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2018 MN State Championships -
2018 MN State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-03-222018-03-25 Classic Gymnastics1614
Meet Scores Session: P2 Level: XS
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Hawley, CorinneIGM Gymnastics P2 XS C9.300 2T9.550 19.600 1T9.450 137.900 1
2Coleman, HaileyLegacy Gymnastics P2 XS C9.300 3T9.500 29.250 10T9.350 337.400 2
3Gens, MakenaJam Hops Gymnastics P2 XS H9.300 19.400 3T9.150 9T9.450 237.300 1
4Pierson, GraceTwin City Twisters P2 XS H9.200 3T9.400 4T9.150 10T9.500 137.250 2
5Steer, AdeleSpirit Gymnastics Inc. P2 XS C9.100 5T9.100 28T9.600 2T9.400 237.200 3
6Korus, MadelynJam Hops Gymnastics P2 XS C9.400 19.150 24T9.500 39.100 9T37.150 4
7Blevins, ShatayaSpirit Gymnastics Inc. P2 XS H9.050 7T9.150 17T9.400 29.200 636.800 3
8Rossum, MacKenzieMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC P2 XS C9.100 6T9.400 4T9.300 7T8.900 18T36.700 5
8Harris, KatieRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P2 XS H8.900 11T9.250 12T9.300 3T9.250 536.700 4
10Champ, ZoeTAGS South Gymnastics P2 XS H8.700 159.450 1T9.100 129.400 3T36.650 5
11Nereng, MariaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS C9.000 10*9.000 35T9.450 49.150 836.600 6T
11Stendal, AvaMini-Hops Gymnastics P2 XS C9.000 11*9.050 349.350 69.200 6T36.600 7T
13Schwebach, AlexaTAGS South Gymnastics P2 XS C9.150 49.400 5T9.050 22T8.950 16T36.550 8
13Chuesberg, LaurenJam Hops Gymnastics P2 XS H9.100 5T9.300 9T9.300 4T8.850 1736.550 6
15Hu, LynnePerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.800 18T9.200 20T9.150 14*9.250 536.400 9T
15Eichstadt, GraceannMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC P2 XS C9.050 99.100 29T9.150 15*9.100 10T36.400 10T
17Khounpanya, IsabellaGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P2 XS C8.800 19T9.350 9T9.400 58.800 22T36.350 11
18Meek, HannahPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS H9.000 9T9.450 2T8.700 24T9.100 836.250 7
19Toney, GilianJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics P2 XS H8.550 19T9.350 6T9.450 18.800 18T36.150 8T
19Jacobson-Schulte, IdaiaFarmington TNT P2 XS H8.850 149.150 18T9.150 11T9.000 10T36.150 9T
21Curry, BronachElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP P2 XS H9.000 10T8.500 34T9.200 89.400 4T36.100 10
22Grant, SaraRichfield Gymnastic Club P2 XS C8.350 429.400 6T9.250 11T9.050 12T36.050 12T
22Blattman, ArryPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.900 13T9.350 10T9.100 18T8.700 29T36.050 13T
24Adams, JaycieJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics P2 XS C8.650 26T9.200 21T9.100 19T9.050 13T36.000 14
25Starkey, KarleyNo Boundaries Gymnastics P2 XS H8.900 12T9.400 5T8.850 20T8.800 19T35.950 11T
25Baker, LynnaeGleason's Gymnastic School P2 XS C8.600 29T9.300 13T9.100 20T8.950 17T35.950 15T
25Robinson, A'myaElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP P2 XS C8.900 14T8.950 37T9.300 8T8.800 23T35.950 16T
25Brophy, LydiaFlips Gymnastics LLC P2 XS H9.200 4T9.250 13T8.600 29T8.900 14T35.950 12T
29Gilbert, KaitlynFlips Gymnastics LLC P2 XS H9.100 6T9.300 10T8.800 22T8.700 22T35.900 13
30Trulock, AubreyBig Lake Gymnastics P2 XS C8.400 39T9.300 14T9.150 16T9.000 14T35.850 17
31Maechler, EllieClassic Gymnastics P2 XS C8.500 36T9.100 30T9.300 9T8.900 20*35.800 18T
31Myers, KieraTwin City Twisters P2 XS C8.600 30T8.900 39T9.000 25T9.300 435.800 19T
31Souza, AbbyMini-Hops Gymnastics P2 XS C8.800 20T9.250 17T8.850 33T8.900 19*35.800 20T
34Haugen, MiaLakes Area Gymnastics P2 XS H8.400 24T9.350 7T9.000 16*9.000 11T35.750 14T
34Osuna, CamilaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.100 48T9.300 15T9.150 17T9.200 7T35.750 21T
34Lund, ClaraClassic Gymnastics P2 XS C8.850 16T9.150 25T9.000 26T8.750 27T35.750 22T
34Sieve, KendraLakes Area Gymnastics P2 XS H8.550 20T9.050 229.000 17*9.150 735.750 15T
34Shaver, TessaMini-Hops Gymnastics P2 XS H8.900 13T9.100 20T9.000 15*8.750 2135.750 16T
39Michaels, MaddieLegacy Gymnastics P2 XS C8.750 219.400 7T8.750 39T8.800 24T35.700 23T
39Clarke, ElizabethJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics P2 XS C8.700 22T8.850 41T9.250 12T8.900 21T35.700 24T
39Hofstede, MerrileeBig Lake Gymnastics P2 XS H8.300 29T9.250 14T9.250 6T8.900 15T35.700 17
42Trobec, SophiaRising Stars Gymnastics Academy P2 XS C8.600 31T9.400 8T9.050 23T8.600 37T35.650 25
42Hunt, LaehlaLaketown Gymnastics P2 XS H8.650 16T9.100 21T8.900 199.000 12T35.650 18
44Flores Briones, MableGleasons Gymnastics Maple Grove P2 XS H8.400 25T9.250 15T9.300 5T8.650 2435.600 19T
44Mechtel, MayaTwin City Twisters P2 XS H8.450 238.850 289.250 7T9.050 935.600 20T
44Hadrava, RidleyNorthern Dreams Gymnastics P2 XS C9.100 7T9.200 22T8.650 44T8.650 33T35.600 26
47Johnson, NatalieFlips Gymnastics LLC P2 XS C8.850 17T9.300 16T8.700 42T8.700 30T35.550 27
48Truong, Hoan-SanGleason's Gymnastic School P2 XS C8.400 40T9.200 23T8.900 28T9.000 15T35.500 28T
48Morris, CallaBig Lake Gymnastics P2 XS C8.500 37T9.150 26T8.750 40T9.100 11T35.500 29T
50Dileva, StellaElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP P2 XS H8.400 26T9.300 11T8.650 27T9.000 13T35.350 21
50Holthaus, AbigailGym Nation P2 XS C8.700 23T9.150 27T9.100 21T8.400 46T35.350 30
52Strub, RachelMidwest Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.700 24T9.350 11T8.900 30*8.300 51T35.250 31T
52Brandt, BellaNorth Crest Gymnastics Dance and Cheer P2 XS C9.100 8T8.600 498.900 29*8.650 34T35.250 33T
52Steffen, EmmaTAGS South Gymnastics P2 XS C8.550 359.100 31T9.000 27T8.600 38T35.250 32T
55Young, BrookelynPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS H9.050 8T9.350 8T8.600 30T8.200 3335.200 22
56Wittl, RiannaDynamics Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.400 41T9.100 32T8.900 31T8.750 28T35.150 34
57Opp, RissaPerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.500 38T9.250 18T8.850 34T8.500 44T35.100 35
58Anderson, Olivia Duluth YMCA Aerials P2 XS C8.600 32T8.950 38T8.800 35T8.700 31T35.050 36
58Engst, KassidyFlyaways Gold Gymnastics P2 XS H8.650 17T8.950 248.550 31T8.900 16T35.050 23
60Lacy, AnnaTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie P2 XS H9.250 29.200 168.650 28T7.900 3535.000 24
61Wheeler, AylaDynamic Flight P2 XS C8.650 27T8.700 44T8.800 36T8.800 25T34.950 37
62Curfman, LucyMinnesota Aerials Gymnastics LLC P2 XS C8.300 43T8.700 45*9.200 138.600 39*34.800 38T
62Johnson, MiiaNorthern Twistars Gymnastics P2 XS C8.900 15T8.800 438.400 49T8.700 32T34.800 39T
62Shelton-Grau, RuthRichfield Gymnastic Club P2 XS H8.400 27T8.900 25T8.800 23T8.700 23T34.800 25
62Fulwider, AbbigalePerpetual Motion Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.700 25T8.700 46*8.800 37T8.600 40*34.800 40T
66Majerle, EmilyFlips Gymnastics LLC P2 XS C8.100 49*9.450 38.600 46T8.600 41T34.750 41T
66Bongaarts, EmilyIGM Gymnastics P2 XS C8.100 50*9.350 12T8.900 32T8.400 47T34.750 42T
68Hutchinson, HarperFarmington TNT P2 XS H8.300 30T9.150 19T8.850 21T8.400 30T34.700 26
68Noll, AmeilaLegacy Gymnastics P2 XS C8.650 28T9.100 33T8.350 518.600 42*34.700 43T
68Lindgren, RielyFarmington TNT P2 XS C8.600 33T8.900 40T8.600 47T8.600 43*34.700 44T
71Doolan, IsisRichfield Gymnastic Club P2 XS C9.000 12T8.700 47T8.250 538.650 35T34.600 45
71Anderson, PaigeGreat Northern Gymnastics P2 XS H8.550 21*8.900 26T8.550 32T8.600 25*34.600 27T
71Seleski-Ezinkwo, JaydenGreat Northern Gymnastics P2 XS H8.550 22*8.750 29T8.700 25T8.600 26*34.600 28T
74Leatham, EloiseSpirit Gymnastics Inc. P2 XS C8.200 479.000 36T8.700 43T8.650 36T34.550 46
75Lintula, EmmaNorthern Twistars Gymnastics P2 XS C8.600 34T8.850 42T8.650 45T8.400 48T34.500 47
76Gaston, CassidyRichfield Gymnastic Club P2 XS C8.250 469.250 19T8.400 50T8.400 49T34.300 48
76Grund, AmelieClassic Gymnastics P2 XS H8.100 328.750 30T9.050 13T8.400 31T34.300 29T
76Kaplan, ShelbyTAGS Gymnastics-Eden Prairie P2 XS H8.400 28T8.500 35T8.950 188.450 2934.300 30T
79Oie, JordynJ.E.T.S. Gymnastics P2 XS H8.200 318.900 27T8.350 358.800 20T34.250 31T
79Matthews, FrancescaLaketown Gymnastics P2 XS H8.600 188.650 328.400 348.600 27T34.250 32T
81Rund, AlaynaElite Gymnastic Academy, LLP P2 XS H7.500 359.000 239.050 14T8.550 2834.100 33
82Maroney, MadisonIGM Gymnastics P2 XS C8.000 54T8.400 52T8.800 38T8.800 26T34.000 49
83Gendron, ReeseDynamics Gymnastics Center P2 XS C8.300 44T8.500 50T8.750 41T8.300 52T33.850 50
84Belisle, AinsleyClassic Gymnastics P2 XS C8.100 51T8.500 51T8.600 48T8.400 50T33.600 51
85Nohre, NicoleRichfield Gymnastic Club P2 XS H8.000 338.700 318.550 33T8.300 3233.550 34
86Dawson, BrookeLaketown Gymnastics P2 XS C8.300 45T8.700 48T8.000 548.500 45T33.500 52
87Dosek, CarolineClassic Gymnastics P2 XS C8.000 55T8.300 549.050 24T8.100 5433.450 53
88Wolterstorff, ArianaClassic Gymnastics P2 XS H7.900 348.550 338.700 26T8.100 3433.250 35
89Knutson, MeganLegacy Gymnastics P2 XS C8.100 52T8.400 53T8.300 528.200 5333.000 54
90Benso, AmeliaGym Bin P2 XS C8.100 53T8.200 557.800 558.000 5532.100 55