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St. Patrick's Day Invitational -
St. Patrick's Day Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-162019-03-17 Winthrop Gymnastics Academy585
Meet Scores Session: 09 Level: XB Division: Jr A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Dhimo, DritaGraceReading Gymnastics Academy Inc. 09 XB Jr A9.3008.900 25T9.7509.250 5T9.7509.200 6T9.4759.300 3T38.15036.650 5
2Pelletier, LilyBaker School of Gymnastics 09 XB Jr A9.5008.900 25T9.5009.150 12T9.4509.250 4T9.3509.250 6T37.60036.550 6
3Walsh, EllaBaker School of Gymnastics 09 XB Jr A9.6009.150 10T9.5008.600 49T9.4008.900 23T9.1509.000 21T37.22535.650 26
4Reade, KelseyBaker School of Gymnastics 09 XB Jr A9.0508.700 45*9.3509.000 22*9.3008.700 33T9.1009.100 15T36.37535.500 28T
4Casey, EmilyTumblekids USA Billerica 09 XB Jr A8.8508.700 45*9.5008.800 32T9.2509.000 16T9.1509.000 21T36.25035.500 28T
6Jacoby, TeaganTumblekids USA Billerica 09 XB Jr A9.5008.850 33T9.4008.900 28T9.3008.350 55T9.3009.300 3T37.00035.400 32T
7Mohan, MadelineBaker School of Gymnastics 09 XB Jr A9.2509.050 17T9.3008.900 28T9.1008.950 228.8258.350 5736.20035.250 36T
8Inada, MiaEnergy 09 XB Jr A9.4508.800 38T9.5508.650 47T9.6008.800 29T9.7008.500 51T37.80034.750 45
9Miner, AprilTumblekids USA Billerica 09 XB Jr A9.0008.800 38T9.3008.850 319.2508.150 629.0008.500 51T36.15034.300 48
10Polanco, IsabellaTumblekids USA Billerica 09 XB Jr A9.2008.600 52T9.0008.650 47T8.9008.350 55T9.0508.600 45T35.55034.200 50
11Yehoshua, MayaEnergy 09 XB Jr A9.2508.750 43T9.5008.700 40T8.8508.200 619.2008.100 6236.20033.750 58
12Martins, LayllaGymnastics and More, Inc. 09 XB Jr A8.7508.500 56T9.0508.050 659.3008.250 59T9.2008.900 29T35.97533.700 59
13Pissarra, SorayaTumblekids USA Billerica 09 XB Jr A8.9008.450 608.8508.500 57T9.1508.500 45T9.2508.000 64T35.60033.450 61
14Flaig, LilyEnergy 09 XB Jr A9.2508.700 45T9.2008.550 55T9.0508.050 648.5508.000 64T35.20033.300 62T
14Mercedat, DeyanaTumblekids USA Billerica 09 XB Jr A8.8508.600 52T8.9008.500 57T8.9507.700 668.9008.500 51T35.60033.300 62T
16Ortega, WillaTumblekids USA Billerica 09 XB Jr A8.9508.050 679.1508.550 55T9.3507.600 678.8008.700 41T35.70032.900 66