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Emerald Team Challenge 2019 -
Emerald Team Challenge 2019
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-012019-03-03 National Academy of Artistic GymnasticsClick here1579
Meet Scores Session: 07A Level: XG Division: Ch
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Mackin, AveryNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 07A XG Ch9.400 2T9.100 36T9.125 21T9.800 337.425 4
Wilson, Anna-lynBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch9.100 16T9.450 7T8.800 45T9.475 23T36.825 8T
Johnson, MarissaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Ch8.850 34T9.050 40T9.400 59.300 36T36.600 18
Bresnan, LaceyAmerica's Best Kids Sports Center 07A XG Ch8.450 65T9.450 7T9.050 28T9.625 9T36.575 19T
Cochran, MegNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 07A XG Ch9.100 16T8.500 60T9.125 21T9.700 736.425 26T
Hall, ReaiahNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 07A XG Ch9.075 21T9.125 358.650 54T9.575 13T36.425 26T
Anderson, HeidiBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch8.600 53T9.350 14T9.175 17T9.300 36T36.425 26T
Schweitzer, NataliaBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch8.800 37T9.250 24T8.650 54T9.550 15T36.250 33
Szarko, EllaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Ch9.125 13T8.600 56T8.650 54T9.500 20T35.875 40
Orm, LaineyAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Ch8.475 649.250 24T8.725 519.000 62T35.450 47T
Reis, MiaBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch8.100 79T9.475 68.825 448.975 6535.375 50T
Heller, KayahBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch8.550 58T9.200 28T8.375 65T9.250 40T35.375 50T
Bales, AddisonNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 07A XG Ch9.100 16T8.500 60T8.000 789.725 4T35.325 53T
Richardson, LucyBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch8.450 65T8.950 46T9.100 24T8.650 7435.150 55T
Yanagimoto, AikaBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch8.600 53T9.275 238.175 759.000 62T35.050 59T
Huffstetler, MarisaOregon Gymnastics Academy 07A XG Ch8.600 53T8.475 648.800 45T9.150 52T35.025 62
Finlinson, CampbellBothell Gymnastics 07A XG Ch8.350 69T9.675 18.375 65T8.600 7635.000 63
McMann, RenayAmerica's Best Kids Sports Center 07A XG Ch8.750 42T8.700 51T8.125 769.075 5834.650 67
McElwrath, IslaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 07A XG Ch8.675 528.450 65T8.250 71T8.925 6634.300 73T
Hawkins, AbigailAmerica's Best Kids Sports Center 07A XG Ch8.300 738.700 51T7.850 80T8.225 8133.075 81