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Teddy Bear BINGO -
Teddy Bear BINGO
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-03-172017-03-19 Paradise Gymnastics526
Meet Scores Session: 05 Level: XS Division: Jr
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Pereira, TaylorPlanet Gymnastics of Natick Inc. 05 XS Jr9.500 3T9.000 119.500 29.200 737.200 5
2Jackson, EllaParadise Gymnastics 05 XS Jr9.550 29.250 79.100 11T9.150 8T37.050 6
3Hom, AllisonParadise Gymnastics 05 XS Jr9.450 58.850 16T9.150 109.300 5T36.750 7T
3Smith, HayleeFlippin Out Gymnastics 05 XS Jr8.500 27T9.400 3T9.450 3T9.400 436.750 7T
5Tamagnia, LeiaMcKeon Dance And Gymnastics Center 05 XS Jr8.800 16T9.100 8T9.200 7T8.900 16T36.000 11
6Bigelow, AbigailFlippin Out Gymnastics 05 XS Jr8.700 20T8.900 12T9.200 7T9.050 13T35.850 12
7Munro, JordanMcKeon Dance And Gymnastics Center 05 XS Jr8.850 158.900 12T8.750 25T9.150 8T35.650 13
8Coffey, GabrielleFlippin Out Gymnastics 05 XS Jr8.800 16T8.900 12T8.800 249.000 1535.500 14T
9Razza, OliviaSpectrum Gymnastics Inc. 05 XS Jr9.300 7T8.500 22T8.400 32T8.800 19T35.000 18T
9Frazier, MarihFlippin Out Gymnastics 05 XS Jr8.300 34T8.550 219.050 14T9.100 11T35.000 18T
11Valadao, RachaelGym Hutt Gymnastics 05 XS Jr8.500 27T8.100 31T8.900 19T9.050 13T34.550 21T
12Cox, NolaGymnastic Academy of Boston - Cambridge 05 XS Jr8.800 16T8.100 31T9.200 7T8.150 35T34.250 24T
13Finn, CarolineGymnastic Academy of Boston - Cambridge 05 XS Jr8.250 378.400 24T8.900 19T8.400 32T33.950 27
14Yolen, KikiEnergy 05 XS Jr8.500 27T8.300 28T8.350 34T8.550 27T33.700 29