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2019 Indiana Xcel State Meet -
2019 Indiana Xcel State Meet
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-222019-03-24 Jana's Gymnastics993
Meet Scores Session: B1
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Atkinson, KelseyWrights North B1 XS Youth A9.325 39.600 49.500 19.275 2T37.700 1
Thomas, LillyDeVeau's School of Gymnastics B1 XS Youth B9.325 2T9.625 19.500 19.200 7T37.650 1
Downey, EvelynSpectrum Sports, Inc. B1 XS Youth B9.275 5T9.500 6T9.300 9T9.550 137.625 2
Hayden, MallorySummit Academy Of Gymnastics B1 XS Youth B9.225 8T9.550 4T9.425 3T9.350 437.550 3
Coy, AvaDeVeau's School of Gymnastics B1 XS Youth B9.625 19.600 29.100 14T9.200 7T37.525 4T
Wilkens, MollySummit Academy Of Gymnastics B1 XS Youth B9.200 10T9.450 9T9.475 29.400 2T37.525 4T
Klinglesmith, SkylarWrights North B1 XS Youth B9.275 5T9.550 4T9.425 3*9.175 1137.425 6T
Hall, LexiJaycie Phelps Athletic Center B1 XS Youth B9.325 2T9.475 89.425 3*9.200 7T37.425 6T
Miller, AbbyPerpetual Motion Fitness and Sports B1 XS Youth A9.200 9T9.550 59.350 3T9.200 4T37.300 2
Shaw, MadisonInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth A9.275 59.675 19.350 3T8.900 21T37.200 3
Nguyen, DaeYanaRising Star B1 XS Youth A9.225 89.625 39.000 18T9.325 137.175 4
Seewald, KateWrights North B1 XS Youth B9.225 8T9.425 129.325 89.200 7T37.175 8
Mersch, MiaBella Rose Gymnastics B1 XS Youth A9.200 9T9.300 15T9.400 29.200 4T37.100 5T
Reinhart, LillyRising Star B1 XS Youth A9.350 1T9.400 8T9.275 6T9.075 8T37.100 5T
Leagre, EllaJaycie Phelps Athletic Center B1 XS Youth B9.300 49.450 9T9.225 11T9.100 12T37.075 9
Mohamed, AddisonThe Club B1 XS Youth A9.300 49.650 29.125 12T8.900 21T36.975 7
Parrott, CoraRising Star B1 XS Youth A9.125 15T9.325 149.225 89.275 2T36.950 8
Price, VictoriaKokomotion USA Gymnastics B1 XS Youth A9.350 1T9.300 15T9.050 16T9.200 4T36.900 9
Beier, MacyInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth A9.175 12T9.400 8T9.100 159.150 736.825 10
Mersch, AlexBella Rose Gymnastics B1 XS Youth A9.050 17T9.300 15T9.325 59.075 8T36.750 11
Sweet, KaileyWrights North B1 XS Youth B8.700 259.325 15T9.350 6T9.325 5T36.700 10
Rodriguez, CallieJana's Gymnastics B1 XS Youth B9.200 10T9.350 149.125 139.000 1736.675 11
Martin, BellaGymnastics Unlimited B1 XS Youth B9.025 149.450 9T9.050 17T9.075 14T36.600 12
Roell, VioletWright's Gymnastics Academy B1 XS Youth B8.900 17T9.575 39.350 6T8.750 2436.575 13
Bowser, AnabellaInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth A9.250 6T9.375 11T9.150 10T8.750 2736.525 12
Feldwisch, KierstenDeVeau's School of Gymnastics B1 XS Youth A9.025 199.400 8T9.000 18T9.075 8T36.500 13
Dunn, OliviaInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth B9.175 129.100 20T9.300 9T8.925 19T36.500 14
Venegas, GabbyWestside Gymnastics B1 XS Youth B9.125 139.175 188.825 239.325 5T36.450 15
Wentz, LakenLeaps and Bounds B1 XS Youth A9.000 20T9.250 19T9.125 12T9.075 8T36.450 14
Harman, WinnieRising Star B1 XS Youth A8.975 239.350 139.150 10T8.925 19T36.400 15
Haider, ElizabethDeVeau's School of Gymnastics B1 XS Youth A9.175 12T9.250 19T9.050 16T8.900 21T36.375 16
Reid, OliviaInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth A9.000 20T9.475 68.875 21T9.000 1436.350 17
Gryszowka, OliviaRising Star B1 XS Youth B9.000 15T9.100 20T9.050 17T9.075 14T36.225 16
Wilson, ReaganGymnastics Etc. B1 XS Youth A8.825 279.150 249.125 12T9.050 1336.150 18
Gordon, LucyKokomo Flipsters Inc. B1 XS Youth B8.900 17T9.275 179.225 11T8.725 25T36.125 17
Harris, NyahHoosier Gymnastics Training Center B1 XS Youth A9.175 12T9.375 11T8.875 21T8.625 3036.050 19
Hartwell, CassidyThe Gymnastics Company B1 XS Youth B8.450 309.375 139.100 14T9.100 12T36.025 18
Sarver, RyleeIndy Stars Gymnastics B1 XS Youth A8.900 249.050 27T9.275 6T8.675 2935.900 20
Gathright, ZoeSIGS Sportsplex B1 XS Youth B9.275 5T8.900 26T8.300 279.400 2T35.875 19
Renninger, CeciliaInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth B8.775 239.500 6T8.850 21T8.725 25T35.850 20
Ball, EllieInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth B8.475 299.325 15T9.100 14T8.875 2235.775 21T
Moore, HaylenVictory Gymnastics Academy B1 XS Youth B8.800 21T9.125 199.050 17T8.800 2335.775 21T
Mounsey, RaynaTri-State Gymnastics B1 XS Youth A9.125 15T9.075 268.625 268.950 15T35.775 21
Ambris, OlyviaThe Club B1 XS Youth A9.250 6T9.300 15T8.075 319.075 8T35.700 22
Neal, BrookelynGymnastics Unlimited B1 XS Youth A9.050 17T9.450 78.200 29T8.950 15T35.650 23
Walke, EllieTop Flight Athletics B1 XS Youth A9.200 9T9.225 21T8.275 288.900 21T35.600 24
Martinez, IsabellaNorthwest Athletics B1 XS Youth B8.825 209.000 24T8.850 21T8.900 2135.575 23
Lundstrom, SidneyMEKS B1 XS Youth A8.800 288.875 298.975 208.925 19T35.575 25
Sanders, PeytonWright's Gymnastics Academy B1 XS Youth A8.875 259.225 21T8.550 278.900 21T35.550 26
Bowman, PaytonMEKS B1 XS Youth B8.900 17T8.900 26T8.925 208.600 2935.325 24
Hopkins, KaitlynInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth A8.425 30T9.200 238.800 248.800 2635.225 27
Guntrum, EvaInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth B9.000 15T9.075 238.150 298.925 19T35.150 25T
Gehle, BrookeCathleens Extreme Team B1 XS Youth B8.800 21T9.000 24T8.675 248.675 2835.150 25T
Samis, EllaNorthwest Athletics B1 XS Youth A8.850 269.050 27T8.200 29T8.950 15T35.050 28
Warr, ClaireInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth A8.750 298.125 309.200 98.950 15T35.025 29
Simmons, AriannaInterActive Academy B1 XS Youth A8.425 30T9.125 258.750 258.700 2835.000 30
Kannapel, KarrsynCathleens Extreme Team B1 XS Youth B8.675 26T8.800 28T8.350 269.050 1634.875 27
Schelfo, CharlotteCathleens Extreme Team B1 XS Youth B8.575 288.775 308.500 258.950 1834.800 28
Collingwood, KatelynnSIGS Sportsplex B1 XS Youth B8.750 249.100 20T8.175 288.725 25T34.750 29
Mierow, BethanyHoosier Gymnastics Training Center B1 XS Youth B8.675 26T8.800 28T8.100 308.450 3034.025 30
Lindsey, LillianA Plus Gymnastics Center Inc. B1 XS Youth A9.000 20T6.550 318.825 238.475 3132.850 31