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Wheel Of Fortune Invite -
Wheel Of Fortune Invite
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-11-172017-11-19 LaFleur's Gymnastics LargoClick here231
Meet ScoresTeam: Starlight Gymnastics
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Adamczyk, JuliaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.400 56T9.450 37T9.300 28T9.250 59*37.400 33T
2Brown, LaylaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.400 56T9.400 47T9.400 15T9.150 78T37.350 37
3Saulsby, AlayaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.450 46T9.250 77T8.775 130T9.150 78T36.625 70T
4Giles, GeorgiaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.050 132T9.450 37T9.000 74T9.100 89T36.600 73
5Young, CarissaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.350 75T9.225 84T8.950 92T9.025 107T36.550 75T
6Parziale, KarleeStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.250 99T9.125 101T9.000 74T9.050 102*36.425 80T
7Sleeper, MacKenzieStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.375 202T9.250 77T9.200 47T9.275 54T36.100 114T
8Sears, SarahStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.375 66T9.175 97T8.350 204T9.100 89T36.000 121
9Torres, AriannaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.000 140T8.850 148T9.175 52T8.900 138T35.925 123
10Goldwich, JordynStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.075 128T8.800 156T8.850 111T9.175 73T35.900 124
11Flowers, KelseyStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.375 202T9.250 77T9.200 47T9.050 102T35.875 125T
12Vinnick, SidneyStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.625 181T8.925 137T9.200 47T8.925 132T35.675 130T
13Gridley, BrookeStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.775 165T8.700 173T9.000 74T9.000 112T35.475 140
14Burt, MaliaStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.700 169T9.125 101T8.800 124T8.800 158T35.425 141T
15Sunderhaus, KaitlynStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.250 99T9.400 47T7.900 222T8.850 150T35.400 143T
16Byrd, GraceStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.000 220T9.475 30T8.800 124T9.000 112T35.275 151T
17Friebel, PenelopeStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.900 150T9.000 124T8.550 174T8.500 19734.950 168
18Abinsay, BellaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.375 66T7.700 2268.875 109T8.925 132T34.875 171T
19VanWagenen, SummerStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.100 123T8.750 163T8.375 202T8.525 192T34.750 176T
20Lukic, EvaStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.150 116T8.950 133T8.750 134T7.850 22134.700 178T
21Hamilton, CiarraStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.925 148T8.650 179T8.450 191T8.650 180T34.675 182T
22Wood, BrynnaStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.225 2138.650 179T9.000 74T8.550 19134.425 192
23Schley, KaylieStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.725 1688.125 219T8.800 124T8.725 174T34.375 194
24Popp, KateStarlight Gymnastics All All All9.475 43T8.825 151T8.200 215T7.600 225T34.100 198
25Gridley, EvaStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.900 150T8.300 206T8.500 182T8.300 207T34.000 201
26Bryant, JasmineStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.150 216T8.300 206T8.725 143T8.750 170T33.925 203
27Donatiello, BryannahStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.200 214T8.800 156T8.525 178T8.025 216T33.550 207
28Anderson, KendallStarlight Gymnastics All All All7.850 2278.500 194T8.900 98T8.150 21333.400 210T
29Jones, SaraStarlight Gymnastics All All All7.900 225T8.475 198T8.500 182T8.100 214T32.975 220
30Geiger, ReaganStarlight Gymnastics All All All8.150 216T7.200 2298.500 182T8.650 180T32.500 221
31Sanders, AveryStarlight Gymnastics All All All7.650 2287.800 2248.400 197T8.300 207T32.150 226
32Gill, TristynStarlight Gymnastics All All All7.250 2307.350 2287.700 226T7.300 22929.600 227