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Airborne Winter Classic -
Airborne Winter Classic
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-02-162018-02-18 Airborne Gymnastics and Dance170
Meet Scores Session: 2
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Pollart, Jordan20 Mile Athletic Center 2 XP Senior8.950 8T9.050 3T9.150 99.250 17T36.400 1
2Naveira, GinaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Junior8.850 12T8.800 19T9.400 2T9.300 12*36.350 2T
2Haburchak, Sofia20 Mile Athletic Center 2 XP Senior8.900 10T8.850 15T9.300 49.300 12*36.350 2T
4Otteson, RyanJET Kids 2 XP Junior9.200 2T9.050 3T8.950 139.050 3536.250 4
5Hunnings, Brooke20 Mile Athletic Center 2 XP Senior8.550 30T8.900 11T9.400 2T9.350 9T36.200 5
6Sperry, LaurenJET Kids 2 XP Senior8.750 20T9.250 1T8.750 21T9.400 5T36.150 6
7Dacuma, CiprianaSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XP Senior8.800 14T9.000 6T9.550 18.700 43T36.050 7
8Smilie, Jade20 Mile Athletic Center 2 XP Junior8.500 32T9.000 6T9.200 6T9.300 12T36.000 8
9Hvidevold, MiaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Senior8.800 14T8.700 23T9.200 6T9.200 22T35.900 9
10Weiss, MichelleMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XP Senior8.650 24T8.800 19T9.000 10T9.400 5T35.850 10
11Romero, Olivia20 Mile Athletic Center 2 XP Junior8.800 14T8.500 36T9.250 59.250 17T35.800 11T
11Reasbeck, KatarinaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Senior9.200 2T8.900 11T8.500 33T9.200 22T35.800 11T
13Rounds-Ortiz, AlexisJET Kids 2 XP Junior8.750 20T8.850 15T8.900 14T9.250 17T35.750 13
14Chrisman, AvaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Junior8.800 14T8.600 31T9.000 10T9.300 12T35.700 14
15Wachuta, BrookeJET Kids 2 XP Senior8.650 24T8.700 23T8.800 19*9.450 3T35.600 15T
15Rodriguez, CassandraAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Senior8.350 37T9.050 3T8.800 19*9.400 5T35.600 15T
17Mitchell, ChloeAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Junior9.150 4T9.000 6T7.900 45T9.450 3T35.500 17
18Graham, LiadanAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Junior8.900 10T8.900 11T8.400 379.250 17T35.450 18T
18Cole, LindseyAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Senior8.850 12T9.000 6T8.450 369.150 27T35.450 18T
20Hauger, BridgetAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Junior8.650 24T8.700 23T8.900 14T9.150 27T35.400 20
21Wilson, Mallory20 Mile Athletic Center 2 XP Senior8.300 408.650 27T9.200 6T9.200 22T35.350 21T
21Porter, HartleighSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XP Senior9.000 6T8.600 31T8.750 21T9.000 36T35.350 21T
23Fouque, MelanieMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XP Senior9.300 18.850 15T8.850 17T8.300 5035.300 23
24Claiborne, BaileeJET Kids 2 XP Senior8.400 35T9.000 6T9.000 10T8.800 40T35.200 24
25Tompkins, MyraJET Kids 2 XP Senior8.800 14T8.750 228.200 39T9.400 5T35.150 25T
25Rawlins, HayleyAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Junior8.100 43T9.250 1T8.600 26*9.200 22T35.150 25T
25Russell, AllisonAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Senior8.750 20T8.300 43*8.850 17T9.250 17T35.150 25T
25Short, ChloeAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Junior9.150 4T8.300 43*8.600 26*9.100 31T35.150 25T
29Gagliardi, Tessa20 Mile Athletic Center 2 XP Senior8.350 37T8.800 19T8.250 389.500 234.900 29
30Staver, CharlieAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Junior8.400 35T8.850 15T7.950 449.600 134.800 30
31Verssen, SabrinaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Junior8.550 30T8.500 36T8.550 29T9.150 27T34.750 31
32Crawford, GraceAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Junior8.600 27T8.400 428.500 33T9.100 31T34.600 32
33Gamber, MiaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Senior8.000 47T8.600 31T8.550 29T9.350 9T34.500 33T
33Varga, AlexandraAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Senior9.000 6T8.100 47T8.200 39T9.200 22T34.500 33T
35Pritchard, OliviaAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Junior8.100 43T8.650 27T8.550 29T9.150 27T34.450 35
36Sandler, ShelbyJET Kids 2 XP Junior7.900 49T8.500 36T8.600 26T9.350 9T34.350 36T
36Litschewski, MelanieSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XG Senior8.100 43T8.650 27T8.500 33T9.100 31T34.350 36T
38Meskin, SamanthaSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XG Junior8.700 238.500 36T8.100 41T9.000 36T34.300 38
39Kilpatrick, JasmineAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XP Senior8.950 8T8.200 45T8.000 439.100 31T34.250 39
40Subramanian, AmeliaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XP Junior8.600 27T8.100 47T8.900 14T8.600 4534.200 40T
40Merchant, IsabelleAirborne Gymnastics and Dance 2 XG Senior8.500 32T8.600 31T8.700 23T8.400 48T34.200 40T
42Nakamura, KayaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XP Junior8.600 27T8.200 45T8.550 29T8.800 40T34.150 42
43Wachuta, SabrinaJET Kids 2 XP Senior8.800 14T8.650 27T7.350 489.300 12T34.100 43
44Prodzinski, HavenSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XP Junior8.500 32T8.700 23T8.100 41T8.700 43T34.000 44
45Alpert, LillyMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XP Junior8.000 47T8.000 49T8.700 23T9.000 36T33.700 45
46Thompson, ReaganSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XG Junior8.100 43T8.900 11T7.900 45T8.200 5133.100 46
47Opstein, EmmaSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XG Senior8.350 37T8.600 31T7.000 508.900 3932.850 47
48Hixon-Villatoro, AlejandraSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XG Junior8.200 41T8.500 36T7.200 498.550 4632.450 48
49Huitt, AmeliaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XP Junior8.200 41T7.900 516.600 528.400 48T31.100 49
50Shults, AimeeSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XG Junior7.900 49T7.600 526.900 518.500 4730.900 50
51Subramanian, NinaMountain Kids Gymnastics 2 XP Senior7.400 518.500 36T4.900 537.300 5328.100 51
52Snyder, KaraSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XG Junior0.000 52T8.000 49T7.900 45T7.700 5223.600 52
53Stecklein, PaigeSynergy Gymnastics Academy 2 XP Senior0.000 52T0.000 538.700 23T8.800 40T17.500 53