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Pot O' Gold2018 -
Pot O' Gold2018
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-02-172018-02-18 Peninsula Gymnastics386
Meet Scores Level: 6
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Nguyen, PriscillaAirborne Gymnastics Training Center ALL 6 Older9.475 49.275 13T9.300 12T9.500 4T37.550 7
2Beal, NaomiApex ALL 6 Older9.350 9T8.850 30T9.450 6T9.425 7T37.075 15
3Lebovitz, KeiraAirborne Gymnastics Training Center ALL 6 Younger9.050 17T9.125 19T9.450 6T9.225 15T36.850 21
4Estrada, ArianaAirborne Gymnastics Training Center ALL 6 Younger9.550 2T7.900 63T9.550 2T9.575 3T36.575 31T
4Cabatcha, MicahAirborne Gymnastics Training Center ALL 6 Older9.450 5*9.000 24T8.850 29T9.275 13T36.575 31T
6Oliver, AlisyaMonterey Bay Academy of Gymnastics ALL 6 Older9.550 2T8.350 49T9.150 18T9.400 8T36.450 35T
7Nguyen, AverieMonterey Bay Academy of Gymnastics ALL 6 Younger8.850 22T8.900 28T9.175 17T9.425 7T36.350 38T
8Hayes, TaylorGymnastics Beat ALL 6 Younger9.300 11T8.675 37T8.875 28T9.450 6T36.300 40
9Valdez, VictoriaMonterey Bay Academy of Gymnastics ALL 6 Younger8.600 28T8.600 39T9.125 19T9.250 14T35.575 62
10Frank, SashaGymtowne Gymnastics Coastside ALL 6 Older8.600 28T8.575 40T9.175 17T9.025 23T35.375 68T
11Hirschfield, FionaMonterey Bay Academy of Gymnastics ALL 6 Older8.800 23T8.250 53T9.075 21T9.050 22T35.175 76T
12Ketcham, MadisonPeninsula Gymnastics ALL 6 Younger9.250 12T8.750 34T8.100 589.050 22T35.150 77T
13Voong, RachelMonterey Bay Academy of Gymnastics ALL 6 Older9.150 14T7.050 779.375 9T9.275 13T34.850 85
14Lazzarini, SierraSan Rafael Gymnastics Club ALL 6 Older8.850 22T8.475 44T8.125 57T8.325 50T33.775 109
15Montes, JolieDemaray's Gymnastic Academy ALL 6 Younger8.450 32T7.550 698.875 28T8.725 35T33.600 113
16Li, JessicaDemaray's Gymnastic Academy ALL 6 Older8.300 35T7.000 78T9.000 24T8.400 47T32.700 126
17Ricks, MelissaDemaray's Gymnastic Academy ALL 6 Younger8.700 26T6.600 838.350 49T8.775 33T32.425 130T
18Chou, PearlDemaray's Gymnastic Academy ALL 6 Younger7.550 48T7.450 71T8.350 49T8.375 48T31.725 138
19O%27Shaughnessy, KylieDemaray's Gymnastic Academy ALL 6 Older8.200 37T6.900 808.025 618.275 52T31.400 139T
20Bhatnagar, KeyaDemaray's Gymnastic Academy ALL 6 Older8.550 30T6.100 857.825 66T8.250 53T30.725 144
21Deatherage, AmyAirborne Gymnastics Training Center ALL 6 Older9.150 14T8.725 35T0.000 88T9.375 9T27.250 157
22Tressler, SophiaAirborne Gymnastics Training Center ALL 6 Younger9.250 12T0.000 88T8.675 36T9.300 12T27.225 158