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Up In The Air -
Up In The Air
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-04-072018-04-08 Gymtegrity398
Meet ScoresTeam: Mountain Kids Gymnastics
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Brasington, EmoryMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger9.600 29.250 14T9.000 22T9.250 637.100 1
2Cusack, SydneyMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Older8.700 15T9.450 3T9.550 29.300 2T37.000 3
3Wilson, AnnaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Middle9.300 49.100 24T9.200 12T9.050 14T36.650 4
4Dixon, AnnieMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger8.400 319.100 25T9.600 19.300 4T36.400 7T
5Bodizs, TuvaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger8.700 16T9.300 10T9.050 19T9.150 936.200 11
6Graves, EliseMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger9.100 69.300 11T8.700 45T8.950 22T36.050 13T
6Kraft, EvelynMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger9.250 59.200 16T8.900 31T8.700 39*36.050 14T
8Fitzgerald, AbbyMountain Kids Gymnastics 3 XS Older9.200 15T8.650 49T9.350 20T8.700 51T35.900 29T
9Wojtalik, AudreyMountain Kids Gymnastics 3 XS Middle9.600 4T8.150 609.150 32T8.900 43T35.800 30
9Anderson, HaydenMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Middle8.600 22T8.800 37T9.100 16T9.300 5T35.800 19
11Baldwin, MadelynMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Older9.400 39.300 13T8.850 388.150 59T35.700 21
12Mierzejewski, LilianaMountain Kids Gymnastics 3 XS Middle8.600 30T9.000 35T9.300 26T8.750 49T35.650 33T
12Bergman, AriannaMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Middle8.900 19*8.900 24T8.950 22T8.900 41T35.650 23T
14Murray, GlynnisMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Younger8.700 37T8.950 18T8.900 25T9.000 35T35.550 25T
15Hoskins, PaigeMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Younger8.600 47T9.000 13T9.100 10T8.750 46T35.450 26
16Malerba-Shoulders, TaylorMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Younger9.000 16T8.600 42T8.800 28T9.000 36T35.400 28T
17Max, AudreyMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Middle8.800 12T8.800 39T8.600 47T9.100 13T35.300 24T
17Raulf, MayaMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Middle8.600 48T9.000 14T8.750 338.950 38T35.300 30T
19Price, KatieMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Older8.500 28T8.500 52T9.200 15T9.050 15T35.250 26
20Lavens, GillianMountain Kids Gymnastics 3 XS Middle8.200 58T8.600 51T9.550 6T8.850 47T35.200 41T
20Nakamura, KayaMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Younger9.550 3T8.800 31T8.000 55T8.850 39T35.200 39
20Gale, GinaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger8.000 449.250 15T9.100 17T8.850 29T35.200 27T
20Du, JessicaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Middle8.500 29T9.150 23T8.800 40T8.750 34T35.200 28T
24Scott, TaylorMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Middle8.900 23T8.950 19T8.000 52T9.300 14T35.150 35
25Nicholson, MiaMountain Kids Gymnastics 3 XS Middle8.400 44T8.800 45T9.250 28T8.600 55T35.050 43
26Mun, AmoryMountain Kids Gymnastics 3 XS Older8.800 24T8.000 62T9.400 16T8.750 50T34.950 46T
26St. Saveur, OliveMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger8.650 19T8.650 48T8.300 55T9.350 134.950 31
28Fisbeck, PaigeMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Older8.300 33T9.400 6T8.900 33T8.300 55T34.900 32T
28Chamberlain, PennyMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Younger8.600 49T8.900 26T8.800 30T8.600 55T34.900 38
30McDonald, ClareMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger8.300 36T8.500 53T9.100 18T8.900 25T34.800 36
31Cunningham, NorahMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger8.700 17T8.800 40T8.600 49T8.600 44T34.700 37
32Talocco, MiaMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Younger8.650 42T8.100 608.700 37T9.200 23T34.650 43T
32Weiss, MichelleMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Older8.700 608.200 54T9.200 14T8.550 5534.650 47
32Freis-Levy, FiorellaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Older8.100 40*8.800 41T9.000 28T8.750 35*34.650 38T
35Fouque, MelanieMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.100 39*8.400 47T9.000 23T8.000 6434.500 50T
36Hanst, ZuzuMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Older8.400 59T8.900 27T8.000 54T8.700 51T34.000 54
37Duan, SophiaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger7.600 53T8.700 47T8.800 43T8.800 31T33.900 51
37Persinger, CarlyMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Middle8.700 40T8.650 40T7.900 58T8.650 53T33.900 56T
39Huitt, AmeliaMountain Kids Gymnastics 6 XP Middle9.150 34T8.200 55T8.000 59T8.500 58T33.850 58
40Borsholm, HelenaMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Middle8.600 51T8.700 36T8.200 50T8.300 6033.800 57
41Christopher, KatieMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Middle8.300 38T8.300 568.600 51T8.500 49T33.700 52
42Lasker, MaddieMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Younger8.750 358.700 37T8.100 518.050 6133.600 59
43Smith, BeckyMountain Kids Gymnastics 4 XG Middle8.550 53T8.600 46T7.800 60T8.500 5933.450 60
44Blair, ChloeMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Younger6.700 598.100 589.300 9T8.750 38T32.850 55
45Margrie, CarysMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XB Middle5.900 607.200 608.700 46T8.300 57T30.100 59