2017 Mississippi River Gymnastics Vacation Classic - AAU -
2017 Mississippi River Gymnastics Vacation Classic - AAU
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2017-03-042017-03-05 CSA Kids Sports Arts CampusClick here157
Meet Scores Session: A6
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Shetler, OliviaHazel Green A6 XS Junior9.250 17T9.300 5T9.050 6T9.350 136.950 1
2Mauer, NatalieCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.450 6T9.150 99.050 6T9.200 3T36.850 2
3Schlom, AnnabelleRC Dance and Gymnastics, LLC A6 2 Junior9.450 6T9.400 49.000 8T8.950 8T36.800 3
4Chesmore, LondonCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.300 12T9.050 13T9.200 19.150 536.700 4
5Moyle, EmmaHard Core A6 XS Child9.400 9T9.550 18.750 19T8.850 13T36.550 5
6Brown, OliviaTeam Flip A6 XS Child8.600 56T9.300 5T9.100 3T9.200 3T36.200 6
7Moreland, ZuleeIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XB Junior9.150 24T9.000 17T9.000 8T8.900 10T36.050 7
8Huseman, HannahHazel Green A6 XS Senior9.000 38T9.450 38.700 23*8.850 13T36.000 8T
8Downs, PriscillaHazel Green A6 XS Senior9.100 28T8.900 21T8.700 23*9.300 236.000 8T
8Cooper, JennaHazel Green A6 XS Senior9.200 19T9.100 10T9.000 8T8.700 17T36.000 8T
11Andolsek, KendalRC Dance and Gymnastics, LLC A6 2 Senior9.150 24T9.000 17T9.100 3T8.700 17T35.950 11
12Dimattina, GeorgetteCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.300 12*8.400 42T8.850 15T9.100 635.650 12T
12Michek, JayceeA.M.K.M. Gymnastics A6 2 Senior9.300 12*8.850 23T8.800 188.700 17T35.650 12T
14Sheridan, AlysonCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.050 34T8.850 23T8.700 23T8.950 8T35.550 14
15Keltner, ZoeyHard Core A6 XB Children9.500 3T9.200 7T8.300 458.400 28T35.400 15T
15Echols, EmilyIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XB Junior9.100 28T8.800 26T8.850 15T8.650 20T35.400 15T
17Mcguire, JanessaCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.000 38T8.600 32T8.750 19T8.900 10T35.250 17
18Cain, CiaraCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.050 34T8.600 32T8.600 27T8.900 10T35.150 18T
18Sertterh, MadalynnTeam Flip A6 XS Child8.600 56T9.050 13T8.950 12T8.550 2435.150 18T
20Pinoski, TiannaHard Core A6 XS Senior9.500 3T8.900 21T8.500 32T8.100 40T35.000 20T
20Chesebro, PhoebeCSA-Kids A6 2 Junior9.200 19T7.750 639.000 8T9.050 735.000 20T
22Haser, KeiraHard Core A6 XB Junior9.450 6T8.700 30T8.450 36T8.300 34T34.900 22
23Gernetzke, NorahCSA-Kids A6 XS Junior8.650 559.500 28.100 49T8.600 22T34.850 23
24Garthwaite, AvaHard Core A6 XS Junior9.700 19.050 13T7.850 62T8.200 3834.800 24T
24Waldron, MeredithIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XB Children9.400 9T8.350 44T8.550 30T8.500 25T34.800 24T
26Zeglis, AnastaciaIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XB Senior9.100 28T8.800 26T8.500 32T8.350 3334.750 26
27Wackershauser, HaileeHazel Green A6 XS Junior9.350 118.450 38T8.500 32T8.400 28T34.700 27
28Dittmar, BrookeHazel Green A6 XS Junior9.150 24T8.400 42T8.650 268.450 2734.650 28
29Baker, MollyCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior8.350 63T8.850 23T9.100 3T8.300 34T34.600 30T
29Meylor, EricaHard Core A6 XS Senior9.000 38T9.100 10T8.350 42T8.150 3934.600 29T
31Goth, HudsonCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.050 34T8.300 47T8.600 27T8.500 25T34.450 31
32Bouten, LaikenCSA-Kids A6 XS Senior8.800 49T8.600 32T8.550 30T8.400 28T34.350 32
33Egger, OliviaCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior8.900 45T8.150 49T8.400 38T8.850 13T34.300 33
34Dorsey, SkylarIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XS Child8.600 56T8.800 26T8.950 12T7.900 51T34.250 34
35Williams, KaylieCSA-Kids A6 XS Senior8.800 49T9.000 17T8.350 42T8.000 47T34.150 35
36Severance, LaylaCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.050 34T8.450 38T8.200 478.400 28T34.100 36
37Belche, AvaRC Dance and Gymnastics, LLC A6 2 Junior9.300 12T7.800 60T9.150 27.800 54T34.050 37
38Thompson, IsabelHard Core A6 XB Children9.500 3T9.100 10T7.300 688.100 40T34.000 38T
38Doyle, BenziCSA-Kids A6 2 Junior9.100 28T8.100 53T8.050 54T8.750 1634.000 38T
40Laporte, AllyssiaCSA-Kids A6 XS Senior9.300 12T9.200 7T7.400 678.050 44T33.950 40
41Cassani, MiaIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XS Junior8.900 45T8.700 30T8.600 27T7.700 5833.900 41
42Herrmann, KaiyaCSA-Kids A6 2 Senior9.200 19T8.100 53T8.500 32T8.050 44T33.850 42T
42Galle, GraysenHard Core A6 XS Child9.100 28T8.450 38T8.050 54T8.250 36T33.850 42T
44Ingersoll, AddisonHard Core A6 XS Junior9.550 28.600 32T7.700 64T7.950 5033.800 44T
44Cap, AveryIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XB Senior8.150 658.150 49T8.900 148.600 22T33.800 44T
46Martensen, HannaHazel Green A6 XS Junior8.600 56*9.050 13T8.050 54T8.050 44T33.750 46T
46Carter, CayleyRC Dance and Gymnastics, LLC A6 2 Senior8.600 56*8.150 49T8.750 19T8.250 36T33.750 46T
48Dorsey, AylaIllinois Valley Gymnastics Academy A6 XS Child8.350 63T8.800 26T8.850 15T7.550 59T33.550 48
49Elliot, HaileyHard Core A6 XB Junior9.200 19T8.450 38T8.150 487.550 59T33.350 49T
49Popp, LaineyHazel Green A6 XS Child9.000 38T7.600 658.100 49T8.650 20T33.350 49T
51Thousand, LilaHard Core A6 XS Child9.250 17T8.500 36T7.700 64T7.850 5333.300 51
52Reese, MeudtHard Core A6 XB Junior9.000 38T8.350 44T8.000 57T7.800 54T33.150 52T
52Hartwig, CatieHard Core A6 XB Junior8.900 45T7.900 57*8.350 42T8.000 47T33.150 52T
52Bricco, PeytonRC Dance and Gymnastics, LLC A6 2 Junior8.700 52*7.900 57*8.450 36T8.100 40*33.150 52T
52Koehn, JennaCSA-Kids A6 XS Senior8.700 52*8.500 36T7.850 62T8.100 40*33.150 52T
56Bauer, MayaHard Core A6 XB Junior9.150 24T8.100 53T8.400 38*7.350 6533.000 56T
56Mclean, MercedesCSA-Kids A6 XS Senior8.950 448.150 49T8.400 38*7.500 61T33.000 56T
58Parlich, ElizaHard Core A6 XB Senior8.800 49T9.000 17T7.600 667.500 61T32.900 58
59Vincent, CamiHazel Green A6 XS Senior9.100 28T7.900 57T8.000 57T7.800 54T32.800 59T
59Obel, TatumHard Core A6 XS Junior8.500 618.300 47T8.100 49T7.900 51T32.800 59T
61Goebel, SadieHard Core A6 XS Child8.700 52T8.350 44T7.900 617.800 54T32.750 61
62Jenna, KurschnerHard Core A6 XB Children9.200 19T7.800 60T8.100 49T7.450 6432.550 62
63Klatt, KendalA.M.K.M. Gymnastics A6 1 Senior7.000 688.000 568.750 19T8.400 28T32.150 63
64Allen-Price, AlexisHard Core A6 XB Senior8.850 487.800 60T8.250 467.100 6832.000 64
65Fink, ChesneHard Core A6 XB Children9.000 38T7.000 678.400 38T7.200 66T31.600 65
66Giraud, KalliA.M.K.M. Gymnastics A6 1 Junior7.600 677.650 648.000 57T8.000 47T31.250 66
67Langrehr, EmmaA.M.K.M. Gymnastics A6 2 Junior8.400 626.800 688.100 49T7.500 61T30.800 67
68Hanson, AndreaCSA-Kids A6 2 Junior8.100 667.100 668.000 57T7.200 66T30.400 68