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2017 AAU Midwest Regionals -
2017 AAU Midwest Regionals
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-05-052017-05-07 CSA-Kids637
Meet Scores Session: W7 Level: XS
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Cooley, JorgiaRainbow Gymnastics W7 XS Sr A8.525 37T9.400 20T9.350 18T8.950 24T36.225 1
2Bilz, KennedyRainbow Gymnastics W7 XS Sr A9.300 39.175 42T8.050 709.350 1T35.875 2
3Behling, KiarahRainbow Gymnastics W7 XS Sr A8.350 45T8.700 589.375 179.125 14T35.550 4T
4Estes, SophieItasca Gymnastics W7 XS Sr A8.400 43T9.100 469.100 32T8.750 40T35.350 6
5Baginskis, JohannaElmhurst Park District W7 XS Sr B8.775 16T9.125 44T9.100 32T8.300 5535.300 7
6Vanderboom, MyaWildcard Gymnastics W7 XS Sr A9.450 19.475 12T9.500 6T28.425 11
7Shetler, OliviaHazel Green W7 XS Sr A9.350 29.350 269.650 328.350 12
8Piwonski, TiannaHard Core W7 XS Sr B9.500 8T9.475 8T9.275 628.250 13
9Contzen, SophieGob W7 XS Sr B9.100 49.650 1T9.475 8T28.225 14
10Huseman, HannahHazel Green W7 XS Sr B8.750 18T9.650 1T9.475 8T27.875 15
11Smith, EmmaAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Sr A8.925 7T9.400 20T9.450 12T27.775 16
12Gernetzke, NorahCSA-Kids W7 XS Sr A9.650 1T9.175 26T8.900 28T27.725 17
13Robinson, KeaganWildcard Gymnastics W7 XS Jr A8.825 129.475 12T9.400 1627.700 18
14Martensen, HannaHazel Green W7 XS Sr A8.800 13T9.400 20T9.475 8T27.675 19
15Downs, PriscillaHazel Green W7 XS Sr B8.650 289.500 8T9.500 6T27.650 20
16Kovrigina, NataliaWildcard Gymnastics W7 XS Sr A8.725 22T9.550 69.350 18T27.625 21
17Wackershauser, HaileeHazel Green W7 XS Sr A8.775 16T9.475 12T9.325 2027.575 22
18Galle, GraysenHard Core W7 XS Jr A9.275 31T9.100 32T9.150 11T27.525 24
19Cassani, MiaIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy W7 XS Sr A8.675 26T9.475 12T9.350 1T27.500 25
20Palmer, AlisonAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Sr A8.925 7T9.500 8T9.025 38T27.450 26T
20Stewart, DaevanieAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Sr A8.800 13T9.225 38T9.425 14T27.450 26T
22Walter, SamanthaElite Gymnastics- WI W7 XS Sr B8.925 7T9.300 28T9.175 1027.400 28
23Carpentier, MadisonGob W7 XS Sr B8.900 109.400 20T9.075 36T27.375 29
24Laporte, AllyssiaCSA-Kids W7 XS Sr B9.450 17T8.975 42T8.850 31T27.275 30
25Bender, LaceyHard Core W7 XS Jr A9.250 33T8.875 47T9.075 1927.200 31
26Fuerstenburg, ShelbyHazel Green W7 XS Sr A8.800 13T9.625 48.750 5327.175 32T
27Lauritzen, MiaAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Jr A8.475 399.475 12T9.175 26T27.125 35T
28Pickhard, NatalieElite Gymnastics- WI W7 XS Sr B8.700 24T9.250 33T9.100 16T27.050 37
29Lord, AvaHard Core W7 XS Sr A9.175 42T8.675 579.150 11T27.000 38
30Dorsey, SkylarIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy W7 XS Jr A8.675 26T9.575 58.700 42T26.950 40T
30Peters-gill, LeilaniIK Gymnastics W7 XS Jr A8.250 559.500 8T9.200 8T26.950 40T
30Wissen, EmilyIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy W7 XS Jr A9.000 69.450 17T8.500 50T26.950 40T
30Dittmar, BrookeHazel Green W7 XS Sr A8.425 41T9.225 38T9.300 21T26.950 40T
34Miller, KassandraElite Gymnastics- WI W7 XS Sr B9.075 58.875 518.950 24T26.900 44
35Ward, HaileyIK Gymnastics W7 XS Sr B8.450 409.250 33T9.125 14T26.825 45
36Lazzari, IslaIK Gymnastics W7 XS Jr A8.325 48T9.250 33T9.225 726.800 46
37England, IrisIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy W7 XS Jr A8.525 37T9.425 198.825 3526.775 47
38Mccrum, ReaganGob W7 XS Sr B8.550 35T8.775 559.425 14T26.750 48
39Williams, KaylieCSA-Kids W7 XS Sr B9.200 40T8.575 588.950 24T26.725 49
40Joseph, PerlaIK Gymnastics W7 XS Jr A8.590 319.375 258.700 42T26.665 51
41Cooper, JennaHazel Green W7 XS Sr B8.700 24T9.000 488.950 44T26.650 52
42Kurz, AbbiAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Jr A8.050 578.750 56T9.775 126.575 53
43Kaufmann, TaytElite Gymnastics- WI W7 XS Sr A8.750 18T8.925 508.850 31T26.525 54
44Smith, KylieIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy W7 XS Sr B8.325 48T9.125 44T9.000 21T26.450 55
45Dorsey, AylaIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy W7 XS Jr A8.600 309.025 478.775 3926.400 56
46Smith, BrielleIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy W7 XS Jr A8.350 45T9.325 278.700 42T26.375 57
47Bouten, LaikenCSA-Kids W7 XS Sr A9.275 31T8.300 65T8.750 40T26.325 58
48Koehn, JennaCSA-Kids W7 XS Sr B8.750 56T8.825 508.650 4626.225 61
49Temkin, SammieIK Gymnastics W7 XS Sr A8.625 298.850 528.700 42T26.175 62
50Mclean, MercedesCSA-Kids W7 XS Sr B8.825 539.025 38T8.050 5825.900 64
51Zimmerman, PresleyElite Gymnastics- WI W7 XS Jr A8.350 45T8.800 548.550 48T25.700 66
52Reed, LilyAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Jr A6.900 599.250 33T9.300 21T25.450 68
53Ferguson, HeleneAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Sr A8.325 48T8.475 618.300 65T25.100 70
54Behlmann, AddisonAim High Gymnastics and Dance W7 XS Jr A6.100 609.525 79.250 24T24.875 71
55Moyle, EmmaHard Core W7 XS Jr A9.300 28T9.725 219.025 76
56Dickrell, EmilyBay Area Gymnastics Club W7 XS Sr B8.725 549.000 21T17.725 80