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Christmas On The Chesapeake -
Christmas On The Chesapeake
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2016-12-082016-12-11 Docksiders Gymnastics Inc.2093
Meet Scores Session: H4 Level: XP Division: Sr A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Bradley, MadisonFrederick Gymnastics Club H4 XP Sr A9.275 39.700 19.150 16T9.150 31T37.275 2
2Williams, SiennaFairfax Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Sr A9.150 8T9.100 6T9.300 11T9.600 2T37.150 5
3Sullivan, OliviaFrederick Gymnastics Club H4 XP Sr A9.000 13T8.850 149.050 18T9.200 26T36.100 15
4Doolittle, JuliaFrederick Gymnastics Club H4 XP Sr A8.750 30T8.400 27T9.400 3T9.400 11T35.950 16T
5Doolittle, MorganFrederick Gymnastics Club H4 XP Sr A8.650 36T8.800 15T9.000 20T9.400 11T35.850 18
6Vernon, MahoutFairfax Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Sr A9.100 11T8.500 228.600 33T9.525 1035.725 20
7Nguyen, HaleyFairfax Gymnastics Academy H4 XP Sr A8.650 36T8.700 199.400 3T8.800 43T35.550 22T
8Longo, LeahGiant Gymnastics, Inc H4 XP Sr A9.150 8T8.350 29T8.700 29T9.250 22T35.450 24
9McNeil, MadisonApollo Gymnastics H4 XP Sr A8.800 27T8.250 32T8.400 37T8.800 43T34.250 36T
9Boucher, CassidyDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. H4 XP Sr A8.700 32T8.450 23T8.600 33T8.500 5234.250 36T
11Greco, IsabelGiant Gymnastics, Inc H4 XP Sr A8.400 51T8.400 27T9.000 20T8.100 55T33.900 44
12Murphy, KyleighApollo Gymnastics H4 XP Sr A8.500 47T8.150 35T8.000 50T9.150 31T33.800 45
13Witt, MorgynGiant Gymnastics, Inc H4 XP Sr A7.600 587.150 538.650 31T8.100 55T31.500 54
14Rittner, CorynneExcellence Gym Sports H4 XP Sr A8.150 567.050 547.700 557.900 5730.800 57
15McDonnell, KatelynGymnastics At Brentwood Commons H4 XP Sr A
15Scofield, AnnaWin-Win Gymnastics H4 XP Sr A