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2018 MN State Championships -
2018 MN State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-03-222018-03-25 Classic Gymnastics1614
Meet Scores Session: P4 Level: XS
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Rettke, McKennaTwin City Twisters P4 XS B9.250 19.450 2T9.100 17T9.200 3T37.000 1
2Lippert, RozlynTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie P4 XS D8.850 12T9.250 13T9.500 2T9.350 236.950 1
3Smeby, EmmaIGM Gymnastics P4 XS D8.450 359.700 19.500 3T9.200 536.850 2T
3Manthey, MarinTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie P4 XS D8.750 18T9.400 6T9.300 7T9.400 136.850 3T
5Durdall, MiaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS B9.100 6T9.350 59.150 12T9.200 4T36.800 2
6Backberg, SavannahRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS B9.200 2T9.150 14T9.650 18.750 18T36.750 3
6Schnellinger, SoleilLegacy Gymnastics P4 XS D9.100 2T9.300 11T9.400 48.950 13T36.750 4
8Hamilton, SamanthaRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS D8.650 24T9.350 109.600 18.950 14T36.550 5T
8Dahler, AvaNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer P4 XS B9.100 7T9.500 19.100 18T8.850 10T36.550 4
8Nelson, KylieFlyaways Gold Gymnastics P4 XS D8.700 21T9.450 59.100 15T9.300 336.550 6T
11Brown, CarlyPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS D8.900 7T9.500 3T8.800 28T9.250 436.450 7
12Schluter, JuliaGleason's Gymnastic School P4 XS D9.000 4T9.200 17T9.350 5T8.850 1836.400 8
13Schuppe, LanieTAGS South Gymnastics P4 XS D8.850 13T9.600 29.100 16T8.800 19T36.350 9
14Jarvis, ReganRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS D9.100 3T9.200 18T9.300 8T8.700 25T36.300 10
15Porter, AnnabelElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP P4 XS B8.900 11T9.300 6T9.150 13T8.900 7T36.250 5
16Lindahl, IsabellaLegacy Gymnastics P4 XS B9.200 3T9.000 22T9.250 5T8.700 23T36.150 6
17Breitling, SydneyLegacy Gymnastics P4 XS B9.150 59.450 3*8.900 27T8.600 29T36.100 8T
17Lenz, JuliaRevolution P4 XS B8.400 34T9.450 4*9.250 6T9.000 636.100 7T
17Cook, KendraDynamics Gymnastics Center P4 XS B9.050 8T9.150 15T9.350 38.550 33T36.100 9T
17Swanson, EllenRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS D9.150 18.600 389.250 10T9.100 836.100 11
21Blaseck, LuciaMidwest Gymnastics Center P4 XS B9.050 9T9.000 23T9.200 10T8.800 13*36.050 11T
21Finnoff, KatherineTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie P4 XS D9.000 5T9.200 19T9.200 138.650 29T36.050 12
21Meyer, EllaTwin City Twisters P4 XS B8.900 12T9.200 11T9.150 14T8.800 12*36.050 10T
24Haase, AudreyFlips Gymnastics LLC P4 XS D8.800 15T9.100 24T9.050 209.000 10T35.950 13
25Bandt, MadelineRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS D9.000 6T9.300 12T8.900 24T8.700 26T35.900 14
26Johnson, CharlotteJam Hops Gymnastics P4 XS D8.650 25T9.200 20T9.350 6T8.600 31T35.800 15T
26Kotlowski, BreannaNo Boundaries Gymnastics P4 XS D8.800 16T8.900 30T9.100 17T9.000 11T35.800 16T
28Reid, ClairePerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS B8.800 13T9.150 16T9.000 20T8.800 14T35.750 12
29O'Brien, SophieFarmington TNT P4 XS B8.500 30T9.150 17T9.250 7T8.800 15*35.700 13T
29Darling, CheyennePerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS B8.700 16T9.200 12T9.000 21T8.800 16*35.700 14T
31Michaelis, MarisaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS B8.550 25T8.900 258.800 32T9.400 135.650 15T
31Grossman, SophiaTwin City Twisters P4 XS B9.200 4T8.500 39T9.250 8T8.700 24T35.650 16T
33Ashland, VictoriaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS D8.650 26T9.250 14T9.100 18T8.600 32T35.600 17
34Zarate, RosemaryFlips Gymnastics LLC P4 XS D8.750 19T9.100 25T9.000 21T8.700 27T35.550 18T
34Belchak, SophieElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP P4 XS D8.900 8T8.900 31T8.850 26T8.900 15T35.550 19T
36Burg, LexiRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS B8.550 26T8.500 40T9.550 28.900 8T35.500 17T
36Pinkley, KaitlynJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics P4 XS D8.600 289.400 7T8.600 368.900 16T35.500 20T
36Kappenman, JuliaGleason's Gymnastic School P4 XS B8.500 31T9.150 18T8.550 369.300 235.500 18T
36Salo, CadenceGleason's Gymnastic School P4 XS D8.650 27T9.250 15T9.000 22T8.600 33T35.500 21T
40Baumgardner-Romo, AlianaRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS B8.550 27T9.300 7T8.950 25T8.650 27T35.450 19T
40Knudson, SienaSpirit Gymnastics Inc. P4 XS D8.500 31T9.050 289.150 148.750 22T35.450 22
40Anderson, EllaRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS B8.800 14T8.850 26T9.000 22T8.800 17T35.450 20T
43McConley, KateRichfield Gymnastic Club P4 XS D8.500 32T9.500 4T8.900 25T8.500 35T35.400 23
43Stone, MackenzieRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS B8.700 17T8.950 249.150 15T8.600 30T35.400 21
45Sundal, SamanthaDuluth YMCA Aerials P4 XS D8.550 29T8.700 36*9.300 9T8.800 20T35.350 24T
45Koth, JoeyClassic Gymnastics P4 XS D8.500 33T9.200 21T9.250 12*8.400 3935.350 25T
45Smyth, EvaSpirit Gymnastics Inc. P4 XS D8.350 378.700 35*9.250 11*9.050 935.350 26T
45Jensen, SabrinaGym Nation P4 XS D8.800 17T9.100 26T8.300 39T9.150 6T35.350 27T
45Getsch, AinsleyRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P4 XS D8.900 9T8.750 349.100 19T8.600 34T35.350 28T
50Feuerhelm, MayaClassic Gymnastics P4 XS D8.700 22T9.400 8T8.700 32T8.500 36T35.300 29T
50Estwick, KelsieFlips Gymnastics LLC P4 XS B8.600 21T8.800 289.300 48.600 31T35.300 22T
50Salmi, CaliFlips Gymnastics LLC P4 XS B8.750 159.300 8T8.500 378.750 19*35.300 23T
50Doering, KileyBig Lake Gymnastics P4 XS D8.750 20T9.250 16T8.650 34T8.650 30T35.300 30T
50Carik, JessicaGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P4 XS B8.450 32T9.100 20T9.000 23T8.750 20*35.300 24T
55Hatcher, KalynGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P4 XS B8.600 22T9.150 19T8.800 33T8.700 25T35.250 25
56Terala, TanviGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P4 XS D8.300 389.150 238.750 30T9.000 12T35.200 31
56Elliston, CeriahTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie P4 XS B9.050 10T8.700 328.950 26T8.500 35T35.200 26
58Quammen, AngelaFlyaways Gold Gymnastics P4 XS D8.850 14T9.200 22T8.400 388.700 28T35.150 32
59St. Aubin, PaytenBig Lake Gymnastics P4 XS B8.250 419.250 9T9.250 9T8.300 41T35.050 27T
59Cornell, LaurenGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P4 XS D8.400 369.000 298.850 27T8.800 21T35.050 33
59Shah, RiaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics P4 XS B8.650 19T8.750 29T8.900 28T8.750 21T35.050 28T
62Rote, LuciTobler Gymnastics P4 XS D8.900 10T8.650 378.300 40T9.150 7T35.000 34T
62Kaplan, CassieTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie P4 XS D8.700 23T8.800 339.000 23T8.500 37T35.000 35T
62Roggge, AnnaGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P4 XS D8.500 34T8.900 32T8.700 33T8.900 17T35.000 36T
65Smith, MaddisonPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS B8.300 408.850 27T9.000 24T8.750 22T34.900 29
66Grovender, MadelineNorth Branch P4 XS B8.200 42T8.600 35T9.200 11T8.850 11T34.850 30
67Bradley, IzzieShooting Stars Gymnastics P4 XS B8.350 38T8.500 41T8.900 29T9.050 534.800 31
68Nehwah, BelleBig Lake Gymnastics P4 XS B8.200 43T8.600 36T9.050 198.900 9T34.750 32
68Sjostrom, BrooklynGym Bin P4 XS D8.900 11T8.550 398.800 29T8.500 38T34.750 37
70Starcevich, EvaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P4 XS B8.700 18T9.100 21T8.400 388.500 36T34.700 33T
70Berg, BrookeFlips Gymnastics LLC P4 XS B8.650 20T8.650 33T8.700 358.700 26T34.700 34T
72Farniok, AveryRichfield Gymnastic Club P4 XS B8.600 23T9.200 13T8.300 398.550 34T34.650 35
72Oyen, AnnikaJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics P4 XS D8.150 399.100 27T8.650 35T8.750 23T34.650 38
74Conine, ChloeFarmington TNT P4 XS B8.400 35T8.750 30T8.800 34T8.600 32T34.550 36
75Thorson, SamanthaFlyaways Gold Gymnastics P4 XS D8.000 40T9.400 9T8.750 31T8.300 40T34.450 39
76Wesley, LolaGym Bin P4 XS B8.550 28T8.600 37T8.850 318.350 39T34.350 37
77Hanson, AlannaClassic Gymnastics P4 XS B8.450 33T8.200 449.150 16T8.500 37T34.300 38
78Jefferson, EllianaDynamics Gymnastics Center P4 XS B8.100 449.250 10T8.250 408.650 28T34.250 39
79Kensy, HaileyNo Boundaries Gymnastics P4 XS B8.350 39T8.350 428.900 30T8.350 40T33.950 40
80Jaspers, AvaNorthern Dreams Gymnastics P4 XS B8.600 24T8.750 31T7.900 43T8.400 3833.650 41
81Gutz, AshleyNo Boundaries Gymnastics P4 XS D8.000 41T8.300 408.500 378.750 24T33.550 40
82Doolittle, AlyssaGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P4 XS B8.400 36T8.650 34T8.000 428.300 42T33.350 42
83Yaroscak, EllieNorthern Twistars Gymnastics P4 XS B8.550 29T8.300 438.050 418.200 43T33.100 43
84Kranz, SophiaNorthern Twistars Gymnastics P4 XS B8.400 37T8.550 387.900 44T8.200 44T33.050 44
85Flower, MarleyLegacy Gymnastics P4 XS D8.550 30T7.700 418.250 418.300 41T32.800 41