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Yellow Rose Invitational 2020 -
Yellow Rose Invitational 2020
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2020-02-282020-03-01 Pearland EliteClick here538
Meet Scores Session: 2
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Dickey, KathleenAerial Athletics 2 XS JR B9.600 5T9.700 3T9.800 2T9.700 638.800 1
2Bradshaw, KeyleeBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS JR B9.350 17T9.800 1T9.700 5T9.900 138.750 2
3Hayes, TaylorAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A9.800 19.600 7T9.300 36T9.750 4*38.450 3T
3Stoltz, AlexandriaAerial Athletics 2 XS JR B9.550 9T9.700 3T9.450 22T9.750 4*38.450 3T
5Lominac, SheaPearland Elite 2 XS SR A9.600 5T9.500 14T9.750 49.550 9T38.400 5
6Lopez, LillianAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A9.500 13T9.650 69.650 9*9.550 9T38.350 6T
6Reeves, ReaganPearland Elite 2 XS SR A9.600 5T9.600 7T9.650 9*9.500 15T38.350 6T
8Martinez, KyraBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS SR A9.250 29T9.700 3T9.550 16T9.800 338.300 8
9Sherwood, KaitlynEnRich Gymnastics 2 XS JR A9.500 13T9.600 7T9.600 12T9.550 9T38.250 9
10Tran, AshleyAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR B9.300 22T9.800 1T9.700 5T9.400 23T38.200 10
11Ward, ElainePearland Elite 2 XS SR B9.700 2*9.500 14T9.100 46T9.850 238.150 11T
11Yanney, KennedyPearland Elite 2 XS SR A9.700 2*9.400 23T9.600 12T9.450 19T38.150 11T
13Halvorsen, AllysinAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A9.350 17T9.600 7T9.700 5T9.450 19T38.100 13
14Dabra, IshitaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR A9.350 17T9.400 23T9.800 2T9.450 19T38.000 14T
14Carr, HannahPearland Elite 2 XS SR A9.300 22T9.600 7T9.600 12T9.500 15T38.000 14T
16Stone, EllyEnRich Gymnastics 2 XS JR B9.350 17T9.600 7T9.150 44T9.650 737.750 16
17Granger, SofiaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR A9.400 15T9.200 38T9.700 5T9.400 23T37.700 17T
17Wells, CaryAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A9.300 22T9.500 14T9.550 16T9.350 29T37.700 17T
19Gonzalez, AdrianaPearland Elite 2 XS SR B9.550 9T9.500 14*9.300 36T9.300 32T37.650 19T
19Bryant, TaylorBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS JR B9.300 22*9.500 14*9.500 19T9.350 29T37.650 19T
19Jones, StellaPearland Elite 2 XS SR A9.300 22*9.500 14*9.450 22T9.400 23T37.650 19T
22Gehrlein, OliviaAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A9.650 49.500 14T8.850 54T9.550 9T37.550 22
23Warren, BrooklynAerial Athletics 2 XS JR B9.400 15T9.400 23T9.450 22T9.250 35T37.500 23
24Taylor, JaciePearland Elite 2 XS JR B9.550 9T9.100 44T9.250 40T9.550 9T37.450 24
25Hines, AniyahPearland Elite 2 XS JR B9.600 5T9.100 44T9.200 42T9.500 15*37.400 25T
25Barnes, ReneeEnRich Gymnastics 2 XS SR A9.300 22T9.200 38T9.400 28T9.500 15*37.400 25T
27Bullitt, AlexisBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS JR A8.900 42T9.500 14T9.550 16T9.400 23T37.350 27
28Morales, AlisonAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A9.000 38T9.100 44T9.500 19T9.600 837.200 28T
28Porte, EpicAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A9.100 36T9.300 32*9.450 22T9.350 29T37.200 28T
28Ortiz, SofiaAerial Athletics 2 XS JR B9.200 31T9.300 32*9.300 36T9.400 23T37.200 28T
31Henley, LoriPearland Elite 2 XS SR B9.150 359.400 23T9.500 19T9.100 46T37.150 31T
31Sherwood, AngelinaEnRich Gymnastics 2 XS SR A9.200 31T9.200 38T9.450 22T9.300 32T37.150 31T
33Kavanagh, GillianAerial Athletics 2 XS SR A9.550 9T9.200 38T9.100 46T9.250 35T37.100 33
34Shatzer, GabbyBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS SR A8.300 55T9.600 7T9.650 9T9.450 19T37.000 34
35Malitz, EliseAerial Athletics 2 XS JR A8.700 48T9.400 23T9.600 12T9.100 46T36.800 35
36Lopez, MarenAerial Athletics 2 XS SR A9.200 31T9.000 48T9.400 28T9.150 41T36.750 36
37Desai, MilenaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR B9.000 38T9.300 32T9.350 33T9.050 5336.700 37
38Brandt, TeaganEnRich Gymnastics 2 XS SR B8.500 529.500 14T9.050 489.550 9T36.600 38T
38Vallejo, EvangelinaEnRich Gymnastics 2 XS SR A8.900 42T8.900 55T9.400 28T9.400 23T36.600 38T
40Do, LucyAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR B8.400 53T9.400 23T9.450 22T9.200 38T36.450 40T
40Abuata, IsabelaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR B9.000 38T8.900 55T9.400 28T9.150 41T36.450 40T
42Samaniego, SofiaAerial Athletics 2 XS SR B8.800 45T9.400 23T9.000 49T9.200 38T36.400 42T
42Harris, RenelleAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR B9.300 22T8.800 57T9.200 42T9.100 46T36.400 42T
44Westcott, KyleeBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS SR B9.250 29T9.200 38T9.400 28T8.400 6136.250 44
45Scott, EdenAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR A9.350 17T9.400 23*8.900 538.500 6036.150 45T
45Scott-Hopper, FrancesBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS SR A8.800 45T9.400 23*9.150 44T8.800 5636.150 45T
47Panek, NevaehAerial Athletics 2 XS JR B8.100 599.000 48T9.850 19.150 41*36.100 47T
47Gonzalez, MelodyBasel's All Star Gymnastics and Cheer 2 XS SR A8.700 48T9.300 32*9.000 49T9.100 46T36.100 47T
47Wommack, CarolineAerial Athletics 2 XS JR B9.100 36T9.300 32*8.550 629.150 41*36.100 47T
50Robinson, ZuriEnRich Gymnastics 2 XS SR A9.000 38T9.000 48T8.700 57T9.300 32T36.000 50
51Ali, MyaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR A8.200 57T9.200 38T9.350 33T9.150 41T35.900 51
52Wegner, OliviaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR B8.800 45T9.000 48T8.950 529.100 46T35.850 52
53Korona, CassidyAerial Athletics 2 XS SR A8.900 42T9.000 48T8.800 569.000 54T35.700 53
54Tilson, SophiaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR A9.200 31T8.200 629.000 49T9.200 38T35.600 54
55Gauvain, EmmaAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR B8.600 50T9.300 32T8.650 60T9.000 54T35.550 55
56Johnson, ChloeAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR A8.400 53T9.000 48T9.250 40T8.700 58T35.350 56
57Seijo, SofiAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR B8.200 57T9.000 48T9.300 36T8.750 5735.250 57
58Harris, KarleighAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR A8.600 50T9.100 44T8.650 60T8.700 58T35.050 58
59Davis, KaitlynAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR A8.300 55T8.800 57T8.700 57T9.100 46T34.900 59
60Kee, AbbyAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS JR A7.500 618.600 60T9.350 33T9.100 46T34.550 60
61Ruben, CalleighAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR B8.000 608.600 60T8.700 57T8.100 6233.400 61
62Harper, EvelynAlpha Omega Gymnastics 2 XS SR B5.000 628.700 598.850 54T9.250 35T31.800 62