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20 Mile Jubilee -
20 Mile Jubilee
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-03-242018-03-25 20 Mile Athletic Center241
Meet Scores
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Burnham, HuttonMomentum 2 XB Jr bb9.650 110.000 19.750 19.800 139.200 1
Capritta, AngelinaNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch9.650 4T9.500 6T9.550 19.750 138.450 1
Christensen, Kendall20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Sr9.600 7T9.700 7T9.600 5T9.300 44T38.200 2
Bezenar, ElizabethMomentum 2 XB Sr9.500 29.800 49.400 6T9.400 16T38.100 2
Romero, Madeline20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Ch9.750 19.700 19.300 5T9.300 16T38.050 2T
Samson, Isabel20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr A9.700 2T9.650 2T9.150 14T9.550 338.050 3T
Tousky, ReeceNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch9.500 9T9.350 14T9.500 29.500 4T37.850 4
McMillion, Kinley20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Ch9.500 12T9.200 73T9.700 2T9.300 45T37.700 4T
Mead, AveryNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr bb9.250 4T9.600 9T9.200 15T9.650 5T37.700 3
De Martin, DanielleTIGAR 3 XG Jr A9.300 17T9.650 3T9.300 6T9.400 9T37.650 5
Pike, TeganNogare's - CO 2 XB Sr9.300 39.500 13T9.400 7T9.450 13T37.650 4
Smullen, AudreySunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.500 13T9.350 42T9.500 9T9.300 46T37.650 7T
Sterin, RomySunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Sr9.200 29T9.500 23*9.450 12T9.500 11T37.650 6T
Tunstall, ScarlettMomentum 2 XB Jr bb9.150 9T9.600 10T9.400 8T9.400 17T37.550 5
Brandberg, IsabellaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS SR9.000 22T9.450 5T9.750 19.300 14T37.500 1T
Cozzetto, AvaNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch9.100 11T9.650 7*9.250 13T9.500 8T37.500 6T
Laws, KelsieMomentum 2 XB Sr9.150 10T9.650 8*9.450 4T9.250 28T37.500 7T
Smith, RachelSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Sr8.900 61T9.600 16T9.550 7T9.450 21T37.500 12T
Quinones, IsabellaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP SR9.450 19.400 8T9.150 209.500 7T37.500 2T
Harris, SarahSunDance Gymnastics 3 XG Jr A9.400 14T9.450 8T9.300 7T9.350 14T37.500 6T
Nibert, LilyNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch9.300 18T9.400 11T9.400 49.400 10T37.500 7T
Clementi, BrynnNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch8.550 28T9.850 2T9.350 9T9.700 3T37.450 8
Gorman, HollyMomentum 1 XS Jr A8.600 83T9.800 5T9.600 6T9.450 22T37.450 14T
LaBar, RhiannaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR9.200 7T9.400 9T9.500 2T9.350 10T37.450 3
Lindgren, CaliMomentum 2 XB Jr bb8.600 25T9.850 3T9.450 5T9.500 9T37.400 9
Kassel, AnnaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG SR9.100 12T9.700 1T9.250 14T9.350 11T37.400 4
Lott, MaiyaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS SR9.200 8T9.300 17T9.250 15T9.600 2T37.350 5
Somerville, AveryMomentum 2 XB Jr a9.250 5T9.350 22T9.300 11T9.350 20T37.250 10
Witkiewicz, MayaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS JR9.100 13T9.400 10T9.400 5T9.300 15T37.200 6
Prewett, HaileeIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS SR9.100 14T9.300 18T9.500 3T9.250 17T37.150 7
Larson, GwendolynNogare's - CO 2 XB Sr9.000 13T9.600 11T9.200 16T9.300 23T37.100 11T
Gommel, HarlieMomentum 2 XB Jr bb8.950 159.500 14T9.100 24T9.550 737.100 12T
Navarra, GraziellaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR9.100 15T9.000 41T9.450 49.550 5T37.100 8
Holliday, AineSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Ch9.150 42T9.600 18T9.200 43T9.100 87T37.050 19
Dauk, KerriganPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Jr A9.000 32T9.450 9T9.150 15T9.450 6T37.050 8
Hansen, Kendelle20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Jr A8.500 95T9.400 36T9.650 49.450 23T37.000 20T
Ortega, LondonNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr a8.800 18T9.350 23T9.200 17T9.650 6T37.000 13
Medina, DanielaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP SR8.900 27T9.300 19T9.300 12*9.500 8T37.000 9T
Waits, AlysabethIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP SR9.100 16T9.450 6T9.300 11*9.150 25T37.000 10T
Venticinque, PjSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Sr9.200 30T9.250 60T9.150 52T9.400 30T37.000 22T
Eder, JennaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP SR9.000 23T9.050 409.350 8T9.550 6T36.950 11
Panter, BrookeNogare's - CO 3 XG Jr A9.350 169.250 18T9.450 38.900 43T36.950 9
Vishnoi, Anshita20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Sr9.700 3T9.250 19T8.800 31T9.150 28T36.900 10T
Fiscus, Paige20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Sr9.650 5T9.400 12T8.600 39T9.250 20T36.900 11T
Stuart, MilanFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG SR9.250 5T9.200 28T8.650 369.750 136.850 12T
Maywhort, KendallMomentum 2 XB Jr bb8.550 29T9.700 5T9.200 18T9.400 18T36.850 14
Anderson, TrinitySunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.300 23T9.400 37T9.000 73T9.150 77T36.850 24T
Zapparoli, FrancesccaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS SR9.100 17T9.400 11T9.200 17T9.150 26T36.850 13T
Hellem, BrookeIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP SR9.050 19T9.350 13T9.100 21T9.350 12T36.850 14T
Mackin, ClaireIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP JR9.300 3T9.100 34T8.800 31T9.600 3T36.800 15
Benavidez, JaylaNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch9.400 15T9.000 28T9.100 17T9.300 17T36.800 13T
Dauk, BradlynnPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Ch9.000 33T9.150 239.250 8T9.400 11T36.800 14T
Padgett, AlisonPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Ch9.300 19T9.400 13T8.900 27T9.200 23T36.800 12T
Brown, AddyMomentum 1 XS Ch8.900 62T9.750 69.400 19T8.700 128T36.750 25T
Swing, Ryley20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Jr B8.200 122T9.550 20T9.700 3T9.300 48T36.750 26T
Knott, EmersonSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B8.550 91T9.650 12T9.300 27T9.250 58*36.750 27T
Griffin, Reese20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr A9.100 28T9.450 10T8.700 35T9.500 5T36.750 15
Damkoehler, Lauryn20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Jr B8.800 69T9.350 45T9.350 23T9.250 59*36.750 28T
Schwartzwalder, ZoeIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS JR8.400 489.700 2T9.400 6T9.200 22T36.700 16
Bills, ZoeSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Sr8.800 70T9.250 61T9.450 15T9.200 66T36.700 29
Allen, MiaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS JR8.750 34T9.100 35T9.350 9T9.450 936.650 17T
Herrera, GabriellaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP SR9.150 10T9.000 42T9.250 16T9.250 18T36.650 18T
Treacy, NataliePremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Jr A8.900 38T9.550 58.800 32T9.350 15T36.600 16
Robertson, Sophia20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Sr9.200 31T9.100 86T9.300 28T9.000 100T36.600 30
Barros, Breyawna20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr B9.500 10T8.850 37T8.950 24T9.250 21T36.550 17
Carlson, AliyahGymnastics West 2 XB Jr bb8.750 209.300 26T8.700 369.750 236.500 15T
Leal, RaedynNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch8.100 479.550 129.150 20T9.700 4T36.500 16T
Poole, AshlynFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG SR8.700 399.100 36T9.100 22T9.600 4T36.500 19
Gray, DelaneyNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr a7.700 54T9.700 6T9.550 29.500 10T36.450 17T
Edwards, EmmersonIncline Gymnastics Training Center 3 XG Ch8.800 42T9.500 7T8.500 42T9.650 236.450 18
Robinson, BadynNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr a8.450 35T9.250 30T9.300 12T9.450 14T36.450 18T
Howarth, ChanningSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Jr A9.000 52T9.250 62*9.200 46T9.000 101T36.450 35T
Hansen, Jenna20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Sr9.600 6T9.000 29T8.800 33T9.000 38T36.400 19T
Fromelius, TarynMomentum 2 XB Jr bb8.400 38T9.350 24T9.150 21T9.500 11T36.400 19
Black, LaineyFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG SR9.000 24T9.400 12T8.900 27T9.100 30T36.400 20T
Zumpf, AutumnNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch8.900 39T8.900 33T9.200 11T9.400 12T36.400 20T
Chambers, AvaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP SR8.800 29T9.100 37T9.350 10T9.150 27T36.400 21T
Pritchard, PaytenPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Ch9.250 219.300 16T8.700 36T9.150 29T36.400 21T
Koch, MadisonSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Sr8.200 123T9.350 47T9.400 20T9.400 32T36.350 37T
Sidwell, GeorgiaMomentum 4 XG JR8.650 40T9.300 20T9.200 18T9.200 23T36.350 23T
Wedel, ZoeIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS JR8.600 42T9.200 29T9.300 13T9.250 19T36.350 22T
Key, JazleneRock 1 XS Ch9.000 53T9.000 102T9.150 55T9.200 67T36.350 38T
Williams, AvaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 3 XG Sr9.450 12T9.650 4T7.750 53T9.450 7T36.300 22
Scarsbrook, MorganSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Sr8.300 115*9.150 81T9.500 10T9.350 40T36.300 39T
West, JaceyMomentum 4 XG SR8.750 35T9.500 3T8.700 34*9.350 13T36.300 24T
Schmidt, LilyMomentum 2 XB Sr8.300 41T9.300 27T9.250 14T9.450 15T36.300 20
Brinkerhoff, BreezleighIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XS JR9.150 11T9.350 14T8.700 35*9.100 31T36.300 25T
Cook, KaiyaNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch8.400 39T9.250 32*9.500 39.100 40T36.250 21T
Merrill, AbbieIncline Gymnastics Training Center 2 XD Jr A9.200 7T9.100 39T8.450 439.500 12T36.250 22T
Hyden, PaigeSunDance Gymnastics 3 XG Sr9.450 13T8.600 48T9.200 12T9.000 39T36.250 23T
von der Hofen, CamrynFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR9.050 20T9.450 7T8.850 29T8.900 4036.250 26T
Trujillo, NevaehNogare's - CO 2 XB Sr8.500 31T9.250 31*9.150 22T9.350 21T36.250 23T
Haehre, SiljePremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Sr9.050 30T9.300 17T9.100 18*8.800 46T36.250 24T
Martin, MadisonMomentum 4 XG SR8.750 36T9.200 30*9.000 24T9.300 16T36.250 27T
Demarest, TahliaGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 4 XS SR9.200 9T9.200 31*8.600 37T9.250 20T36.250 28T
Williams, OliviaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR8.800 30T9.250 24T9.200 19T9.000 37T36.250 29T
Van Horn, Laura20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr A9.000 34T9.000 30T9.100 19*9.150 30T36.250 25T
Bush, KileyMomentum 2 XB Jr a8.500 32T9.400 20T9.050 269.200 32T36.150 24T
Jenkins, KaydenMomentum 2 XB Jr a8.700 21T9.150 388.900 28T9.400 19T36.150 25T
Casaus, LaylaNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch9.550 88.800 39T8.600 40T9.150 31T36.100 26T
Flesch, RileyGymnastics West 2 XB Ch9.200 8T9.500 15T8.200 489.200 33T36.100 26
Legge, MateaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR8.650 41T9.000 43T9.400 7T9.050 33T36.100 30
Hrupek, GreeleyGymnastics West 3 XG Ch8.800 43T9.050 25T9.250 9T9.000 40T36.100 27T
Berger, LillianMomentum 1 XS Ch8.300 117T9.350 48T9.300 30T9.100 89T36.050 48T
Ferguson, SkylerMomentum 2 XB Sr8.800 19T9.200 35T8.750 33T9.300 24T36.050 27T
Hasler, MylahFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR9.000 25T9.300 22*8.550 409.200 24T36.050 31T
Sides, McKennaMomentum 4 XG SR8.550 449.300 21*9.050 239.150 28T36.050 32T
Bruce, ShaelynSunDance Gymnastics 3 XG Jr B8.800 44T9.250 20T8.950 25T9.050 34T36.050 28
Naughton, BrookePremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 2 XD Ch8.700 22T9.100 40T9.000 279.250 29T36.050 28T
Olivas, MarializRock 1 XS Jr A9.200 34T9.150 83T8.950 78T8.700 129T36.000 51
Hempelman, Kristin20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Sr8.100 134T9.050 95T9.300 31T9.500 17T35.950 52
Amero, CaitlinGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 4 XS SR8.900 28T9.350 15T9.000 25T8.700 46T35.950 33
Reader, Katie20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Sr9.100 29T8.450 56T9.200 13T9.200 24T35.950 29T
Page, Mia20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr B9.050 31T8.650 46T9.150 16T9.100 32T35.950 30T
Hannason, KeeleyIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP SR9.250 6T9.200 32T8.900 28T8.550 4835.900 34
Pearson, TrinaGymnastics West 2 XB Sr9.250 6T8.400 529.100 25T9.150 36T35.900 29
Vetrovec, Lauryn20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Ch8.900 40T8.800 40T8.950 26T9.250 22T35.900 31
Howarth, BraylenSunDance Gymnastics 3 XG Jr B9.150 26T8.400 58T9.100 20T9.200 25T35.850 32
Pickering, JillianMomentum 1 XS Jr A8.200 124T9.500 27T9.250 36T8.800 119T35.750 54T
Fountain, LexiMomentum 2 XB Sr7.950 519.450 16T9.350 10T9.000 45T35.750 30
Bondurant, KellyFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP SR9.000 26T8.850 488.750 339.150 29T35.750 35
Kellum, AshleyFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR9.050 21T9.500 4T8.100 479.050 34T35.700 36
Carrano, CarleighMomentum 4 XG SR9.400 28.800 49T8.200 44T9.250 21T35.650 37
Martin, SarahTIGAR 3 XG Jr A9.200 22T8.700 43T8.700 37T9.050 35T35.650 33
Kostrunek, CallieGymnastics West 1 XS Jr A9.000 54T9.100 89T9.100 65T8.450 146T35.650 56
Brown, AnabelMomentum 4 XG SR8.300 49T9.250 25T8.950 269.100 32T35.600 38
Negley, AbbyGymnastics West 1 XS Jr A9.200 35T8.850 118T9.100 66T8.450 147T35.600 57
Alfonso, JordanNogare's - CO 2 XB Sr8.200 44T9.350 25T8.900 29T9.100 41T35.550 31T
Rocklin, HannahIncline Gymnastics Training Center 2 XD Ch8.600 26T9.250 33T8.500 41T9.200 34T35.550 32T
Hoeke, PaigeGymnastics West 1 XS Sr8.550 92T9.200 75T9.050 70T8.700 130T35.500 60
Marmolejo, CoraNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr bb8.450 36T9.450 17T8.650 378.900 47T35.450 33
Carrasco, MariaRock 3 XG Jr A8.800 45T9.350 15T8.300 46T9.000 41T35.450 34
Marsden, MiaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR9.300 4T9.100 38T8.000 49T9.050 35T35.450 39
Zimmerman, GabrielleSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Ch8.600 86T9.300 56T8.750 100T8.800 120T35.450 62T
Milla, Peyton20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Ch8.550 93T9.050 96T8.950 79T8.900 108*35.450 63T
Jo Marchitti, MollyMomentum 1 XS Jr A7.400 1609.600 19T9.350 25T9.050 94T35.400 64T
Blasing, PaisleyNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch8.300 42T9.000 42T8.850 309.250 30T35.400 34
Williams, AnnaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 2 XD Jr B9.000 14T9.300 28T8.000 50T9.050 43T35.350 35
Moore, ZionSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B8.500 98T9.200 76T9.200 47T8.450 148T35.350 67T
Adams, Faith20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr B8.400 56T8.600 49T8.900 29*9.400 13T35.300 35T
Hughes, AshleyNogare's - CO 3 XG Jr B8.450 558.650 47T8.900 28*9.300 18T35.300 36T
Kirby, BrynleeFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR8.800 31T8.600 538.850 30T9.050 36T35.300 40
Holbein, AudreyGymnastics West 2 XB Jr bb8.550 30T9.400 21T8.300 45T9.000 46T35.250 36T
Jefferies, GreenleeGymnastics West 2 XB Jr bb8.450 37T8.700 48T8.800 31T9.300 25T35.250 37T
Palmer, Jocelyn20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Jr A8.000 139T9.100 91*9.250 37T8.900 109T35.250 70T
Medina, JulesFlatirons Gymnastics Center 2 XD Jr A8.900 16T8.100 54T9.150 23T9.100 42T35.250 38T
Mueller, CallieSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B8.500 100*9.100 90*8.500 118T9.150 79*35.250 72T
Negley, AleighaGymnastics West 2 XB Jr a8.600 27T8.750 478.750 34T9.150 37T35.250 39T
Lapp, KiarraPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Sr8.500 52T9.000 31T9.000 238.750 5235.250 37
Porter, TaeganMomentum 1 XS Jr A7.500 156T9.450 31T9.400 21T8.850 115T35.200 75T
Payne, EllaNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch8.500 33T9.050 418.500 42T9.150 38T35.200 40T
Foster, KinleyGymnastics West 2 XB Ch8.900 17T8.800 45T8.600 38T8.900 48T35.200 41T
Loughrey, KaliIncline Gymnastics Training Center 2 XD Sr8.700 23T8.700 49T8.400 449.350 22T35.150 42
Peterson, EmmaGymnastics West 1 XS Sr8.700 79T9.150 84T9.050 71T8.200 154T35.100 79
McInerney, MollyFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR8.600 43T8.900 46T8.600 38T9.000 38T35.100 41
Gilligan, McKenaGymnastics West 1 XS Jr A9.200 36T8.850 119T8.900 86T8.100 158T35.050 80
Knabensue, KarleeNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch9.600 7T8.700 44T7.650 57T9.050 36T35.000 38T
Khachatryan, AriannaMomentum 1 XS Jr A7.500 157T9.100 92T9.200 48T9.200 71T35.000 81
Bauza, Gianna20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr A8.900 41T8.200 62T9.100 21T8.800 47T35.000 39T
Shotkoski, KelseyGymnastics West 1 XS Sr8.200 126*8.700 132T9.150 58T8.900 111T34.950 82T
Nills, Hailey20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Jr B8.200 127*9.000 105T8.900 87T8.850 116T34.950 83T
Strnad, Madison20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Jr B9.500 11T9.050 26T6.900 639.450 8T34.900 40T
Kenner, MorganPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 2 XD Sr9.100 12T8.800 46T7.700 54T9.300 26T34.900 43
Ah Yo, NovaleeNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch9.000 35T8.400 59T8.300 47T9.200 26T34.900 41T
Yaksich, AnnabelleRock 3 XG Jr B8.550 519.200 21T8.350 458.800 48T34.900 42T
Stoll, AdiahFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR8.200 52T9.250 26T8.400 429.000 39T34.850 42
Menchaca, AlexaPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 3 XG Jr B8.200 628.900 34T9.050 228.700 53T34.850 43
Ruiz, BrihannaRock 1 XS Ch7.900 145T9.250 67T8.950 80T8.700 132T34.800 86T
Oberg, JanaeGymnastics West 1 XS Jr B8.200 129T9.000 106T9.000 76T8.600 135T34.800 87T
Maes, RachelRock 3 XG Sr9.200 23T8.900 35T7.450 59T9.200 27T34.750 44T
Dorman, KayleyGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 3 XG Jr B8.300 59T9.050 27T8.500 43T8.900 44T34.750 45T
Dickason, CherieMomentum 4 XG JR8.750 37T8.900 47T8.250 438.850 4134.750 43
Tanguay, SydneyGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 3 XG Jr B8.700 47T8.500 54T8.750 348.800 49T34.750 46T
Miller, RachelGymnastics West 2 XB Jr a8.200 45T9.450 18T7.850 539.200 35T34.700 44
Golter, JaceyGymnastics West 3 XG Sr8.950 378.100 65T8.850 308.800 50T34.700 47
Preston, AveryMomentum 2 XB Jr a8.000 49*9.250 34T8.800 32T8.600 52T34.650 45T
Shearer, KarisNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr bb8.000 48*9.000 43T8.750 35T8.900 49T34.650 46T
Shmueli, Sharon20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Sr9.200 24T8.500 55T8.000 49T8.900 45T34.600 48
Battaia, Amber20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Sr8.200 131T9.250 69T8.500 120T8.600 137T34.550 91
Hancock, CateFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR8.250 519.000 44T8.800 32T8.450 4934.500 44
Gibbens, BreckynGymnastics West 1 XS Jr B8.600 88T8.700 133T8.900 88T8.300 152T34.500 92
Barnes, AdelineSunDance Gymnastics 3 XG Sr9.300 20T8.850 38T7.900 518.400 60T34.450 49
Mraz, MorganGymnastics West 2 XB Jr bb8.200 46T9.200 36T8.000 51T9.050 44T34.450 47
Smilie, Mya20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Ch9.200 37T8.600 138T8.100 1388.550 143T34.450 94T
Degenhart, ZoeMomentum 4 XG SR8.750 38T8.400 548.600 39T8.700 47T34.450 45
Jarvis, LilyGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 4 XS SR8.800 32T9.250 27T7.600 548.750 43T34.400 46
Jones, JazelleMomentum 1 XS Jr B7.300 161T9.050 98T9.200 49T8.850 117T34.400 95
Evans, JillianNogare's - CO 3 XG Sr8.300 60T9.100 248.400 448.600 55T34.400 50
Folk, Morgan20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Sr8.800 46T8.550 52T8.600 41T8.400 61T34.350 51
Roth, MadilynnRock 1 XS Ch7.800 148T9.350 50T9.000 77T8.100 159T34.250 96
Griffiths, MicaFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR8.800 33T8.800 50T7.800 52T8.750 44T34.150 47
Gonzales, TejanaGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 3 XG Sr9.200 25T8.550 53T7.700 568.600 56T34.050 52
Vasquez, KaitlynNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch8.400 40T9.200 37T8.550 407.900 56T34.050 48
Spence, MorganRock 1 XS Sr8.400 111*9.050 99T8.400 127T8.200 155T34.050 98T
Carter, TessaGymnastics West 2 XB Jr a8.500 34T8.100 55T8.150 499.250 31T34.000 49
Cage, Bronwyn20 Mile Athletic Center 1 XS Jr B8.100 135T8.900 114T8.400 128T8.600 138T34.000 100T
Williams, DanikaGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 4 XS JR8.450 479.200 33T8.150 468.100 52T33.900 48T
Genke, AnnikaSunDance Gymnastics 3 XG Jr A9.000 36T8.800 41T7.100 61T9.000 42T33.900 53
Hannah, JordanGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 4 XS JR8.000 549.000 45T8.500 418.400 5033.900 49T
Hensley, ZoeMomentum 1 XS Ch7.300 162T9.000 108T8.850 92T8.700 133T33.850 101
Garrard, VioletFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR8.300 50T8.700 528.000 50T8.800 4233.800 50
Byrne, Aidan20 Mile Athletic Center 3 XG Sr8.000 648.700 45T7.750 54T9.300 19T33.750 54
Crowe, JulietNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr a7.800 539.450 19T7.900 528.550 5433.700 50
Charles, MollyNogare's - CO 3 XG Jr A8.500 53T8.200 63T7.850 529.100 33T33.650 55
Jeseritz, RachelSunDance Gymnastics 1 XS Jr B8.450 107T9.000 109T8.700 105T7.500 168T33.650 103
Montoya, AubreyNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch7.900 528.350 538.600 39T8.750 5133.600 51
Young, RylieMomentum 1 XS Jr A7.000 1649.250 70T8.950 81T8.300 153T33.500 105
Thorpe, PresleyGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 4 XS JR8.500 45*9.100 39T7.800 53T8.100 53T33.500 51T
Whitney, MaddieGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 4 XS SR8.500 46*8.300 55T7.950 518.750 45T33.500 52T
Smith, KyraIncline Gymnastics Training Center 2 XD Jr B8.700 24T8.600 517.000 579.150 39T33.450 52
Romero, KelseighGymnastics West 3 XG Jr A8.700 48T8.600 50T7.650 58T8.500 58T33.450 56
Welsby, HadliNogare's - CO 3 XG Ch7.900 658.300 608.150 489.050 37T33.400 57
Franssen, MichonGymnastics West 1 XS Sr7.500 158T8.600 140T8.700 106T8.600 139T33.400 107
Rathbun, AshleyTIGAR 3 XG Ch8.500 54T8.800 42T7.450 60T8.600 57T33.350 58
Flesch, ReganGymnastics West 1 XS Jr B8.100 136T8.750 129T8.500 121T8.000 160T33.350 108
Crown, RebeccaGymnastics West 1 XS Jr B7.800 150T8.800 124T8.450 125T8.200 156T33.250 109
Aden, SophiaGymnastics West 3 XG Jr A8.600 508.150 647.750 55T8.700 54T33.200 59
Rush, DaisyRock 1 XS Ch7.600 1559.100 93T8.250 133T8.200 157T33.150 110
Aguilar, VivianNogare's - CO 2 XB Jr a8.300 43T9.300 29T7.600 567.800 5833.000 53
Wurster, KaytiGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 3 XG Jr B9.150 27T8.250 617.100 62T8.500 59T33.000 60
Hardin, KhaleaTIGAR 3 XG Ch8.300 61T9.000 32T6.700 658.800 51T32.800 61
Shivers, MichelleRock 1 XS Jr A8.100 137T8.300 152T8.500 122T7.800 166T32.700 112
Hansen, MaciGymnastics West 2 XB Ch6.800 568.700 50T8.300 46T8.800 5032.600 54
Bogus, MaddisonGymnastics West 2 XB Sr8.000 50T7.600 578.250 478.600 53T32.450 55
Merciez, HaileyGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 3 XG Ch8.650 498.600 51T6.800 648.300 6432.350 62
Dean, ZoeRock 1 XS Ch7.700 153T8.600 141T8.050 1398.000 161T32.350 115
Nickols, BaileyRock 3 XG Jr B8.400 57T7.600 678.700 38T7.500 6632.200 63T
Evens, JadeGymnastics West 3 XG Sr7.700 668.100 66T8.000 50T8.400 62T32.200 64T
Michalski, EmilyMomentum 4 XG JR8.200 53T8.300 56T7.300 558.350 5132.150 53
Gillen, MariahRock 1 XS Ch7.200 1638.300 153T8.150 137T8.400 149T32.050 116
Bronsert, MakennaGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 3 XG Jr A8.400 58T8.900 36T6.150 668.400 63T31.850 65
Llamas, JazmineRock 1 XS Ch7.500 159T8.000 1628.000 142T7.800 167T31.300 117T
Smith, CheyenneNogare's - CO 2 XB Ch7.700 55T7.900 567.700 55T8.000 5531.300 56
Livley, KatieRock 1 XS Jr B7.800 151T8.850 120T7.600 154T7.000 17031.250 119
Arellano, CassandraGymnastics Unlimited Inc. 3 XG Sr8.100 638.450 57T5.000 678.000 6529.550 66
Jolly, EmiliaIncline Gymnastics Training Center 2 XD Jr B0.000 57T9.000 44T9.200 19T9.300 27T27.500 57
Finer, LIndsayIncline Gymnastics Training Center 4 XP JR9.100 18T8.800 51T8.200 45T0.000 54T26.100 54
Miller, EmilyTIGAR 3 XG Jr B0.000 679.200 22T9.250 10T0.000 6718.450 67
Scott, GabrielleFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XG JR0.000 55T9.300 23T8.050 480.000 55T17.350 55
Graham, JillianFlatirons Gymnastics Center 4 XP JR0.000 56T9.350 16T7.000 560.000 56T16.350 56
Salza, CadiPremier Gymnastics of the Rockies 2 XD Sr0.000 58T0.000 58T0.000 58T7.900 57T7.900 58