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Kurt Thomas Invitational -
Kurt Thomas Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-02-092018-02-11 Kurt Thomas Gymnastics839
Meet Scores Session: 3B Level: XS Division: Jr A
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

McCullum, JermaineePrimo Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.750 5T9.800 4T9.500 20T9.750 138.800 2T
Carson, RubyPrimo Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.650 10T9.750 8T9.800 6T9.450 13T38.650 5T
Ruiz, SophiaSunburst Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.650 10T9.600 26*9.700 9T9.500 7T38.450 7T
Farley, MakaylaGymnastics Sport Center 3B XS Jr A9.350 26T9.800 4T9.500 20T9.650 438.300 10
Hill, EmmeUltimate Gymnastics Academy 3B XS Jr A9.750 5T9.750 8T9.500 20T9.200 30T38.200 11T
Leslie, KinsleyUltimate Gymnastics Academy 3B XS Jr A9.450 21T9.850 2T9.600 13T9.250 28T38.150 13
Gregory, PresleyUltimate Gymnastics Academy 3B XS Jr A9.150 34T9.800 4T9.600 13T9.500 7*38.050 15T
Meyers, MarleePrimo Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.950 19.650 20T9.000 38T9.400 19T38.000 18T
Boullion, KennedyPrimo Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.450 21T9.400 38T9.700 9T9.350 23T37.900 20
Stevens, KinleyTexas Elite Gymnastics Academy (TEGA) 3B XS Jr A9.800 2T9.550 33*8.900 43T9.550 637.800 21T
Nguri, RehemaPrimo Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.450 21T9.550 33*9.400 23T9.400 19T37.800 21T
Trotta, ScarlettUltimate Gymnastics Academy 3B XS Jr A9.100 37T9.750 8T9.600 13T9.300 25T37.750 24
Williams, KyndalTexas Elite Gymnastics Academy (TEGA) 3B XS Jr A9.500 16T9.700 15*9.000 38T9.500 7T37.700 25T
Snethen, AutumnPrimo Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.500 16T9.600 26T9.300 28T9.150 33T37.550 28T
Herlitz, JennaSunburst Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.250 30T9.650 20T9.400 23T9.100 36T37.400 30T
Harrison, JadaPrimo Gymnastics 3B XS Jr A9.050 41T9.300 42T9.250 349.450 13T37.050 35
Collins, JordanaMoseley's Gymnastics and Fitness Center 3B XS Jr A8.800 50T9.400 38T9.300 28T9.100 36T36.600 40
Poole, LarissaMontgomery Gymnastic 3B XS Jr A8.800 50T9.200 45T9.000 38T9.050 39T36.050 43
Collins, HydieGymnastic World 3B XS Jr A9.350 26T9.200 45*7.700 559.400 19T35.650 45T
Boren, AudreyMoseley's Gymnastics and Fitness Center 3B XS Jr A8.600 529.350 40T8.700 49T8.900 45T35.550 47T
Credle, AddisonMoseley's Gymnastics and Fitness Center 3B XS Jr A8.900 44*9.450 378.300 52T8.850 4735.500 49T
Stainbrook, CharleighMontgomery Gymnastic 3B XS Jr A8.900 44*9.000 509.300 28T8.300 5435.500 49T
Steinitz, EllaMontgomery Gymnastic 3B XS Jr A9.150 34T8.600 538.800 45T8.400 5334.950 52
Gibson, SavannahMoseley's Gymnastics and Fitness Center 3B XS Jr A8.400 53T8.800 529.400 23T7.500 5534.100 55