SARAHGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.375 1358.925 538.825 76T8.550 150T34.675 86T
207Kominsky, CeceliaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.800 107T8.750 120T8.275 167T8.850 88T34.675 122
210Brower, StephaneeRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.375 6T8.350 119T9.000 48T7.925 21934.650 88T
210Turner, HaleyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.150 25T8.550 93T8.700 93T8.250 198T34.650 88T
210Bennett, LaurenParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.675 169T8.700 133T8.500 125T8.775 105T34.650 123
213O'Neil, BrynArlington Aerials 5 All8.400 130T9.225 24T8.700 93T8.300 191T34.625 90
214Balcells, GabriellaClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.125 181T8.550 93T8.825 76T9.100 36T34.600 91
214pettit, claireLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All9.100 32T8.750 120T8.450 133T8.300 200T34.600 124T
214Kathryn Lattimer, MaryVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.725 142T8.275 193T8.600 107T9.000 58T34.600 124T
214Gilardi, JordanAll American 4 All8.900 82T8.900 88T8.250 170T8.550 155T34.600 124T
218DAJON, JULIANNAGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.700 79T9.000 42T8.875 71T8.000 216T34.575 92T
218Joyce, HayleyFlipateers 5 All8.325 139T8.950 49T8.575 117T8.725 105T34.575 92T
220Stang, LindseyCardinal Gymnastics 5 All9.325 13T7.800 173T8.700 93T8.700 108T34.525 94T
220Hardy, AdelynParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.100 183T9.025 38T8.800 79T8.600 136T34.525 94T
222Jones, StephanieChantilly Academy 5 All9.000 45T8.200 133T8.550 119T8.750 97T34.500 96
222Kent, NessaWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 4 All8.800 107T8.700 133T8.150 181T8.850 88T34.500 127
224Reeves, JaylenBotetourt Gymnastics Academy 5 All9.400 58.225 1327.850 201T9.000 52T34.475 97
224Gross, CarolineBotetourt Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.675 169T8.800 105T8.000 198T9.000 58T34.475 128T
224Isley, AmeliaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.800 107T8.775 115T8.775 73T8.125 228T34.475 128T
224Purrington, SarahGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.800 107T8.700 133T8.400 141T8.575 152T34.475 128T
224Babashak, AliceCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 4 All8.750 128T8.750 120T8.300 162T8.675 130T34.475 128T
229Park, MorganChantilly Academy 4 All8.700 152T8.000 2198.500 125T9.250 16T34.450 132
230UNDERHILL, MADISONParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.600 94T9.200 278.125 175T8.500 163T34.425 98T
230Sabatini, CarolineGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.225 158T8.775 68T8.800 79T8.625 133T34.425 98T
232Sundberg, MaddiNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.650 84T8.250 127T8.275 164T9.200 22T34.375 100T
232Epperson, KyleeGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.050 187T8.900 54T8.725 89T8.700 108T34.375 100T
232Barnes, GabrielleRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.875 57T8.325 122T8.650 102T8.525 159T34.375 100T
232McCann, MadisonWISC Gymnastics 4 All8.875 92T8.850 97T8.275 167T8.375 190T34.375 133
236Highfill, MiaGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.575 201T9.050 52T8.600 107T8.125 228T34.350 134
236Palmer, RachelChantilly Academy 5 All8.000 193T8.575 90T8.750 86T9.025 47T34.350 103
238Brockway, LediArlington Aerials 4 All8.725 142T9.050 52T7.550 239T9.000 58T34.325 135
239Perich, KaylaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All8.425 124T8.750 74T8.350 151T8.775 91T34.300 104
240Dow, KatherineCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.500 208T9.025 62T8.300 162T8.450 173T34.275 136T
240Kopczynski, LandynGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.400 230T9.000 68T8.375 148T8.500 165T34.275 136T
240Lyles, KaraTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.700 152T8.900 88T7.725 225T8.950 69T34.275 136T
243Campbell, TaresaGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.675 169T9.000 68T9.225 13T7.350 26634.250 139
243Wilcox, LeenieClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.650 84T8.525 97T8.375 1508.700 108T34.250 105
245Paige, MalainaFluvanna 5 All8.200 165T8.900 54T8.425 144T8.700 108T34.225 106
245Campbell, EmmaParagon Gymnastics of VA 4 All8.750 128T8.625 1428.325 158T8.525 163T34.225 140
247Lynch, KendallRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.925 80T7.750 233T9.125 28T8.400 186T34.200 141T
247Daugherty, MarisaArlington YMCA Angels Gymnastics 4 All9.000 55T8.850 97T8.125 184T8.225 211T34.200 141T
247Pastore, LuciaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.300 143T8.450 107T8.700 93T8.750 97T34.200 107
250Mason, LaurenLoudoun Gymnastics Center 5 All8.025 189T8.600 85T8.950 57T8.600 136T34.175 108
250Wolfe, LiaGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.500 208T8.950 75T7.975 204T8.750 113T34.175 143T
250Scripture, BrianaGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.650 178T8.300 188T8.500 125T8.725 119T34.175 143T
253Kuhn, JuliaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.475 111T8.150 141T8.950 57T8.550 150T34.125 109
254Downs, CharlotteVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All8.850 95T8.100 210T7.850 212T9.300 8T34.100 145T
254Ducazau, AldenArlington Aerials 5 All9.250 17T7.750 178T8.550 119T8.550 150T34.100 110T
254Bernhard, AmyVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 4 All9.100 32T8.450 169T7.925 2068.625 142T34.100 145T
254Johnson, CurtishaPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.725 76T7.750 178T8.550 119T9.075 40T34.100 110T
254Whitacre, MadelineGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.875 92T8.600 143T8.325 158T8.300 200T34.100 145T
254Helms, AshleyRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.700 152T8.525 154T8.825 66T8.050 238T34.100 145T
254McDuffy, MadelineCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.650 84T8.025 150T8.625 106T8.800 86T34.100 110T
261Arehart, ChristaClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All9.025 40T8.025 150T8.775 84T8.250 198T34.075 113T
261Isenberg, VictoriaRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.800 68T8.350 119T8.725 89T8.200 206T34.075 113T
261Jordan, DanaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.550 1048.575 90T8.300 159T8.650 127T34.075 113T
264Castro, KristenArlington Aerials 4 All8.850 95T8.925 81T8.525 122T7.750 256T34.050 149
265CENTER, KARLYNGymnastics Inc. 5 All9.125 29T7.900 164T8.550 119T8.450 173T34.025 116T
265Hudson, MaggieRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.750 72T8.475 105T7.800 207T9.000 52T34.025 116T
265BOWDEN, JEANNINEGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.000 193T8.800 64T8.600 112T8.625 133T34.025 116T
268Wiedeman, CaralynCardinal Gymnastics 4 All9.100 32T8.475 165T8.025 195T8.400 186T34.000 150T
268Teague, ChristineAll Star Gymnastics 5 All9.075 34T7.750 178T8.900 69T8.275 196T34.000 119T
268mehta, maansiLoudoun Gymnastics Center 5 All8.200 165T8.425 112T8.475 136T8.900 66T34.000 119T
268Constantine, BrookeAPEX 5 All8.575 101T8.775 68T7.850 201T8.800 86T34.000 119T
268Gravel, JuliaWISC Gymnastics 5 All8.025 189T8.700 76T8.525 128T8.750 97T34.000 119T
268Harrison, CamdenRiver City Youth Fitness 4 All8.650 178T8.525 154T8.625 101T8.200 214T34.000 150T
268Stable, AdrienneBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.450 116T8.250 127T8.650 102T8.650 127T34.000 119T
275Russell, FrancescaChantilly Academy 5 All8.150 176T8.900 54T8.150 173T8.775 91T33.975 124
276Brown, SadieCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All7.425 2218.425 112T9.075 34T9.025 47T33.950 125
276Rentz, TaylorChantilly Academy 4 All8.775 119T8.225 199T8.350 153T8.600 147T33.950 152T
276Spencer, EmilyMecklenburg County YMCA 4 All8.700 152T8.750 120T8.000 198T8.500 165T33.950 152T
279Harvey, CourtneyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.200 165T8.000 156T8.850 74T8.875 72T33.925 126T
279Ames, JuliaAPEX 5 All8.450 116T8.200 133T8.825 76T8.450 173T33.925 126T
279Holbrook, SamanthaGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.800 107T8.150 204T8.625 101T8.350 193T33.925 154
282Dunn, LucyVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.050 258T8.500 160T8.475 131T8.875 83T33.900 155
282Jiang, FeliciaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All8.175 171T8.550 93T8.325 154T8.850 75T33.900 128
284Powell, AllisonKing George Patriots 4 All9.150 25T8.500 160T7.675 2308.550 155T33.875 156T
284Walker, KayleighCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 4 All8.850 95T7.800 230T8.675 92T8.550 155T33.875 156T
284Shaffer, AbigailRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.725 142T8.725 129T8.125 184T8.300 200T33.875 156T
287Christopher, WizzieGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.250 155T8.500 101T8.650 102T8.425 181T33.825 129
288Ross, AnnaCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.675 169T8.825 1047.900 207T8.400 186T33.800 159
288Campbell, MadiParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.700 79T8.000 156T8.550 119T8.550 150T33.800 130
290Burns, LilyGymstrada Gymnastic School 5 All7.300 2259.300 18T8.300 159T8.875 72T33.775 131
290Malachi, TenayYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 4 All8.725 142T8.150 204T7.850 212T9.050 45T33.775 160T
290Koepfinger, HannahKing George Patriots 4 All9.000 55T8.600 143T7.725 225T8.450 173T33.775 160T
290Boucher, SamanthaWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 4 All8.350 239T8.675 138T7.800 2198.950 69T33.775 160T
290Wisnieski, MyahGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.775 119T8.800 105T8.350 153T7.850 249T33.775 160T
295Lipinski, JordanRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All9.350 8T7.425 1998.675 100T8.300 191T33.750 132
295Wolchko, ChloeBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.225 2518.150 204T8.925 57T8.450 173T33.750 164
297McHugh, SerethaGymini Gymnastics Club 5 All8.475 111T8.625 83T7.750 2118.875 72T33.725 133
298Ruffa, KatieFluvanna 5 All7.675 216T8.175 139T9.175 19T8.675 122T33.700 134T
298Alice Swanson, MaryTriple T Sports Center 5 All9.025 40T7.300 210T8.600 112T8.775 91T33.700 134T
300Hendron, LakenWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 5 All8.225 158T9.150 32T8.300 159T8.000 216T33.675 136T
300Reid, SaraMecklenburg County YMCA 4 All8.775 119T8.450 169T8.450 133T8.000 244T33.675 165
300Auten, AllisonAPEX 5 All8.300 143T8.600 85T8.125 175T8.650 127T33.675 136T
303Mounts, DesireeKing George Patriots 4 All9.000 55T8.250 195T7.700 228T8.700 123T33.650 166
303Lambeth, BetteleeGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.875 57T8.050 148T7.975 1888.750 97T33.650 138T
303Dyer, HannahParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All8.000 193T8.850 60T8.425 144T8.375 186T33.650 138T
306Vavonese, SaraFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All9.000 55T6.850 2648.775 73T9.000 58T33.625 167T
306Hassett, HayleyGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.425 124T7.600 189T8.875 71T8.725 105T33.625 140T
306Schneider, CourtneyCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.700 152T8.400 176T8.025 195T8.500 165T33.625 167T
306Haller, AlexandraPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.600 94T8.050 148T8.475 136T8.500 163T33.625 140T
310Stakel, MorganGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.650 178T8.550 151T7.550 239T8.850 88T33.600 169T
310Meredith, EmmaVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.825 103T8.600 143T7.625 233T8.550 155T33.600 169T
310Murphy, LaurenGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.600 192T7.900 222T8.400 141T8.700 123T33.600 169T
313Kate Carey, SonnyClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.900 53T7.600 189T7.950 189T9.125 31T33.575 142T
313Names, AllisonArlington Aerials 5 All9.025 40T7.675 185T8.275 164T8.600 136T33.575 142T
313Faz, MadisonYouth Sports Virginia Training Center 4 All8.650 178T8.275 193T8.500 125T8.150 224T33.575 172T
313Marquis, OliviaGMS Gymnastics Institute 4 All8.375 235T8.425 173T8.525 122T8.250 205T33.575 172T
313Chetelat, NaomiRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.450 116T8.175 139T8.500 132T8.450 173T33.575 142T
318Goldenberg, JessicaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.100 183T8.600 85T8.250 166T8.600 136T33.550 145
319Richards, JadenFlipateers 4 All8.725 142T8.300 188T8.125 184T8.375 190T33.525 174T
319Raymond, BridgetChantilly Academy 4 All8.500 208T8.550 151T7.825 217T8.650 135T33.525 174T
321Applegate, AleksaApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.950 76T7.350 246T8.625 101T8.575 152T33.500 176T
321Tyler, BriannaGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.200 252T8.800 105T7.600 235T8.900 73T33.500 176T
321Byrum, MakaylaWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 5 All8.875 57T7.400 200T8.675 100T8.550 150T33.500 146
321Leder, AnnaArlington YMCA Angels Gymnastics 4 All8.775 119T8.375 181T7.900 207T8.450 173T33.500 176T
325LaVangie, ElizabethRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.400 230T8.250 195T8.650 95T8.175 222T33.475 179
326Ferris, SamanthaCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.800 107T8.475 165T8.025 195T8.150 224T33.450 180T
326Thompson, LucyAll American 4 All8.350 239T8.600 143T8.250 170T8.250 205T33.450 180T
328Parks, KailynnBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.650 178T8.400 176T8.175 179T8.200 214T33.425 182
329Lewis, SarahTriple T Sports Center 5 All8.300 143T7.850 169T8.450 139T8.800 86T33.400 147
329Thompson, ChloeGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.700 152T8.775 115T7.325 248T8.600 147T33.400 183
331McCauley, MadeleineHurricane Gymnastics 4 All8.600 192T8.050 213T8.000 198T8.725 119T33.375 184
332Anderson, KenneteGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All9.000 55T8.525 154T7.325 248T8.500 165T33.350 185T
332Davis, MaryRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.700 152T8.200 201T8.250 170T8.200 214T33.350 185T
334Laredo, JenniferArlington Aerials 5 All8.200 165T8.200 133T8.925 63T8.000 216T33.325 148T
334Kolosky, KylaNorthern Virginia Gym. Academy 4 All8.475 216T8.875 94T7.400 246T8.575 152T33.325 187T
334Reed, CiaraAPEX 5 All8.400 130T7.550 194T8.525 128T8.850 75T33.325 148T
334Thompson, IsabelChantilly Academy 4 All8.700 152T7.350 246T8.600 107T8.675 130T33.325 187T
338Carwile, DaceyWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 5 All9.150 25T7.550 194T8.000 185T8.600 136T33.300 150
338Lockland, ElenaArlington YMCA Angels Gymnastics 4 All8.600 192T7.975 2208.200 174T8.525 163T33.300 189
340Hares, TenleyParagon Gymnastics of VA 5 All7.600 218T8.250 127T8.650 102T8.775 91T33.275 151T
340Marsh, LaurenGymnastics World 5 All8.175 171T7.875 1688.600 112T8.625 133T33.275 151T
342Bell, AshlinBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.375 235T8.375 181T8.350 153T8.150 224T33.250 190
343Lawless, AshlynBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.400 230T8.425 173T8.075 191T8.325 198T33.225 191
344Hurlbert, LeandraCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 5 All8.600 94T7.975 1617.925 192T8.700 108T33.200 153T
344Holden, AbigailWISC Gymnastics 5 All7.850 208T8.300 124T8.475 136T8.575 145T33.200 153T
346Braxton, IvyRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.600 192T8.800 105T8.200 174T7.575 26433.175 192T
346Boothe, AshlynnRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All8.000 262T8.750 120T8.725 84T7.700 25933.175 192T
346Cardona, ClaudiaAPEX 5 All8.400 130T8.525 97T7.900 194T8.350 188T33.175 155
346Harris, KatelynBotetourt Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.525 205T8.250 195T8.000 198T8.400 186T33.175 192T
350Owen, SarahAll American 4 All8.650 178T8.600 143T7.475 243T8.425 183T33.150 195T
350FIELD, EMMAGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.500 208T7.850 225T8.350 153T8.450 173T33.150 195T
350Gladkova, AlexandraCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.150 256T8.500 160T8.300 162T8.200 214T33.150 195T
350Shaffer, IrenaVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All7.950 204T8.450 107T8.450 139T8.300 191T33.150 156
354Lawson, JennaGalax Gainers 4 All8.450 220T9.050 52T7.200 2548.425 183T33.125 198
354Ignacio, EmilyGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.150 176T8.000 156T8.700 93T8.275 196T33.125 157T
354Smith, ArielTriple T Sports Center 5 All8.225 158T8.000 156T8.400 147T8.500 163T33.125 157T
357Spangler, AbigailBotetourt Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.300 143T7.350 206T8.400 147T9.050 43T33.100 159T
357Johnson, EmilyRichmond Olympiad VA 5 All8.325 139T8.025 150T8.925 63T7.825 221T33.100 159T
357Ward, AnneGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.225 158T8.200 133T8.125 175T8.550 150T33.100 159T
360Gladkoval, TaissaCardinal Gymnastics 5 All8.000 193T8.100 145T8.925 63T8.050 21533.075 162T
360Keegan, DanielleWISC Gymnastics 4 All8.850 95T7.600 2417.850 212T8.775 105T33.075 199
360Trepal, LeahAPEX 5 All8.300 143T7.600 189T8.325 154T8.850 75T33.075 162T
363Dover, KyndallClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.400 130T7.250 2149.000 48T8.400 184T33.050 164T
363Miller, LaurenAPEX 5 All8.200 165T8.100 145T7.900 194T8.850 75T33.050 164T
363Dwyer, BrennaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.725 142T8.225 199T8.300 162T7.800 252T33.050 200T
363Hodgson, MadisonCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.000 193T8.025 150T8.350 151T8.675 122T33.050 164T
363Donahue, AlexAPEX 5 All8.650 84T8.400 115T7.550 2228.450 173T33.050 164T
363Vicchio, AlexisChantilly Academy 4 All8.350 239T8.050 213T8.150 181T8.500 165T33.050 200T
369Everard, ChloeWorld Class Gymnastics LLC 4 All9.000 55T6.550 2678.375 148T9.100 40T33.025 202T
369Chen, GinaMecklenburg County YMCA 4 All8.650 178T8.300 188T8.075 191T8.000 244T33.025 202T
369Lyman, TaiteWoods Gymnastics 4 All8.400 230T8.325 186T7.700 228T8.600 147T33.025 202T
372Hiemstra, LaurenChantilly Academy 4 All8.575 201T7.425 244T8.100 188T8.900 73T33.000 205T
372Weir, StephanieChantilly Academy 5 All8.400 130T8.125 1447.575 219T8.900 66T33.000 168T
372Johnson-Woods, EveWoods Gymnastics 5 All8.425 124T7.350 206T8.425 144T8.800 86T33.000 168T
372CRIST, MADISONGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.000 193T7.850 169T8.775 84T8.375 186T33.000 168T
372Gilbertson, SharonNorthern Virginia Gym. Academy 4 All8.450 220T8.300 188T7.500 2428.750 113T33.000 205T
372Carroll, DarcyShenandoah Tumblers Inc. 4 All8.700 152T8.075 2127.775 220T8.450 173T33.000 205T
372Hasson, KylaWISC Gymnastics 5 All8.350 136T8.675 79T7.300 2258.675 122T33.000 168T
372Kerkam, ChandlerGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.650 178T8.200 201T8.325 158T7.825 25133.000 205T
372Jones, MadisonGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.200 252T8.575 149T8.325 158T7.900 247T33.000 205T
372Fitzgerald, KennedyCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.000 193T8.250 127T8.200 169T8.550 150T33.000 168T
372McClintock, KatherineChantilly Academy 5 All8.000 193T8.025 150T8.550 119T8.425 181T33.000 168T
372Donnelly, KathrynCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.500 208T8.525 154T7.600 235T8.375 190T33.000 205T
372schaefer, kellyLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.200 252T8.125 2098.450 133T8.225 211T33.000 205T
372West, JadynAPEX 5 All8.075 1868.150 141T8.450 139T8.325 19033.000 168T
386custard, giannaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.900 82T8.100 210T7.850 212T8.050 238T32.900 212
387Blackwell, MorganRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.750 128T7.150 255T8.625 101T8.350 193T32.875 213T
387Kraby, EmmaArlington Aerials 4 All8.750 128T8.450 169T7.625 233T8.050 238T32.875 213T
387Douglas, ClaireAll American 4 All8.675 169T8.150 204T7.425 2458.625 142T32.875 213T
387Lee, JulianneGMS Gymnastics Institute 5 All8.300 143T8.500 101T7.575 219T8.500 163T32.875 175
391Smith, MirandaGymstrada Gymnastic School 5 All8.000 193T8.525 97T7.525 2238.775 91T32.825 176
391Aurentz, KierstenNorthern Virginia Gym. Academy 4 All8.250 248T8.175 2038.300 162T8.100 230T32.825 216
393Bathaee, MelodyChantilly Academy 4 All7.900 2658.875 94T6.875 2629.150 32T32.800 217
394Simmons, CaitlinMajik Saints 4 All7.850 266T8.725 129T7.750 223T8.425 183T32.750 218T
394Beazley, KelseyPremier Olympic Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.050 258T7.850 225T8.400 141T8.450 173T32.750 218T
396Knowles, TaylorAPEX 5 All7.350 2247.950 162T8.750 86T8.675 122T32.725 177
397Hamlin, MadalynnGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All8.625 189T7.150 255T8.375 148T8.550 155T32.700 220T
397Ficara, GabrielleVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.375 235T7.900 222T7.975 204T8.450 173T32.700 220T
397King, ShannonWISC Gymnastics 5 All8.425 124T8.200 133T7.850 201T8.225 204T32.700 178
400Green, HaileeGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.675 169T7.650 239T8.050 193T8.300 200T32.675 222
401Dickman, BethCardinal Gymnastics 4 All8.825 103T8.050 213T7.275 2518.500 165T32.650 223T
401Weisenberger, EmilyGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.450 220T8.475 165T8.175 179T7.550 26532.650 223T
403Siegal, ChristineArlington Aerials 4 All9.200 19T8.750 120T6.450 2668.225 211T32.625 225
404Biondi, CarolyneStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All7.775 211T7.600 189T8.500 132T8.725 105T32.600 179T
404Ray, MadisonGymnastics Inc. 5 All8.325 139T7.950 162T8.450 139T7.875 22032.600 179T
406Harris, AmandaFluvanna 4 All8.000 262T7.800 230T8.575 115T8.200 214T32.575 226
407Rice, KaylaStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.850 95T7.200 2548.350 153T8.150 224T32.550 227T
407Carrens, MadisonGymini Gymnastics Club 5 All8.750 72T7.550 194T7.800 207T8.450 173T32.550 181
407Angle, EllieGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.475 216T7.425 244T8.000 198T8.650 135T32.550 227T
407Porter, AvaTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.525 205T7.350 246T8.425 138T8.250 205T32.550 227T
411Bronaugh, EllaTriple T Sports Center 5 All7.775 211T8.400 115T7.800 207T8.550 150T32.525 182
412Coulson, FfionaFairfax Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.650 178T7.250 252T8.400 141T8.200 214T32.500 230
412Bergman, SammyGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.025 189T7.900 164T8.000 185T8.575 145T32.500 183T
412Rupkalvis, OliviaAll Star Gymnastics 5 All8.250 155T7.850 169T7.950 189T8.450 173T32.500 183T
415Berkovich, MariahGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All8.775 119T7.700 235T7.900 207T8.100 230T32.475 231T
415Bruce, AmiriGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All8.400 230T8.550 151T6.975 2588.550 155T32.475 231T
415Mittelstetter, GabrieleBotetourt Gymnastics Academy 5 All7.925 2067.800 173T8.550 119T8.200 206T32.475 185T
415Marie Lewis, AnnaClassics Gymnastics Center 5 All8.100 183T7.900 164T8.300 159T8.175 209T32.475 185T
419Harrell, SarahGymstrada Gymnastic School 4 All7.850 266T8.150 204T7.775 220T8.675 130T32.450 233
419Ray, QuincyCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.300 143T7.800 173T7.900 194T8.450 173T32.450 187
421Johnson, BreqlyneWoods Gymnastics 5 All8.250 155T6.825 2238.500 132T8.850 75T32.425 188T
421Jones, RebeccaBlue Ridge Gymnastics Academy 5 All8.350 136T6.850 2228.450 139T8.775 91T32.425 188T
421Gunraj, RachelGymini Gymnastics Club 5 All7.675 216T8.350 119T7.875 197T8.525 159T32.425 188T
421Wandei, KaishaWoods Gymnastics 5 All8.475 111T7.400 200T8.025 183T8.525 159T32.425 188T
425Barber, LorenLoudoun Gymnastics Center 5 All8.475 111T6.650 2268.575 117T8.700 108T32.400 192
426FORMY DUVAL, RACHELGymnastics Inc. 5 All7.950 204T8.325 122T7.675 2178.425 181T32.375 193
427Dyke, AllisonLynchburg Academy of Gymnastics and Power Tumbling 5 All7.600 218T7.900 164T8.325 154T8.500 163T32.325 194T
427Phillips, PatriciaTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.425 228T7.350 246T8.200 174T8.350 193T32.325 234
427Mueh, SarahArlington Aerials 5 All8.300 143T8.025 150T7.850 201T8.150 211T32.325 194T
430Low, MaseyMajik Saints 5 All8.350 136T7.675 185T7.575 219T8.700 108T32.300 196
431Lubking, KelleyGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.450 116T7.300 210T7.925 192T8.600 136T32.275 197T
431Hertel, BrynAPEX 5 All8.300 143T8.450 107T7.125 227T8.400 184T32.275 197T
433Pastore, NinaRichmond Olympiad VA 4 All8.450 220T6.900 2638.200 174T8.700 123T32.250 235T
433English, JordanApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.300 245T8.400 176T7.900 207T7.650 26132.250 235T
435Altizer, ElizabethWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 4 All8.625 189T7.850 225T7.475 243T8.200 214T32.150 237T
435harris, jordanLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.375 235T7.950 2217.775 220T8.050 238T32.150 237T
437Medina, AleyzzaArlington Aerials 5 All8.500 106T7.050 2198.100 1798.475 17232.125 199
438Cubbler, AnnaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All7.850 208T7.800 173T7.800 207T8.650 127T32.100 200T
438Parmley, KatiCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All7.750 213T7.650 1878.600 112T8.100 21332.100 200T
440Atkins, TallulahCapital Gymnastics National Center 4 All8.750 128T8.350 184T6.600 2658.350 193T32.050 239
441Unger, CarterAll American 4 All8.700 152T8.400 176T7.825 217T7.100 26832.025 240T
441Deegan, EllisonShenandoah Tumblers Inc. 4 All8.325 2447.500 242T7.725 225T8.475 17232.025 240T
441Papadopoulos, MariaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All8.275 1547.300 210T8.200 169T8.250 198T32.025 202
444Anderson, MaddieLynchburg Academy of Gymnastics and Power Tumbling 4 All8.675 169T7.300 2517.325 248T8.700 123T32.000 242T
444Kaufman, MollyRiver City Youth Fitness 5 All8.000 193T7.350 206T8.200 169T8.450 173T32.000 203
444Vogel, JennaDancensation Dance Center 4 All8.000 262T7.775 2328.150 181T8.075 236T32.000 242T
447Jenkins, KennedyKing George Patriots 5 All8.025 189T7.800 173T7.600 2188.525 159T31.950 204
447DEFAZIO, CLARAVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.500 208T7.650 239T7.600 235T8.200 214T31.950 244
449Campbell, MalaynaWoods Gymnastics 5 All8.525 1057.450 1987.250 2268.700 108T31.925 205
449Donovan, CaitlinAll American 4 All8.500 208T8.350 184T7.075 2558.000 244T31.925 245
451Miles, KathrynGymini Gymnastics Club 5 All8.050 187T7.625 1887.725 212T8.500 163T31.900 206T
451Weber, AlexAPEX 5 All8.175 171T7.100 217T8.125 175T8.500 163T31.900 206T
451Buchanan, MaryGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.350 239T8.050 213T7.750 223T7.750 256T31.900 246
454Lloyd, BriaAPEX 5 All7.850 208T7.200 215T8.150 173T8.675 122T31.875 208
455Corts, LeahArlington Aerials 5 All8.325 139T8.150 141T7.125 227T8.250 198T31.850 209
456Stuchell, KarrieStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.250 248T8.025 2187.650 231T7.900 247T31.825 247
457Brooks, KallieNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 5 All8.225 158T7.700 182T8.075 180T7.725 223T31.725 210
458McManama, NiaStafford Gymnastics Center 4 All8.700 152T7.250 252T8.100 188T7.625 26231.675 248
459Thomas, CapriChantilly Academy 5 All8.150 176T6.800 2247.850 201T8.825 83T31.625 211
460Phillips, StephanieTriple T Sports Center 4 All8.700 152T8.525 154T6.325 2678.050 238T31.600 249
460Bencic, AlexandraAPEX 5 All8.225 158T7.350 206T7.950 189T8.075 21431.600 212
462Stokes, AkiyahAll Star Gymnastics 4 All8.450 220T8.050 213T6.950 259T8.100 230T31.550 250
462Isaacson, MaraVirginia Techniques Gymnastics Inc. 5 All8.000 193T7.300 210T8.075 180T8.175 209T31.550 213
464Newton, SaraMajik Saints 4 All8.300 245T7.500 242T7.650 231T8.050 238T31.500 251
465Naperala, AveryHurricane Gymnastics 5 All7.375 2237.525 1977.875 197T8.700 108T31.475 214T
465Soltes, CaitrinAll American 5 All8.150 176T7.100 217T8.500 132T7.725 223T31.475 214T
467Page, EmilyFluvanna 4 All7.700 2687.050 259T8.550 119T8.100 230T31.400 252
468Himelright, AlexandraShenandoah Tumblers Inc. 4 All8.300 245T7.700 235T6.825 2638.550 155T31.375 253
469Warthan, MollyGymnastics Inc. 4 All8.600 192T7.850 225T7.050 256T7.850 249T31.350 254
470Egge, OliviaArlington Aerials 5 All8.500 106T6.900 220T7.700 214T8.200 206T31.300 216
471Almeda, EsperanzaApollo Gymnastics 4 All8.050 258T7.100 2587.875 2118.250 205T31.275 255
472DeCroo, IsabellaWoods Gymnastics 4 All8.900 82T7.025 2617.250 252T8.075 236T31.250 256T
472Payne, SterlingGalax Gainers 4 All8.050 258T7.850 225T7.250 252T8.100 230T31.250 256T
474NOEL, CORINNEVirginia International Gymnastics School 5 All8.425 124T6.750 2257.700 214T8.300 191T31.175 217
475Presson, SydniWindsor Gymnastics Training Center 5 All7.150 2266.400 2288.550 119T9.000 52T31.100 218
475Mason, MeganGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.700 152T7.350 246T6.950 259T8.100 230T31.100 258
477Niehoff, MalloryCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All7.450 2207.600 189T7.400 2248.600 136T31.050 219
478Morris, JacquelineWISC Gymnastics 4 All8.425 228T6.700 2667.550 239T8.250 205T30.925 259
479Gravely, NayanaRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All8.450 220T7.700 235T6.950 259T7.800 252T30.900 260
480Young, TaylorRoanoke Academy of Gymnastics 4 All8.350 239T7.900 222T7.400 246T7.150 26730.800 261
480Smith, JordanGymini Gymnastics Club 5 All7.900 2078.000 156T8.250 166T6.650 22830.800 220
482Upchurch, RylieApollo Gymnastics 5 All7.050 2277.200 215T8.000 185T8.500 163T30.750 221T
482Davi, NoelleGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All7.700 2156.900 220T8.325 154T7.825 221T30.750 221T
482Osipenko, SashaGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.225 158T6.550 2277.725 212T8.250 198T30.750 221T
485Philhower, MadisonGym Quest Gymnastics 5 All8.125 181T7.400 200T7.700 214T7.450 22630.675 224
486Scott, AshleyDancensation Dance Center 4 All8.250 248T7.000 2627.600 235T7.800 252T30.650 262
487Ayres, BerkeleyGym Quest Gymnastics 4 All8.600 192T6.250 2688.050 193T7.675 26030.575 263
488Belote, ReaganGymnastics Inc. 5 All7.400 2227.700 182T7.875 197T7.525 22530.500 225
489McCoy, AlyshaCapital Gymnastics National Center 5 All7.750 213T7.400 200T8.300 159T7.000 22730.450 226
490Jordan, AnnaStafford Gymnastics Center 5 All8.175 171T7.400 200T6.650 2298.150 211T30.375 227
491Sartain, BrianneWISC Gymnastics 4 All8.450 220T6.750 2656.650 2648.300 200T30.150 264
492Humprise, MarchiaLoudoun Gymnastics Center 4 All8.150 256T7.050 259T7.050 256T7.800 252T30.050 265
493Dawson, TylerBotetourt Gymnastics Academy 4 All8.175 2557.700 235T6.200 2687.600 26329.675 266
494Wilson, CamdenCartWheels Academy and CartWheels Tumble Bus 4 All8.625 189T7.150 255T4.750 2697.750 256T28.275 267
495Smith, RianeTriple T Sports Center 5 All0.000 228T7.700 182T8.525 128T8.300 191T24.525 228
496Brooks, PaytonNovaks Gymnastics Center Inc. 4 All0.000 2697.750 233T8.250 170T8.250 205T24.250 268
497PASCOE, PAYTONVirginia International Gymnastics School 4 All8.700 152T0.000 2698.750 78T0.000 26917.450 269
498Williams, AshleyChantilly Academy 5 All0.000 228T0.000 2299.000 48T0.000 2299.000 229