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Chelsea Piers Winter Challenge -
Chelsea Piers Winter Challenge
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-02-162019-02-17 Chelsea Piers ConnecticutClick here921
Meet Scores Session: F2 Level: XS
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Luciano, AbigailUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger9.750 19.500 3T9.200 12T9.600 138.050 1
Padula, JolieVasi's International Gymnastics LLC F2 XS Middle9.350 69.450 29.550 1T9.550 237.900 1
D%27Angelo, GiulianaUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger9.650 2T9.600 1T9.500 4T9.100 11T37.850 2T
Greenlee, EmelieUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger9.500 5T9.400 5T9.600 1T9.350 2T37.850 3T
McNulty, ShannonAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older9.200 8T9.450 19.550 19.400 1T37.600 1
Kari, AdrianaVasi's International Gymnastics LLC F2 XS Younger9.600 49.400 6T9.450 69.100 12T37.550 4
Early, LolaChelsea Piers Gymnastics F2 XS Middle9.800 19.150 179.000 18T9.500 337.450 2
Carlisle, KendallChelsea Piers Gymnastics F2 XS Younger9.250 119.250 9T9.600 2T9.350 3T37.450 5
Bush, LaurenAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older9.750 19.300 5T9.050 11T9.300 3T37.400 2
Reddington, CaraGalaxy Gymnastics F2 XS Middle9.600 2T9.350 69.100 13T9.300 537.350 3
Rosado, ThainaYWCA New Britain F2 XS Younger9.450 79.250 10T9.350 9T9.250 637.300 6
Capaccio, AlexisUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger9.350 99.200 11T9.500 5T9.200 7T37.250 7
Raefski, EmilyUSA Gymnastics F2 XS Younger9.200 129.300 7T9.350 10T9.350 4T37.200 8
Beeman, CamrynAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older9.650 2T9.200 129.250 7*9.000 9T37.100 3T
Jameson, KellyAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Middle9.600 3T9.400 3T9.200 11T8.900 10T37.100 4T
Luo, SophiaGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Middle9.250 89.300 7T9.500 39.050 937.100 5T
Shea, AveryAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older9.400 5T9.300 6T9.250 6*9.150 837.100 4T
Walker, LilyGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Middle9.150 10T9.200 13T9.350 79.400 437.100 6T
Vinitsky, EllaUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger9.000 16T9.600 2T9.400 7T9.050 1337.050 9
Onofrio, ArianaUSA Gymnastics F2 XS Older9.300 79.400 2T9.350 39.000 10T37.050 5
LeRow, TaylorVasi's International Gymnastics LLC F2 XS Middle8.700 279.250 10T9.450 49.600 137.000 7
Petriw, IsabellaUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger9.050 159.500 4T9.200 13T9.200 8T36.950 10
O%27Donnell, ShaylaVasi's International Gymnastics LLC F2 XS Older9.050 129.300 7T9.300 4T9.300 4T36.950 6
Kaminski, MadisonUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger9.400 89.050 199.150 14T9.300 536.900 11
Peterson, MeganAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older9.200 9T9.250 9T9.200 89.250 536.900 7
Aubertin, MadelynUSA Gymnastics F2 XS Younger9.500 6T9.100 14T9.400 8T8.800 17T36.800 12
Shea, NatalieGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Middle9.450 59.000 20T9.100 14T9.250 6*36.800 8T
Miller, DaynaGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Middle9.050 13T9.250 11T9.250 9T9.250 7*36.800 9T
Harger, LondonGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Younger9.100 149.100 15T9.600 3T8.800 18T36.600 13
Darrow-Meadows, IndigoChelsea Piers Gymnastics F2 XS Middle8.850 19T9.550 19.250 10T8.900 11T36.550 10
Paura, ElizaGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Older9.450 49.000 15T9.400 28.600 1836.450 8
Bednark, CarolineChelsea Piers Gymnastics F2 XS Older9.000 13T9.050 13T9.050 12T9.200 6T36.300 9
Sek, KlaudiaYWCA New Britain F2 XS Younger9.150 139.200 12T9.150 15T8.800 19T36.300 14
Robinson, ChristinGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Older9.400 6T8.700 199.300 5T8.800 12T36.200 10
Tu, RachelAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Middle9.150 11T9.400 4T9.050 178.600 2636.200 11
Tucker, IsabellaGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Younger8.800 209.100 16T9.100 179.200 9T36.200 15
Nicholas, VeronikaUSA Gymnastics F2 XS Middle9.300 78.200 299.550 2T9.100 836.150 12T
Gordon, RyleeUSA Twisterz F2 XS Younger8.850 199.100 17T9.300 118.900 1536.150 16
Lamadrid, EmmaGalaxy Gymnastics F2 XS Middle8.900 17T9.250 12T9.100 15T8.900 12T36.150 13T
Freitas, KatherineGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Middle8.350 299.400 5T9.400 5T8.900 13T36.050 14
Wiesenberg, SophiaChelsea Piers Gymnastics F2 XS Older8.900 15T8.650 209.100 109.400 2T36.050 11
Nisenson, HarperGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Younger8.700 219.300 8T8.900 209.150 1036.050 17
Walters, JuliaGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Middle8.900 18T9.200 14T9.200 12T8.700 19T36.000 15
Leavay, KatherineGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Younger9.000 17T9.150 139.150 16T8.700 2036.000 18
Ariyavatkul, ChloeAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older8.600 199.400 3T9.150 98.800 13T35.950 12T
Munroe, CamilaGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Middle8.850 20T8.900 22T9.400 6T8.800 17T35.950 16
Nicolett, IsabellaGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Older9.100 119.300 8T8.850 168.700 15T35.950 13T
Garcia, MadisonUSA Twisterz F2 XS Middle9.500 49.000 21T9.000 19*8.400 27T35.900 17T
Cardenas, ZoeGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Older8.800 17T8.900 17T9.000 13T9.200 7T35.900 14
Kaufmann, ClaireAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Middle8.800 22T9.200 15T9.000 20*8.900 14T35.900 18T
Gordon, MadisonGalaxy Gymnastics F2 XS Older9.650 3T9.050 14T8.550 208.500 2035.750 15
DeLeon, IsabellaGalaxy Gymnastics F2 XS Older8.500 209.400 4T8.900 158.900 1135.700 16T
Tejeda, HaileyGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Middle9.200 98.800 25T9.000 21T8.700 20T35.700 19
Judd, SaraAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older9.000 14T9.000 16T9.000 14T8.700 16T35.700 17T
Carrington, EvelynAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older8.800 18T9.250 10T8.800 178.800 14T35.650 18
Tejeda, LiannaGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Younger9.300 108.500 228.950 18T8.850 1635.600 19
Lynch, McKennaGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Middle9.000 15T9.050 18T8.850 23T8.700 21T35.600 20
Brayman, AbigailGalaxy Gymnastics F2 XS Middle8.750 269.300 8T8.650 278.850 1635.550 21T
Bortolan, OliviaGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Middle9.000 16T9.200 16T8.700 268.650 23T35.550 22T
Altenburger, LoganUSA Gymnastics F2 XS Middle8.500 289.050 19T9.300 88.650 24*35.500 23T
Fortin, SarahAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Older9.200 10T8.900 18T8.700 198.700 17T35.500 19
Litke, LindsayAmerican Gymnastics Training Center F2 XS Middle8.850 21T8.900 23T9.100 16T8.650 25*35.500 24T
Christensen-Egelund, OlgaChelsea Piers Gymnastics F2 XS Younger8.900 188.650 218.950 19T9.000 1435.500 20
Madi-Bouabre, Sarah-AminataUSA Gymnastics F2 XS Older8.900 16T9.250 11T8.750 188.550 1935.450 20
Rogers, McKensieUSA Gymnastics F2 XS Middle9.050 14T8.900 24T9.000 22T8.400 28T35.350 25
Cortelli, EmmaGalaxy Gymnastics F2 XS Middle8.800 23T9.300 9T8.350 308.800 18T35.250 26
Franzese, AngelinaGalaxy Gymnastics F2 XS Middle9.100 128.800 26T8.600 288.700 22T35.200 27
Picarillo, BrookeGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Younger9.650 3T8.800 208.000 228.600 2235.050 21
Moynahan, EibhlinGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Younger8.400 229.100 18T8.800 218.650 2134.950 22
VanCedarfield, BreanaGymnastics Express Too F2 XS Middle8.800 24T8.700 278.500 298.900 15T34.900 28
Beitel, ChloeGymnastics and Cheerleading Academy CT F2 XS Middle8.300 308.400 288.850 24T8.400 29T33.950 29
Pass, OliviaVasi's International Gymnastics LLC F2 XS Middle8.800 25T0.000 308.750 258.200 3025.750 30