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2017 Utah State Championships -
2017 Utah State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-05-192017-05-20 Black Diamond Gymnastics and Sports Center573
Meet Scores Session: 1 Level: 2 Division: Sr A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Steffon, OaklynAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A9.425 20T9.825 29.425 18T9.500 25T38.175 3T
2Delilbasic, SejlaAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A9.400 26T9.800 3T9.400 22T9.550 15T38.150 5
3Owens, TierneyGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Sr A8.950 270T9.650 21T9.550 10T9.650 2T37.800 10T
4Schaefer, RosemaryGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Sr A8.875 314T9.650 21T9.700 19.550 15T37.775 12
5Eshagh Harooni, IlmahGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Sr A9.350 42T9.200 182T9.550 10T9.650 2T37.750 13T
5Mawa, AndiaAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A9.200 113T9.325 132T9.600 3T9.625 9T37.750 13T
7Aguero, SofiaAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A9.250 84T9.325 132T9.575 8T9.375 72*37.525 25T
8Harkness, MadisonAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Sr A9.200 113T9.375 105T9.175 81T9.475 32T37.225 43T
8Owens, ZiletrisGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Sr A9.225 101T9.125 222T9.425 18T9.450 40T37.225 43T
10Johnson, AshlynnAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A9.200 113T9.350 114T9.175 81T9.350 82T37.075 56T
11Fetzer, AnnaHunts Gymnastics Academy 1 2 Sr A9.375 34T9.050 249T9.100 108T9.475 32*37.000 60T
12Hansen, GelseyAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A8.900 293T9.575 37T9.150 85T9.250 127T36.875 72T
13Burningham, MikaylaAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A8.800 347T9.450 77T9.200 71T9.250 127*36.700 89T
14Finlay, KiraAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A8.775 371T9.800 3T9.325 39T8.550 450T36.450 121T
15Bacon, AretaHunts Gymnastics Academy 1 2 Sr A9.100 187T9.325 132T8.825 220T9.025 237T36.275 140T
16Vanwagoner, RachelHunts Gymnastics Academy 1 2 Sr A9.000 242T9.200 182T8.650 285T9.100 190T35.950 194T
17Farrugia, AbbyAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A9.050 221T9.350 114T8.925 181T8.600 437T35.925 198T
18Tomadakis, ValeryAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A8.700 396T9.575 37T8.950 161*8.575 444T35.800 220T
19Anderson, ElleAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Sr A8.825 338T8.775 331T8.900 188T9.000 251T35.500 264T
20Boun, AdrianaAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Sr A9.100 187*8.050 488T8.650 285T9.425 53T35.225 304T