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2019 Xcel Statte Championships -
2019 Xcel Statte Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-222019-03-24 All Olympia AOGCClick here1931
Meet Scores Session: R05 Level: XS Division: Jr. 14A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Adrian, HaleyPlatinum Gymnastics Academy R05 XS Jr. 14A9.300 29.750 19.725 19.575 238.350 1
2Copeland, AmaraAmerican Gymnastics Academy of Long Beach R05 XS Jr. 14A9.400 19.400 8T9.550 29.750 138.100 2
3Whittaker, LayneAftershock Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A9.050 4T9.525 3T9.325 69.350 5T37.250 3
4Yates, MayaCoach Patty's School of Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.975 99.450 5T9.375 59.300 8T37.100 4
5Wolf, AnoukMagdalena Ecke YMCA (Seawind Gym) R05 XS Jr. 14A8.850 16T9.300 159.425 39.400 436.975 5
6Gregorie, OdysseyWinners Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.950 10T9.150 19T9.400 49.450 336.950 6
7Ma, JennaKIPS Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A9.025 6T9.350 11T9.025 109.325 736.725 7
8Elworthy, AshleeWinners Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A9.150 39.450 5T9.225 78.775 2036.600 8
9Pavlicek, VeronicaRancho Family YMCA R05 XS Jr. 14A9.000 89.400 8T9.100 98.950 1736.450 9
10Zendejas, GenevieveCoach Patty's School of Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.900 14T9.575 29.000 118.925 18T36.400 10T
10Konstantinavicius, KarinaThe Klub Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.950 10T9.350 11T8.850 14T9.250 11T36.400 10T
12Le Baron, CharlotteVernon Lee Gymn Academy R05 XS Jr. 14A8.900 14T9.400 8T8.850 14T9.200 1336.350 12
13New, RileyGenesis Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.950 10T9.425 78.700 17T9.250 11T36.325 13
14Dundish, CassieVictory Gymnastics Academy Inc R05 XS Jr. 14A8.850 16T9.325 13T9.150 88.925 18T36.250 14
15Morales, AmeliaEndeavor Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.850 16T9.525 3T8.500 19T9.300 8T36.175 15
16Draffan, KiraElite Gymnastics Academy of San Diego R05 XS Jr. 14A8.725 20T9.325 13T8.950 12T9.100 1536.100 16
17Kelsch, JessicaThe Waves R05 XS Jr. 14A8.725 20T9.150 19T8.950 12T9.175 1436.000 17
18Morriswala, NeenaCoastal Gymnastics Academy R05 XS Jr. 14A9.050 4T9.225 178.700 17T9.000 1635.975 18
19Valverde, AshleyGymnastics Pacifica R05 XS Jr. 14A8.775 199.275 168.300 21T9.350 5T35.700 19
20Ferra, ElizabethLakewood YMCA Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.925 138.950 238.750 168.500 22T35.125 20
21Laivanakorn, AlisonCharlot CA R05 XS Jr. 14A8.500 22T9.100 228.500 19T8.700 2134.800 21
22Perez, YelinOceanside Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A8.500 22T9.125 218.300 21T8.500 22T34.425 22
23Dace, LaurenGenesis Gymnastics R05 XS Jr. 14A9.025 6T9.200 186.550 239.300 8T34.075 23