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USA Gymnastics Region 8 Xcel Regional Champio -
USA Gymnastics Region 8 Xcel Regional Champio
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2019-05-022019-05-05 Foothills GymnasticsClick here1713
Meet Scores Session: 04A Level: XP
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Burt, Ja%27MyahLangley Gymnastics Training Center LLC 04A XP Ch.9.350 6T9.775 19.850 19.675 2T38.650 1
2Crowder, KateRaleigh School of Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.375 14T9.750 29.650 39.800 138.575 1
3Rives-Williams, KaziahNoma's School of Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.600 29.625 2T9.525 10T9.750 1T38.500 1
4Driskel, SophieNoma's School of Gymnastics 04A XP Ch.9.400 49.700 29.650 2T9.675 2T38.425 2
5Baker, AveryBoundless 04A XP Jr.9.475 8T9.800 19.500 129.575 11T38.350 2T
5Mitchiner, JaidynRaleigh School of Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.400 11T9.475 89.725 29.750 1T38.350 2T
5Humbert, GraceMeadowview Gymnastics Academy 04A XP Sr.9.525 3T9.600 79.525 8T9.700 4T38.350 2
8Gaither, HaileySpirit Gymnastics Academy Plus 04A XP Sr.9.450 9T9.675 39.500 109.700 4T38.325 3
9Jiang, JessicaChristi's Fitness 04A XP Jr.9.325 199.600 49.750 19.600 8T38.275 4T
9Earnest, LaurenGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 04A XP Ch.9.300 159.625 39.650 2T9.700 138.275 3
9Michael, NeveahEast Tennessee Cheer and Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.650 19.425 9T9.550 5T9.650 738.275 4T
12Lariviere, EmilyCarolina Gymnastics Academy 04A XP Sr.9.550 29.625 5*9.350 16T9.725 2T38.250 4T
12Watson, AlexaAiken Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Sr.9.400 12T9.625 5*9.600 4T9.625 9T38.250 4T
14Thompson, NylaGwinnett Gymnastics Center 04A XP Sr.9.450 9T9.500 12T9.675 29.600 12T38.225 6
15Speelman, JuliannaSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 04A XP Jr.9.500 5T9.550 6T9.550 5T9.600 8T38.200 6
16Blackwelder, KennedyRaleigh School of Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.525 3T9.425 16T9.600 4T9.625 9T38.175 7
17Bray, JamieGolden City Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.350 15T9.625 2T9.650 39.525 14T38.150 7
17Price, AlexisMeadowview Gymnastics Academy 04A XP Sr.9.525 3T9.575 8T9.400 12T9.650 838.150 8
19Orlando, McKennaLet It Shine Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Jr.9.475 8T9.575 59.375 159.700 3T38.125 8
20Elmer, SophiaFort Lauderdale Stars Gymnastics 04A XP Ch.9.350 6T9.600 4T9.550 7T9.600 7T38.100 4
20Whittington, JoyPunch Front 04A XP Sr.9.500 69.450 14T9.600 4T9.550 1638.100 9
22Greiner, CaitliniFlip Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.600 19.650 49.700 19.125 2138.075 10
23Chery, GianaASG Tucker 04A XP Sr.9.375 14T9.775 19.425 119.475 17T38.050 11T
23Walker, DevonBull City Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.400 11T9.425 9T9.550 5T9.675 5T38.050 9
23Duplessis, DruAcadiana Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.450 9T9.400 19T9.600 4T9.600 12T38.050 11T
26Broussard, KellyAcadiana Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.500 5T9.400 12T9.600 49.525 14T38.025 10
27Newman, KaileyLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Ch.9.275 16T9.500 9T9.550 7T9.625 4T37.950 5
28Wakefield, SamanthaNoma's School of Gymnastics 04A XP Ch.9.325 11T9.375 12T9.600 69.625 4T37.925 6
29Whitfield, ChaciNoma's School of Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.475 7T9.575 8T9.125 199.725 2T37.900 13
30Hunt, MaleahMeadowview Gymnastics Academy 04A XP Jr.9.400 11T9.225 209.550 5T9.700 3T37.875 11
30Rogers, JalynnMeadowview Gymnastics Academy 04A XP Ch.9.425 39.375 12T9.525 99.550 12T37.875 7
32Proffitt, KelsieMeadowview Gymnastics Academy 04A XP Jr.9.500 5T9.350 15T9.450 139.550 1337.850 12
33Burleson, AbbyEast Tennessee Cheer and Gymnastics 04A XP Ch.9.350 6T9.500 9T9.400 13T9.575 1137.825 8
34Doria, MarianaLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Ch.9.450 29.575 69.275 169.500 14T37.800 9
34Manuel, RaeganElectric City Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Jr.9.350 15T9.400 12T9.550 5T9.500 1837.800 13
36Campbell, KenedeeUnited Gymstars and Cheer LLC 04A XP Ch.9.275 16T9.375 12T9.475 109.600 7T37.725 10
37Berrios, IsabellaWorld of Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Sr.9.300 179.300 229.400 12T9.675 6T37.675 14
37Bonilla, AdrianaNoma's School of Gymnastics 04A XP Ch.9.325 11T9.400 119.350 159.600 7T37.675 11
39Green, JadaGwinnett Gymnastics Center 04A XP Sr.9.400 12T9.425 16T9.350 16T9.475 17T37.650 15
40Simmons, AshleighCarolina Stars Gymnastics and Cheerleading 04A XP Sr.9.200 18T9.450 14T9.350 16T9.625 9T37.625 16
40Stegall, AshlynLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Jr.9.350 15T9.275 199.400 149.600 8T37.625 14
42Hall, DanielleGeorgia Gymnastics Academy II 04A XP Ch.9.325 11*9.100 209.625 4T9.550 12T37.600 12T
42Peralta, IsabellaAiken Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Sr.9.350 169.575 8T9.100 20T9.575 1537.600 17
42Sheth, GauriCartersville Twisters and Tumblers 04A XP Ch.9.325 11*9.525 89.425 129.325 2137.600 12T
45Henderson, MadelineLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Sr.9.175 209.525 119.400 12T9.475 17T37.575 18
46Stapler, BethanyNoma's School of Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.150 219.400 19T9.525 8T9.475 17T37.550 19
47Keefauver, ElizabethThomas Gymnastic Training Center 04A XP Sr.9.200 18T9.350 219.375 159.600 12T37.525 20
47McKenzie, KaelynLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Ch.9.225 199.600 4T9.200 179.500 14T37.525 14
49Touchet, KayleeAcadiana Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.475 7T9.425 16T8.900 229.675 6T37.475 21
49Jackson, LeilaLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Ch.9.500 19.550 78.800 209.625 4T37.475 15
49Cosentino, BrookeLakewood Ranch Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.550 39.350 15T9.000 199.575 11T37.475 15T
49Winn, AubreyUpstate Gymnastic Center 04A XP Jr.9.375 149.400 12T9.325 169.375 2037.475 15T
53Johnson, MorganWorld of Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Jr.9.525 49.550 6T8.900 209.475 1937.450 17
54Kuykendall, KateLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Jr.9.300 209.425 9T9.025 189.675 5T37.425 18T
54Briley, SophiaAcadiana Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.450 109.350 15T9.100 179.525 14T37.425 18T
56Kelly, ClaireTupelo Gymanstics Academy 04A XP Ch.9.250 189.300 199.400 13T9.450 18T37.400 16
57Hart, PaigeBossier Olympiad 04A XP Ch.9.100 209.350 16T9.450 119.400 2037.300 17
58McCoy, RyleighBossier Olympiad 04A XP Ch.9.350 6T9.375 12T8.825 199.500 14T37.050 18T
58 McCrea, KerryThomas Gymnastic Training Center 04A XP Ch.9.375 59.350 16T8.875 189.450 18T37.050 18T
60Kiernan, AnnaEastern Shore Gymnastics Academy, Inc 04A XP Ch.9.025 218.725 219.625 4T9.600 7T36.975 20
61Kelly-Atol, ZoieC.G.'s Gymnastics 04A XP Sr.9.050 229.500 12T9.100 20T8.900 2236.550 22
62Nguyen, EvyBossier Olympiad 04A XP Ch.9.350 6T9.350 16T8.250 219.475 1736.425 21
63Vangelas, CindyAiken Gymnastics Inc. 04A XP Jr.9.350 15T9.350 15T7.850 219.525 14T36.075 20
64Southall, MaceyRaleigh School of Gymnastics 04A XP Jr.9.250 218.975 219.525 10T0.000 2127.750 21