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2017 Utah State Championships -
2017 Utah State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-05-192017-05-20 Black Diamond Gymnastics and Sports Center573
Meet Scores Session: 1 Level: 2 Division: Jr B
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Greenberg, CadenceGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Jr B9.400 26T9.700 14T9.675 29.525 22T38.300 1T
2Rowe, AddisonGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Jr B9.300 60T9.850 19.400 22T9.625 9T38.175 3T
3Orndoff, LilyannAirTime Training Center 1 2 Jr B9.100 187T9.650 21T9.600 3T9.325 95T37.675 19T
4Shroeder, CallieGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Jr B8.800 347T9.775 69.300 43T9.500 25T37.375 30T
5Caldwell, MadisonAirTime Training Center 1 2 Jr B8.900 293T9.650 21T9.325 39T9.450 40T37.325 35T
6Henry, ElizaHunts Gymnastics Academy 1 2 Jr B9.200 113T9.575 37T9.125 99T9.300 103T37.200 45T
7Adams, LaurynAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B8.800 347T9.175 196T9.450 14T9.650 2T37.075 56T
8Gonsalves, KarlynGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Jr B9.125 175T9.450 77T9.075 122T9.325 95T36.975 63T
9Marticorena, SarahHunts Gymnastics Academy 1 2 Jr B9.250 84T9.200 182T9.025 136T9.275 117T36.750 81T
10Smith, ErinAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B8.950 270T9.400 99T9.300 43T9.075 211T36.725 85T
11Brandt, BimalaGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Jr B9.450 14T9.175 196T9.075 122T9.000 251T36.700 89T
12Lund, EmmaAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B8.800 347T9.300 141T9.250 57T9.250 127T36.600 98T
13Long, MakenaAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Jr B8.725 391T9.475 74T9.275 53T9.100 190T36.575 101T
13Vincent, KodieAcademy West Inc. 1 2 Jr B9.100 187T9.175 196T9.400 22T8.900 314T36.575 101T
15Christensen, KambryAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B8.700 396T9.100 234T9.250 57T9.300 103T36.350 135T
16Draper, PaytenAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B8.900 293T9.000 263T9.150 85T9.025 237T36.075 177T
17Alder, AliAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B8.900 293T8.750 339T9.275 53T9.050 226T35.975 188T
18Mitchell, CaliHunts Gymnastics Academy 1 2 Jr B8.925 289T9.125 222*8.850 204T9.000 251T35.900 204*
19Champ, AlyssaGymnastics Training Center 1 2 Jr B8.675 415T9.125 222T8.500 341T9.150 172T35.450 275T
20Boehme, StellaAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B8.825 338*9.200 182T8.500 341T8.850 331T35.375 282T
21Child, KaiaAir-Bound Gymnastics 1 2 Jr B9.050 221*9.200 182*8.200 445T8.850 331*35.300 294T
22Salisbury, AbagailHunts Gymnastics Academy 1 2 Jr B8.450 492T8.550 399T8.175 459T9.225 140T34.400 409T