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2018 Idaho State Xcel Championships -
2018 Idaho State Xcel Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-03-152018-03-18 Bronco Elite Arts and Athletics370
Meet Scores Session: 5-6 Level: XS
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Perrin, JessicaFierce Athletics 5-6 XS D9.625 19.475 269.600 49.575 438.275 1
2Bamburg, SydneyFierce Athletics 5-6 XS D9.500 5T9.525 17T9.575 59.300 29T37.900 4
3Jensen, DianeDanik Gymnastics 5-6 XS E9.400 8T9.525 19T9.425 13T9.375 23T37.725 7
4Costello, CaitlinTechnique 5-6 XS E9.050 41T9.650 5T9.625 2*9.375 24*37.700 8T
4Rynhart, LaurenMeridian Academy of Gymnastics 5-6 XS B9.350 11T9.350 41T9.625 3*9.375 25*37.700 9T
6Riehl, KyleeWings Center 5-6 XS E9.250 22T9.325 44T9.650 19.450 10T37.675 10
7Eidam, HaileyGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS E9.275 219.700 29.375 17T9.225 37T37.575 13
8Carhuamaca, AshleySpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS B9.050 42T9.575 12T9.500 8T9.425 13T37.550 14
9Stanton, AddisonBronco Elite Arts and Athletics 5-6 XS D9.000 47T9.450 27T9.350 22T9.375 26T37.175 21
10Willis, EvangelineSTEP Training Centre 5-6 XS B9.175 29T9.225 74T9.475 99.275 32T37.150 22
11Byington, SavannahSpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS C9.050 43T9.450 28T9.225 34T9.400 21T37.125 23T
12Hess, CeciSpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS F8.925 60T9.600 119.275 30T9.300 30T37.100 25
13Hughston, EmilySpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS A8.900 65T9.400 35T9.450 11T9.075 53T36.825 33T
14Hoch, DakotaFuntastics/Team Avant Coeur 5-6 XS A9.100 35T9.275 55T9.375 18T8.950 64T36.700 35T
15Easterday, TatumTechnique 5-6 XS A8.800 74T9.375 36T9.200 37T9.250 35T36.625 37T
15Woodbury, LeahAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS D8.900 66T9.225 75T9.375 19T9.125 5036.625 38T
15Juarez, AdrianaBronco Elite Arts and Athletics 5-6 XS E9.100 36T9.150 80T9.050 629.325 2836.625 39T
15Cathcart, ClaireAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS B9.050 44T9.275 56T9.300 26T9.000 60T36.625 40T
19Huck, KatelynGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS D9.200 26T9.425 31T9.100 53T8.875 78*36.600 43T
20Montgomery, MorganGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS F9.200 27T9.275 57T9.150 46*8.900 74T36.525 49T
21Thomas, MesaElevate Gym and Cheer 5-6 XS F8.425 1119.575 14T9.200 39T9.225 39T36.425 50
22Beard, TyhlerBronco Elite Arts and Athletics 5-6 XS E9.300 19T9.500 24T8.475 1139.000 62T36.275 52T
22Adams, MaceeTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS D9.325 16T9.125 83T8.975 70T8.850 83T36.275 53T
24Gross, LilyanTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS A8.750 84T9.375 39T9.100 54T9.000 63T36.225 56T
25Finfrock, BrookeTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS C8.400 112T9.575 15T9.175 42T9.050 57T36.200 57
26Frates, EdieSpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS E8.975 54T9.275 59T9.000 67T8.925 70T36.175 59T
27Salinas, NyliyahElevate Gym and Cheer 5-6 XS E8.700 888.875 113T9.075 60T9.425 18T36.075 60T
28Beardall, BrynTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS B8.550 101T9.325 46T9.100 55T9.075 54T36.050 63T
29Torres, MadelynSpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS A9.125 339.275 60T8.750 90T8.825 87T35.975 65T
30Hibbs, BrielleAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS B9.000 49T9.000 105T9.100 56T8.825 88T35.925 69T
31Bryne, IonaSpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS E8.800 77T9.100 89T8.850 80T9.100 51T35.850 73T
32Alan, FaithGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS F8.875 68T9.425 33T8.775 89T8.750 93T35.825 74T
33Bowen, TaylinGym Stars 5-6 XS A9.000 50T9.250 66T8.650 100T8.875 79T35.775 76
34Rose, AveryTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS C8.925 62T9.325 49T8.600 1068.900 75T35.750 77
35Fagiano, BrenleeGym Stars 5-6 XS C8.575 98*9.050 97T8.950 72T9.150 49T35.725 78T
36Martin, SadeeGym Stars 5-6 XS A8.975 55T9.100 90T8.675 96T8.950 65T35.700 81T
37Webb, AbigailBronco Elite Arts and Athletics 5-6 XS C9.000 51T9.050 98T8.725 94T8.800 92T35.575 83
38Mendez, KhiannaHOTSHOTS GYMNASTICS 5-6 XS A8.775 81T9.500 25T8.300 1188.950 66T35.525 85
39Green, AlanaAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS C8.500 104T9.250 69T9.225 36T8.500 111T35.475 88T
40Scarrett, AddisonGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS C8.750 85T9.000 107T8.950 73T8.750 94T35.450 89
41Vazquez-Flores, YarinaElevate Gym and Cheer 5-6 XS F8.275 1179.200 76T8.750 91T9.200 4035.425 90T
41Melvin, LeahMagic Valley Gymnastics 5-6 XS D8.600 93T8.925 110T9.175 43T8.725 96T35.425 91T
43Navarrete, CaliahHOTSHOTS GYMNASTICS 5-6 XS B8.600 94T9.150 81T9.025 64T8.600 101T35.375 92
44Reed, AivaFuntastics/Team Avant Coeur 5-6 XS F9.150 329.050 100T8.500 111T8.600 102T35.300 94
45Wright, AlexandraTumble Time Gymnastics Inc. 5-6 XS E8.575 99T9.050 101T9.025 65T8.600 103T35.250 95
46Bernas, AdisonGym Stars 5-6 XS B8.750 86T9.125 86T8.425 1168.925 73T35.225 96
47Henry, BrookeAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS A8.450 109T9.200 77T8.950 74T8.600 104T35.200 97T
48Reavis, LilaGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS D8.875 69T9.250 70T8.950 75T8.050 12235.125 101
49Castillo, SerafinaGym Stars 5-6 XS A8.500 105T8.875 114T8.625 104T9.100 52T35.100 102T
50Milliron, JayciElevate Gym and Cheer 5-6 XS E8.350 114T9.175 78T8.850 81T8.650 98T35.025 105
51Zahradnicek, MaryaAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS C8.150 121T9.250 72*8.700 958.875 80T34.975 106T
52Anderson, AlyssaGym Stars 5-6 XS C8.325 1169.075 95T8.575 1078.900 76T34.875 109T
52Antram, PyperGym Stars 5-6 XS C8.625 919.050 102T8.675 97T8.525 107T34.875 110T
52Johns, ChloeHOTSHOTS GYMNASTICS 5-6 XS D8.500 106T9.025 1038.900 77T8.450 113T34.875 111T
55Norton, FynleySpirit n' Motion Athletic School 5-6 XS A8.225 1189.175 79T8.625 105T8.400 114T34.425 114
56Austin, MiaAdvanced Gymnastics. 5-6 XS A7.850 1248.925 111T8.500 112T8.600 105T33.875 118
57Ayabei, NiaTulilov Gymnastics 5-6 XS B7.700 1259.525 21T8.525 110T8.100 12133.850 119T
57Martin, KoraGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS D8.800 78T8.775 1178.075 120T8.200 12033.850 120T
59Bonser, CarlyGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS F7.950 1229.375 40T8.000 1237.925 12333.250 122
60DeVore, EvelynGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS C8.175 1198.300 122T8.075 121T8.525 109T33.075 123
61Decime, ClaireGem State Gymnastics Academy 5-6 XS E8.500 107T8.100 1258.050 1227.625 12632.275 126