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2018 Idaho State Xcel Championships -
2018 Idaho State Xcel Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-03-152018-03-18 Bronco Elite Arts and Athletics370
Meet Scores Session: 5-6 Level: XS Division: B
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Rynhart, LaurenMeridian Academy of Gymnastics 5-6 XS B9.350 11T9.350 41T9.625 3*9.375 25*37.700 9T
Carhuamaca, AshleySpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS B9.050 42T9.575 12T9.500 8T9.425 13T37.550 14
Willis, EvangelineSTEP Training Centre 5-6 XS B9.175 29T9.225 74T9.475 99.275 32T37.150 22
Cathcart, ClaireAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS B9.050 44T9.275 56T9.300 26T9.000 60T36.625 40T
Beardall, BrynTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS B8.550 101T9.325 46T9.100 55T9.075 54T36.050 63T
Hibbs, BrielleAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS B9.000 49T9.000 105T9.100 56T8.825 88T35.925 69T
Navarrete, CaliahHOTSHOTS GYMNASTICS 5-6 XS B8.600 94T9.150 81T9.025 64T8.600 101T35.375 92
Bernas, AdisonGym Stars 5-6 XS B8.750 86T9.125 86T8.425 1168.925 73T35.225 96
Ayabei, NiaTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS B7.700 1259.525 21T8.525 110T8.100 12133.850 119T