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2020 Denver Winterfest Classic -
2020 Denver Winterfest Classic
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2020-02-142020-02-16 Colorado Gymnastic InstituteClick here1483
Meet Scores Session: 06G Level: XS Division: Child
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Molina, VictoriaColorado Gymnastic Institute 06G XS Child9.575 39.375 14T9.375 6T9.150 11T37.475 4
2Jones, TrinityColorado Gymnastic Institute 06G XS Child9.425 10T9.375 15T9.100 21T9.150 12*37.050 12T
3Geise, Ciera20 Mile Athletic Center 06G XS Child9.000 39T9.425 11T9.250 12T9.200 936.875 15
4Bringhurst, Jada20 Mile Athletic Center 06G XS Child9.300 16T9.100 309.200 17T9.100 20T36.700 17
5Wood, Taylor20 Mile Athletic Center 06G XS Child9.275 179.125 28T9.325 8T8.950 26T36.675 18
6Porter, ChloeColorado Gymnastic Institute 06G XS Child9.100 28T9.250 209.300 98.850 33T36.500 23T
7Lee, Teagan20 Mile Athletic Center 06G XS Child8.700 479.450 10T9.050 24T8.950 28T36.150 26T
8Sudar, EllaColorado Gymnastic Institute 06G XS Child9.000 40T9.225 22T8.650 419.250 7T36.125 28
9Cody, RachelPrairie Fire Gymnastics and Athletic Ctr 06G XS Child9.600 2T8.250 468.925 309.300 636.075 30
10Bone, LaniColorado Gymnastic Institute 06G XS Child9.025 37T9.175 25T8.350 448.950 29T35.500 39
11Waddy, KaylaCheyenne Parks and Recreation Department 06G XS Child8.800 468.925 37T8.750 35T8.850 34T35.325 41
12Smith, RoxyCheyenne Parks and Recreation Department 06G XS Child8.950 429.050 318.700 40T8.550 4735.250 42
13Haynes, AllieMoseley's Gymnastics and Fitness Center 06G XS Child9.025 38T8.875 398.200 458.850 35T34.950 43T
13Jones, JurniColorado Gymnastic Institute 06G XS Child8.850 458.650 418.750 36T8.700 43T34.950 44T
15Scott, PaisleeCheyenne Parks and Recreation Department 06G XS Child9.100 33T8.975 347.675 468.850 36T34.600 45