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2017 Region 8 XCel Championships -
2017 Region 8 XCel Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-05-102017-05-15 Thomas Gymnastic Training Center2248
Meet Scores Session: 12A Level: XB Division: Sr
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA
1Collins, RahelSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 12A XB Sr9.700 2T9.975 29.900 19.625 3T39.200 1
2Jorges, BrooklynSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 12A XB Sr9.600 9T10.000 19.800 5T9.550 8T38.950 2
3Doria, MarianaLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 12A XB Sr9.750 19.850 5T9.750 119.500 12T38.850 3
4Keefner, EmmaSoutheastern Gymnastics Center 12A XB Sr9.700 2T9.900 3T9.600 19T9.625 3T38.825 4T
4Flook, GabrielleAcadiana Gymnastics 12A XB Sr9.625 7T9.825 7T9.800 5T9.575 5T38.825 4T
6Bayley, NaomiNorth Shore Gymnastics 12A XB Sr9.400 16T9.900 3T9.825 3T9.650 1T38.775 6
7Pettavino, MiaNorth Shore Gymnastics 12A XB Sr9.525 119.850 5T9.800 5T9.575 5T38.750 7T
7Stamps, TaylorGym South Inc. 12A XB Sr9.700 2T9.825 7T9.775 8T9.450 17T38.750 7T
9Hagood, ClaireHuntsville Gymnastics Center 12A XB Sr9.625 7T9.775 9T9.725 12T9.550 8T38.675 9
10Graf, JaidynBay City Gymnastics Academy 12A XB Sr9.675 69.725 12T9.700 14T9.525 1138.625 10
11Bott, JulianneNext Level 12A XB Sr9.475 149.775 9T9.675 169.650 1T38.575 11
12Owens, HollyNorth Shore Gymnastics 12A XB Sr9.325 199.775 9T9.875 29.575 5T38.550 12
13Cazzavillan, EllaHuntsville Gymnastics Center 12A XB Sr9.700 2T9.725 12T9.600 19T9.475 14T38.500 13
14Brown, IsabelleNorth Shore Gymnastics 12A XB Sr9.450 159.575 209.825 3T9.550 8T38.400 14
15Teachout, VictoriaThomas Gymnastic Training Center 12A XB Sr9.500 12T9.700 15T9.775 8T9.375 2038.350 15
16Romero, AvaLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 12A XB Sr9.500 12T9.700 15T9.775 8T9.325 2138.300 16T
16Freeman, LoganAiken Gymnastics Inc. 12A XB Sr9.400 16T9.725 12T9.725 12T9.450 17T38.300 16T
18Nowocin, MarissaAiken Gymnastics Inc. 12A XB Sr9.400 16T9.650 199.700 14T9.500 12T38.250 18
19Finley, BrooklynFoothills Gymnastics and Cheer Center 12A XB Sr9.200 219.700 15T9.650 17T9.475 14T38.025 19
20Smith, O%27ReyellLaniers Gymnastics Inc. 12A XB Sr9.600 9T9.700 15T9.100 219.475 14T37.875 20
21Dates, NiaNoma's School of Gymnastics 12A XB Sr9.250 209.475 219.650 17T9.425 1937.800 21