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Emerald Team Challenge 2019 -
Emerald Team Challenge 2019
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-03-012019-03-03 National Academy of Artistic GymnasticsClick here1579
Meet Scores Session: 05B
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Harrington, EmmaBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Sr9.250 2T9.250 79.600 1T9.750 137.850 1
Miyoshi, YoukiOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Sr9.400 19.550 19.100 16T9.400 18T37.450 2
Klingman, AshlynnBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Ch9.150 5T9.425 3T8.950 23T9.600 537.125 3
Mayberry, JoslynNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 05B XP Jr9.000 12T8.850 159.525 39.525 936.900 4
Kunimura, HaileyAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Sr8.650 39T9.450 29.600 1T9.100 46T36.800 5
Auld, MishaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Jr8.850 23T9.100 99.250 10T9.425 1736.625 6
Bell, VegaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Jr8.650 39T9.350 5T9.250 10T9.275 30T36.525 7
Blackham, JennaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.950 17T8.700 23T9.375 59.475 1236.500 8
Kipp, McKennaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Sr8.850 23T8.950 149.050 199.625 3T36.475 9
Kok, LaurenBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Jr8.800 28T9.175 88.950 23T9.500 10T36.425 10
Brouwers, EmilyBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Jr8.600 44T9.425 3T8.750 31T9.625 3T36.400 11
Kinsey, JanessaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.900 20T8.750 18T9.325 79.350 22T36.325 12
Chou, OliviaNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 05B XP Jr8.600 44T9.050 10T8.750 31T9.650 236.050 13
Mann, AinsleyBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Ch9.000 12T9.350 5T9.025 20T8.650 6236.025 14
Kirby, SarahOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr9.150 5T9.000 12T8.875 28T8.900 54T35.925 15
Friart, SavanaBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Ch9.250 2T8.725 228.425 489.450 13T35.850 16
Bolta, RebeccaBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Jr8.850 23T8.750 18T8.750 31T9.250 33T35.600 17
Lee, ErikaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr8.900 20T8.550 288.875 28T9.225 3635.550 18
Schminkey, AllisonAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch9.150 5T8.250 35T8.900 279.100 46T35.400 19
Oster, SophiaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Jr8.500 54T8.650 25T9.175 128.975 51T35.300 20
Hradil, EvelynAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Jr8.950 17T7.825 489.150 13T9.350 22T35.275 21T
Wierschke, LaurenBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Jr8.700 35T8.650 25T8.600 419.325 26T35.275 21T
Ryan, HayleyAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Jr8.600 44T8.000 44T9.275 99.375 20T35.250 23
Hampton, CassidyNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 05B XD Jr8.550 50T7.600 589.500 49.575 635.225 24T
Jimenez, JordynAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.900 20T8.450 29T8.500 45T9.375 20T35.225 24T
Richards, KylieAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Jr8.400 60T9.050 10T8.925 25T8.850 59T35.225 24T
Price, AddieAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Jr8.550 50T9.000 12T8.750 31T8.900 54T35.200 27
Pattison, CamrynnNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 05B XP Jr9.100 9T7.700 53T9.100 16T9.275 30T35.175 28
Duck, JaedynAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch9.150 5T8.700 23T8.100 55T9.125 4535.075 29T
Dinh, KayleeOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Ch8.800 28T8.300 33T9.100 16T8.875 5835.075 29T
Hertel, OliviaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Jr9.100 9T7.200 62T9.300 89.350 22T34.950 31T
Rathert, BraelynBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Ch8.550 50T8.100 418.975 229.325 26T34.950 31T
Steen, SavannahAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Sr8.500 54T8.250 35T8.925 25T9.250 33T34.925 33
Watanabe, MiaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr9.200 48.450 29T8.075 579.175 39T34.900 34
LeCocq, RileyNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 05B XD Sr8.850 23T8.300 33T8.200 53T9.500 10T34.850 35T
McQueen, JasmineAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Jr9.050 118.050 42T8.400 499.350 22T34.850 35T
Dobbyn, WhitneyOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XD Sr8.700 35T8.150 39T8.700 36T9.300 2934.850 35T
MacLeod, SharleezBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Ch8.800 28T8.350 328.350 50T9.325 26T34.825 38
Retchless, AlanaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.800 28T8.000 44T8.575 429.400 18T34.775 39
Rosales, IsabelaBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Jr8.600 44T8.600 278.525 448.850 59T34.575 40
Lothrop, ElleAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Jr9.000 12T7.650 55T8.550 439.275 30T34.475 41
Gore, IsabellaMultnomah Athletic Club 05B XD Sr8.600 44T8.200 37T8.675 38T8.975 51T34.450 42
Gemar, ZoeAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Jr8.750 32T7.800 49T8.800 308.925 5334.275 43
Wierschke, LeahBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Sr8.500 54*8.200 37T7.950 59T9.550 7T34.200 44T
Dutton, CatherineBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Sr8.600 44T7.500 598.650 409.450 13T34.200 44T
Netherland, JenessaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr8.500 54*8.800 16T7.750 62T9.150 42T34.200 44T
Burchell, MimiNaydenov Gymnastics Inc. 05B XP Ch8.650 39T8.000 44T8.300 529.175 39T34.125 47
Lee-Valkov, VictoriaRigert Elite Gymnastics 05B XG Jr8.700 35T8.800 16T7.600 659.000 5034.100 48
Saldana, IsabellaBothell Gymnastics 05B XP Jr8.850 23T7.650 55T8.000 589.550 7T34.050 49
Plante, RosalieBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Jr8.650 39T8.150 39T7.950 59T9.250 33T34.000 50T
Kilborn, MadisonAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.750 32T7.700 53T8.350 50T9.200 37T34.000 50T
Schaffer, ZadieMultnomah Athletic Club 05B XP Jr8.750 32T7.250 618.725 359.200 37T33.925 52
Rayzman, DanaOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Ch8.500 54T7.750 528.700 36T8.900 54T33.850 53
Santiesteban, BellaRigert Elite Gymnastics 05B XG Jr8.450 598.400 318.500 45T8.400 6533.750 54
Mottinger, ClaireAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.700 35T7.800 49T7.750 62T9.450 13T33.700 55
Park, AshleyAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XD Sr8.400 60T7.800 49T8.500 45T8.600 6333.300 56
Calkins, MadilynAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.950 17T7.400 607.825 619.100 46T33.275 57
Partridge, NadjaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.400 60T7.200 62T8.200 53T9.075 4932.875 58T
Grace Daniel, AbiAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch8.150 657.150 648.675 38T8.900 54T32.875 58T
Cooper, SydneyRigert Elite Gymnastics 05B XG Jr8.550 50T8.050 42T7.650 648.550 6432.800 60
Knudsen, HayleyMultnomah Athletic Club 05B XP Jr8.200 647.650 55T8.100 55T8.300 6632.250 61
Mohler, EllaAuburn Gymnastics Center Inc. 05B XP Ch9.000 12T6.750 657.200 669.150 42T32.100 62
Belatti, ClaireRigert Elite Gymnastics 05B XG Jr8.350 637.850 476.550 678.800 6131.550 63
Martindale, SarahOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr9.000 12T0.000 66T9.150 13T9.175 39T27.325 64
Stroup, EllaBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Jr8.650 39T0.000 66T9.150 13T9.450 13T27.250 65
Fulkerson, PaigeOregon Gymnastics Academy 05B XP Jr0.000 66T8.750 18T9.025 20T9.150 42T26.925 66
Mann, EmmaBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Sr0.000 66T0.000 66T9.350 60.000 67T9.350 67
Hoover, PaigeBothell Gymnastics 05B XD Jr0.000 66T8.750 18T0.000 67T8.750 68